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  1. Thanks Guys for all the great ideas. The traditional vise position works best for me. I already own a HMH, which I love but the cam system seems to need occasional readjustment, which you would never care about unless you tied commercially. I do have the Regal which is a great vise for pro tying and that gets it’s share of use but for some reason I like my Dyna King Pro and Supreme. I was going though a set of jaws or two a year with them until I figured out how to make the jaws’ hold better. It’s kind of pathetic that this dawned on me after tying thousands of flies. What I used to do regarding locking down the hooks was to set the collar in a fashion that the vise would click onto the hook. I assumed that was the best way to use the vise. Now I adjust the collar so that the jaws click onto the hook and I still have more play to draw the handle down more. After the click I now adjusted the vise so I more the handle at least an inch further which really secures the hook. It’s amazing the results I have had. There is no more hook slippage at all. For the first time in years I find my Dyna King Pro and Supreme really do hold the hook well. Have at least eight midge and standard jaws that I considered worn down that now hold the hook like a new set of jaws. Hope what I’m saying makes sense. Wondering if you have to do the same thing with the Dyan King Barracuda jaws as a way to get a more secure fit. Hardly ever use the notches in the jaws because I tend to make smaller patterns. Thanks again for all the great ideas. BohemianBob at [email protected]
  2. Was wondering if fellow tiers could compare the Renzeti Master vise the Dyna King Barracuda. Presently own the Master and really do not like it in part because I mainly tie small dries and nymphs commercially and it always feels cramped when I am working from the back of the hook. Does the standard Barracuda seem to be less confined when working on the back section of the hook. Is buying the Barracuda self-defeating because it has the same problem. Any other opinions on either vise would be appreciated. Thanks Bohemian Bob
  3. I was hoping that the indexing feature allows you to tie in eight different fixed positions. Really like the vise to be fixed for pro tying in part because you don't have time to keep shifting the vise around. Hope that makes sense. Bohemian Bob
  4. Just wondering what other people feel about the indexer feature on the Dyna King Barracuda vise. Is it a gimmick or do people really use it. I tie commercially and love my Supreme for traditional flies but believe it or not when you work in front of one vise for hours a day I get sick of working in front of the same vise and it is nice to change up. Also own the HMH, Regal and the Renzeti Master (my least favorite, it's about eight years old and I do not like how it feels cramped when you are working from the back of the hook). From my experience for commercial tying the traditional vise position is better than the rotary style because shifting the vise to different positions does slow you down. Been tying commercially since the age of 14 and now 50. Learned from Elsie Darbee and love those Catskill flies and that whole tradition. Have worked for Mary Dette over the last 16 years and she is such a class act. Currently live on the banks of Caledonia NY's Spring Creek. This is my first post. Any feedback on the Dyna King rotaries would be appreciated and do I go with the indexing feature. There is a ton of BS in fly fishing merchandise and am tying to avoid silly options. Thanks Bob at [email protected]
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