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  1. Hi, Fishigan I think I have seen this fly somewhere , It is really a killer! Fishigan, special thanks for the video! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark
  2. A friend from Bulgaria, who lives now in Canada, go and fish grailing in British Columbia, in rivers, Sukunka, Murray, Burnt as far as I can remember. Hans Van Klinken has a good article about Grailing in his website here: http://www.ffinternet.com/html/grayling.htm
  3. Tle last part of the story... Well, we used, as I said, flies tied on # 16 to 20. All the flies were tied with Cul De Canard material for the wings, which is very good for this kind of flies. The flies immitates little caddis and mayflies. The interesting thing was, each cast was not exactly perpendicular on the flow, but with an angle downstream. So, each time I cast the fly, I had to throw over the line and let the fly go first, and after that the leader. The grailing has very good sight and do not take the fly if the tippet is going first, very smart fish. Sometimes, early in the the mornings the Drina River is with mist, and you do not see anything but white vapour. You hear the splashing rising of the fish, but you can not see them and just shoot by chance. Lucho Minev, a friend of mine, made some pictures of the misty river and under water, using his water resist camera. The Serbian grailing is from the european tipe of grailing. There is arctic one also, which is living in waters of Canada, Rusia, and some countries of Asia. So, still there are some questions for me about this fish, the way that it misses the fly sometimes, and taking it in excact moment. May be it depends on its behaviour, its tipe of rising for flies, standing perpendicular under the surface scanning the fly careful. But what I can say for sure is, that if the fish hit the fly, it is getting interesting... Best regards! Radoslav Kiskinov - The Shark P.S. Hi, Redwings1, You should try this fish, it is fascinating, full of emotions.
  4. Hi, everybody, What's up, guys? I have not been writing for a long time. I had some story to share with you. Firs I want to begin with a flyfishing trip for grailing in Serbia. I was there for 4 days and spent a goood time for fishing with some friends of mine. The target was one very smart and fighting fish - the grailing. There, we were fishing on the biggest river I have ever fished - Drina River. It is boarder river for Serbia and now Bosna and Hertsegovina. The river is very wide about 100 to 200 yards on some places, and is having grailing, brown, rainbow trout and taimen. Our target was the grailing, we do not have them in Bulgaria, and I had never caught that fish before. We practiced dry fly fishing. Because the fish is looking like a hawk, damn looking fish, I am telling you, it is necessary to use thin tippet and small flies. The grailing is bottom standing fish and have all tha way to go to the top of the flow, that is why it miss the fly some times. It was very exciting to catch a fish, when you cast at almost all the line distance of 90 ft. The mouth of the fish is small and down side of the head and some times the hook was going out of it. Oh, guys, I am sorry, I have to stop the story, I need to go now, but will write you when I come back. ... to be continued Best regards! Radoslav Kiskinov - The Shark
  5. Hi, guys, Thaks for the kind words, I am happy that you liked the pictures. Actually, behind the camera was Valio, young and tallanted flyfisherman and I hope soon to become a great photographer. I was telling him all the time how to place the objects on the screen, how to choose the angle and such things, I am happy to share my knowledge with younger passionate flyfishermen. Here you are some more pictures of that day: This is me, looking for a place in the stream: Here I found once And of course my servant-girl, my fly rod, my precious: A little queen of the stream swimming with my caddis pupa: And my leech, behaving like a chewing gum for another trout. I wish you all the best, and see you soon with my next flyfishing report from Bulgaria! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark
  6. "Excuse me, lady, would you give me one more of this?" I am sorry, guys, I was talking to the waitress, for another drink. How are you, guys, I am writing you this topic to tell you about my last flyfishing experience on a montain river where I was with three friends of mine. I was invited to my friends town, Stara Zagora ( the old name of the town is Beroae). Some authors of flyfishing books say that Stara Zagora (Beroea) is the place of the world from where comes the first information about flyfishing about 200 A.D. So my friends invited me to make a flyfishing trip for wild mountain trout, and of course I accepted with pleasure. We went to the river early in the morning and did not wait much to wade it. The river was small, beautiful paradise, where you can see even nests of wild nightingales. We were surrounded everywhere with green bushes and trees, and of course water and stones. It would not be a surprise if we could meet some of the Tolkin's hobits, hiding nearby in the bushes. We looked to find what was living under the stones in the river. There were many mayflies larvas of Heptagenia, Clinger Nymphs Everytime I see this picture I think remembre the face of Dart Veider. We tried our immitations of mayflies nymphs, but they were too dark for the moment. It had been raining previous night, and the water was not that crystal clear as usual. So I put caddis pupa, some of mine favourite flies, and begin to catch lnice little brownies. All of them were released back into the water We had very nice trip and a lot of fun, caught some beautiful fish, what more can you need from the life? "Hey, lady, give me another one please..." Best regards friends! