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  1. recieved my flies today realy great flies everyone. Alpine fly i love htose glo lite emerger thingys and thanks for hosting
  2. cant wait to see these flies but just an idea for your next swap, im in another swap that ties one extra fly per person and they donate a box to casting for recovery, just thought that would be a good idea thanks.
  3. hey sounds good ill tie a flashback pheasant tail nymph. i wanna start tying now but i have to wait a few days to get a new vise at the somerset show. cant wait to tie.
  4. nice, put me first on your list. as far as fly wise i was thinking maybe a winter fly swap. maybe you could have everyone tye their favorite winter fly
  5. thanks guys their still alive and you can see the wings turning colors its cool. Im curious to see what they look like when they hatch
  6. hey. i never thought their was much of a diference. but if your having trouble rounding your egg very litley burn it with a litter its should round it more.
  7. i found some caddis in a stream and took them home. their not in their case but their in a cocoon type thing. so my question is is their anyway to keep them alive and let them hatch. thanks
  8. haha i would tell you but then id have to kill you :gun_bandana: .haha :j_k:
  9. This morning i went fishing at one of my favorite rivers the lehigh river. we know a secret spot their where we catch twenty plus fish every day,its basically a small water fall. so i was fishing the pool down below theh falls and out of no where my dad and i see a older couple just walkin. and so we talked to them a little and they seemed nice but we eventualy went are seperate ways. to get to the point as i started nymphing i had a fish take my fly and just as i set my hook i turn my head and bam theirs the couple bare naked waiting to swim where i was fishing. it was hard to hold back are laughs but we left very quickly. so i wanted to know what was your scariest funniest day of fishing.
  10. ok i dont mind eather. did you like that crayfish
  11. You're in, which brings us to 17. what kind of wurm you tying? not quit sure but something like a dark brown san juan worm
  12. ok this should be cool i hope we get more people though.
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