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  1. Hi, I was following along with a video on tying the pheasent tail nymph but thee fibers on the tail I have seem too short compared to the on in the video. Are there larger pheasent tails that can be purchased? Thanks Tim
  2. Can you guys explain why the Lefty's Deceiver is such a special fly? In his videos (that I've seen) he says it's the most popular fly fished around the world and it's easy to cast, but that's it. Tim
  3. Here are some of those poppers I tied up. Can't wait to get out and try them.
  4. Hi, I'm tying a bunch of Clouser EZ Poppers and the recipe calls for calf tail for the tail section. I have a small amount of black but need white. Does anyone know what a good substitute would be? I'll post a picture when they're finished. Thanks
  5. Back, white, yellow, 3/8 and 1/2 inch thanks
  6. Does anyone know where to purchase livebody foam cylinders for making poppers? Thanks Tim
  7. I found this pattern at Jackgartside.com, it might be fished on the surface.
  8. Can anyone recommend a pattern that can rival the senko plastic worm? SM bass devour these things in my area. Thanks Tim
  9. jschmidt63 nice flies! How would one go about learning to tie those type of flies? Books? Videos? Thanks
  10. Hi, I was attempting to use some of my deer hair and discovered that is was very fragile. I could easily pull it off by hand and break the clump in half. I bought the hair over the winter 2/05. Is this normal? Should I just re-stock? Thanks Tim
  11. Hi I've got into tying this winter and I am starting to see the limitations of my beginner vise. I would like to upgrade to something better. Can anyone recommend a good vise for a beginning tyer without braking the bank(around $100.00)? Thanks Tim
  12. Can anyone recommend a hook size/style for tying bead head pheasent tail nymphs? Also how do you add a "flashback". Thanks Tim
  13. I guess it’s your preference of the taper and how it moves through the water. Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm a new tyer and have a question. When tying in hackle for a wooly bugger should I tie it in tip first or stem first? Or is either way effective. Thanks Tim
  15. I just started tying and have a question about dubbing. The dubbing I've used so far is a bit difficult to use. Is wax highly recommended? Or is there better quality dubbing I can find? Does it just take more practice? Thanks Tim
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