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark
  7. Hi, fly time, Graham, Steve, I am happy that you liked the flies. The guys who took part in the first season of the contest are very happy and are waiting to come the next season of the contest, tying terrestrials. It will be after one month, and we hope much more flytiers to take part. Some of the guys who took part are really beginner flytiers, some of them tying flies from 3 - 4 months, but this is good that they liked the idea to share their skills, and not to shame. I will see you soon guys! In my next post here, I will show you another fly, step-by-step. Best regards! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark
  8. Hi, guys! Nice to see you around! I am sorry that I have not writing from a long time, I have a lot of work lately. Me and frind of mine, Stoyan Filipov, who lives in London and tie very nice flies, had the hard work to organize the first flytying contest made in Bulgaria; actualy it was on my website - www.akulata.com. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the first flytying contest in Bulgaria, by the idea of Stoyan Filipov, organized and sponsored by Stoyan Filipov and Radoslav Kiskinov - Akulata (the Shark). It was a great chalange for me and my friend Stoyan, to organise this contest, because we are prety new in this job and this is the first attempt in our country to make such a competition. We decided to make a flytying contest for begginer flytiers of the forum of the website, where they will have the chance to see their own growing in the art of flytying. It was all about the idea of teahcing each other how to tie better flies, having a good time around the flying vices. The jury of the contest was by three members - Stoyan Filipov, myself, and special guest, our friend, Ivan Atanasov - Formata, who live in Germany. We decided to appraise the flies in three criterians - dificulty, accomplishment and originality. Each fly take 10 points - 5 points for accomplishment 3 points for dificulty 2 point for originality Each fly is apprised with max. 30 points, max. 10 points from each member of the jury. The contest is devided in four seasons and is long one year. Each season is long a month - 4 rounds, one round per week. Each round there was a fly that the competitors had to tie. First season of the contest was dedicated to the May Fly cycle. First round was - tying mayfly nymph. Green Drake nymph, tied by Radostin Kirchev Siphlonurus sp. Ephemeroptera, tied by Stanislav Mankov Mayfly nymph, tied by Ivan Pachulov Mayfly nymph, tied by Ivajlo Davidov CDC May Fly Rypmh, tied by Rosen Velev Mayfly nymph, tied by Ivan Second round was - tying wet mayflies Grey Gosling Wet May Fly, tied by Ivajlo Davidov March Brown – Wet May Fly, tied by Rosen Velev March Brown Variant , tied by Radostin Kirchev March brown and Peter Ross wet, tied by Stanislav Mankov Royal Coachman Wet, tied by Ivan Pachulov Third round was - tying mayfly emergers RhD w Shuck, tied by Rosen Velev Halo mayfly Emerger, tied by Radostin Kirchev Mayfly parachute, tied by Ivan Pachulov Mayfly parachute, tied by Ivajlo Davidov BWO Emerger (Beatis-blue winged olive), tied by Stanislav Mankov The fourth round was - mayfly adult Dry mayfly, tied by Stanislav Mankov Ugly Stupid Mayfly, tied by Ivajlo Davidov Dead or Alive, tied by Rosen Velev tied by Ivan Pachulov Mohican Mayfly, tied by Radostin Kirchev The first price was for Radostin Kirchev and Rosen Velev - 113 points. The second price was for Stanislav Mankov - 111 points Third price was for Ivajlo Davidov - 101 points. First price was 30 flies and flytying materials. Second price was 20 flies and flytying materials. Third price was 15 flies. All of the flies for awards were tied by Stoyan Filipv and me. Most of the gyus who took part in the contest actually have not more than one year of flytying practice. And this contest give them the chance to teach each other, showing some new skills, making the art of flytying more popular in Bulgaria. We expect the new season of the competition, wich will be dedicated to the terrestrials. Best reagrds to all of you! Radoslav Kiskinov - Akulata (the Shark)
