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  1. Great looking soft hackle ! To echo what others have said here this style of fly is way under utilized ! Thanks for posting it!!
  2. Nice ties Rocky !! This color combination knocked em dead for me a few weeks ago up on the Salmon. Love your blog and online shop as well !! Best of luck with it !!
  3. Thank you gentleman ! Can't wait to show them to the fishies!!
  4. Here is a married wing spey and a standard spey that have taken fish for me on the lake O tibs. These are both tied on Alec Jackson 2055 1.5s .
  5. First sorry I haven't posted over here in some time . There are a lot of great things going on here, everyone is posting great ties! I did the Arts Of The Angler show in Connecticut this weekend and was fortunate to win a bag of some prized white hair. I was so excited to win it and was ready with some ideas as to what tye with it. Here is one that I came up with the Polar Blue . I hope you all like it!
  6. Here is a cool spey I tied up last night for a frame thought I would share it here with you all. Enjoy!!
  7. Tied a couple more today not as nice as the first . But I think they'll work just fine...
  8. I have to say I blame Rocky for this new addiction! My bench is over flowing with goodies and it got the best of me today so I decided to give it a shot and this is what I came up with hope you all like it. :headbang:
  9. Thank you guys these are for fishing and they do work. As for the recipe they are tyed on a size 6 salmon hook. Tag silver tinsel tail golden pheasant crest body rear red silk or floss round gold tinsel ribbing body front yellow amber seal fur dubbing flat embossed legarten tinsel gold throat teel and some red cocks hackle wing red and yellow deer hair stacked cheeks jungle cock
  10. Beautiful tye! The colors are great and this fly has a nice flow to it !
  11. Thank you Mike these look even better here!
  12. Here's a group of fly's I tied up for steelheading up in New York . They seem to work pretty good. Enjoy!
  13. Thank you everyone for your kind words ! Wasn't sure of the balance on this as it is on a 1/0 2xl hook but the more I look at it the more it grows on me. Blue and yellow fly's work very well in the New York tribs on bright days in the riffles and along the under cut banks . Swing them through and hang on because a vicious strike can take the rod right out of your hand. ALLEN
  14. First let me say hello as I have never posted on this side of the site . I do most of my posting in the classic streamer and wet fly portion. I have been tying some hair and feather wing salmon ,steelhead fly's and thought I would share them here. This is one I tied up the other night I do not have a name for it it's just something I put together. ALLEN
  15. Beautiful fly's Claudia love them both the body the wing's and flowing throat a true nock out!! :bugeyes: Very nice!! Keep them coming !! And great fly's as well from all the other fabulous tiers here the soft hackles are very nice !!
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