  9. Hy, guys, Steeldrifter (Stive), MSUICEMAN, Redleg, Carver, Graham, guys, thanks for all the kind words you said, I appreciate this. I am very happy and because not many years ago, the flysfihing in BG was a mistery, but now is growing up and we, the bulgarian flyanglers are acting in this... Of course, very much helps and wonderful forums like this one, FTF, where people from all parts of the world can share information about flyfsihing and everything tied with it. Tight Lines and skillful fingers! Best regards! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark
  10. Hi, SullyTM, thanks for the kind words, I am happy that you like it.. I will continue now... On the end of the first day we made a team party in a house of Devin town, where we were eating and drinking in the name the friendship of all of us... The food and the fire liqud that we swallowed made us very happy and the nigth ended with songs and stories of big, big trout... On the othere day, I had to take part in the competition, and the choise of me was in first sector, where there were many fish waiting the shark to come and catch them... I was in my favourite position - as high as the stones, and was trying some of my best flies My best imitations of caddis larva, were killing again and on them I caught the only one wild brown trout of the competition, while the other competitors were catching only released pond rainbow trout... I tried my leech imitation too... She was tasted by two beautiful rainbows, whit no shy... As I was casting, I saw a trout lifting up and taking flies from the surface of the stream, then I cut of the tipet with teeth and tied as quickly as I could a Elk Hair Caddis, which got me the fourth trout... With that 4 trout I took the first place in that sector, taking advantage in front of my oponents who were caught one trout each. The other guys of our team did their best, and we took the second place and the silver medals of this third round of the competition... This was our second championship, because our team was very young, we made it , as I said, last year, but we were happy of our success... Everybody was happy, taking part in the competition, saing that the flyfishing in Bulgaria is very good and progressing sport... I wish good luck to all of you and see you soon with my last flyfishing report from Bulgaria! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark P.S. The data time of the pictures are wrong, the operator was drunk all the time :baby:
  11. Hi, guys, it is me again, Radoslav Kiskinov, the Shark, writing from Bulgaria. Firs I awant to apologize if I made a mistake posting this topic in the wrong forum, I want to ask some of the moderators to replace it if this is not her place. Well, I was away for some time, but now I have some free time to write about our national flyfishing competition, which is made each year on some of our rivers. This year the int the competition took part three teams - "Old Otters", which is a spinning club, "Ostrieto" and "Nikulden". Together with some frinds of me, in the end of last year, we made a flyfishing section in the "Old Otters" spinning club, where our points were to make popular our favourite sport - the flyfishing, to teach voluntieers to tie flies and catch fish on them. We made a team for the championship and took part in the three rounds of the competition. Vlado Getov, Dimityr Kovchev - Chepeto, Ivan Pigov and Stanislav Mankov were the four friends of mine, who made our team for the competition. Each of them is a good flyangler, with his own maner of flyfishing, with his own stile. I was the reserve competitor, to take part if something stop some of the other guys to take part. I had to take part in the begining of the competition, but was busy and give also chance to Stanislav Mankov, who is hardly 17 years old, to compete, that is why I was happy to be their support if need. Well in the first two rounds of the championship our team - The Old Otters, took one firs and one second place and this final round was very important to take the gold medals. We took comfort becaouse were only three teams this year, and we could surely take some kind of medal, never mind what colour is it. The third round, for wich I am writing this post, was made in Batcha River, one of the biggest bulgarian trout mountain rivers. Vatcha river is flowing in Rodopy Mountain and fill Anton Ivanovtsi Lake with water... Anton Ivanovtsi Lake in the heart of Rodopy Mountain The Vatcha River is very beautiful with its inaccessible banks rounded from everywhere with trees and bushes... Rodopy Mountain...and Vatcha River flows through it... Through our way to the river we stopped for some time, in some of the vilages on our way, to take a breacfast and made some pictures, while I was plaing on my guitar and with my friends Iwan and Vlado singing like the "Three of the tenors" :yahoo: ... In the afternoon of the day we got to the river bank, where was going the spining fishing champ, which comes befor our flyfishing one. There were many good bulgarian spinfishermen, who were throwing their metal swirling baits to the rainbow trout, with wich the Vatcha River was fished on.(I am sorry, I do not know the right word in english which mean to put fish in the river, I hope you understand me... ) We waited to finish the spining champ, and after that my friends from the team took their places in the sections, which they chose before the competition. There were 4 sectors of the river, and in each of them there ore per one competitor of each team. Each sector has a referees, who looks the competitors to keep the rules. some of the rules were: - to fish with hooks without barbs. - to catch the fish with the net, and to hang it up to see the referee. - to fish only in your place of the sector and etc. In first sector was Ivan Pigov, the captain of our team Ivan Pigov He has very interesting tactic of streamers fishing... He took first place in his sector that day... in sector nomber 2 was Dimitar Kovachev - Chepeto Dimitar Kovachev - Chepeto His sector was very dificult for fishing because of the many bushes everywhere around him...He was third in his sector In the third sector was the young boy Stanislav Mankov, our favourite Stanislav Mankov He was doing very good with two nymps tactic and caugth a lot of trout that day...and he become first in his sector, and we were very happy... In sector nomber four was Vlado Getov, he is very good with the dry flies, but taht day could not show his skills, he could not have the chance...He finished third... Vlado Getov I am sorry, I recieve a phonecall and I got to go now, I will continue the story, when I come back... Best regrads! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark P.S. The second day of the this round was more interesting for me, because I took part in the champ, instead of Stanislav Mankov, and have some impressions to share with you...
  12. Hi, Gary, Fishiman and jschmidt63 Thanks for the kind words guys, I am happy ypu like the story. Now special for you I will post and the last pictures of that day. When the noon come, the fish was grouping in the spot behind the big stones, where the stream was wonderful for nymph fishing I use roll cast to put the flies just in front of me. Some times I feel that the fish is in front of my legs. I was making control over the line, holding it tight and watching its end for any suspicious moovements. Actually, I do not use indicator, I am fan of czech nymph stile of fishing. The fish were not so big. The hits I could feel were strong and sharp. I had the chance to catch several times one chub on each fly - thess were my special double catch. The chub used to swim in a big group and they all were eating stuffs. Little nice looking chub eating my special flies. Well, they all went back to the river to become stronger fighters. Each time I relese a fish, I wish myself to get another meeting with him next year on the same place, after the flow of Sandanska Bistritsa River at Struma River. I wish you the same emotions, catching fish after fish! Best regards! Radoslav Kiskinov - the Shark
  13. Hi, guys http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=11696 there in that topic I post a story of a flyfishing of chubs. Best regards and enjoy! Rado
  14. Hy, guys, As I promise you here http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=11651 to tell you more about my last fly fishing with the Shit Fly, I am now about to do it... Well, I it was early in the morning, when I went down to the Struma river, to catch some hungry chubs on their special candy - the shit fly. The place was after the flowing of Sandanska Bistrica river at Struma river, where there are a lot of rough streams This up was the border betwen the slow like oil waters and rough streams. This is the perfect places of the river bed for nymph fishing, the shalow waters with high speed, where the oxigen is high leveled and the chub like to stay at the summer, eating lots of stuff which are carried down by the rivers water. I used to try every place using the dead drift tactic and found that the chub really like my flies. Upstream fishing, perpendicular to the stream direction, and doun stream. All there the fish were weary for my flies. I used two shit flies, a super hatch, the time was about 8 o'clock and everybody was up and doing his bussines in the toilet the fish were not taht big, but were very very fighting and graceful Thier throats were full of all kind of stuff, off course anf with my shit flies. I released all the fish to wait them some day to find grown and stronger. Well, that was the first of the two days of my chub fishing nymph fiesta. Comming next the second part of the story with more pictures! Best regards to everyone who believe in his flies, even when sometime they look like very strange things Radoslav Kiskinov - The Shark
  15. QUOTE (Gary Madore @ Sep 13 2005, 03:41 PM) Hey: That's a nice fly! And if it imiates what the fish are (ugh!) eating, who are we to argue? I should send you my "Rottweiler's Ass Hair Emerger" ... They'd make a good pair Cheers! Gary Hi, guys, Gary, come on, send the fly, or post it here if you have its picture, I am interested to see it. I was shamed to post this topic, but now I see it is making a good fun here I will try these days to find free time to post and the pictures of fishing with the Shit Fly, you will see then the satisfied faces of the chubs here Best regards, guys! Rado
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