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  1. I would reccomed an 6 wieght 7 at max for bass. my 5 wiehgt holds up to 5 lbs bass no prblems and can chuck wieghted flys. My neigbor has the genesis and i cast it a lot. It a great kit, i would reccomend it.
  2. QUOTE (HideHunter @ Sep 10 2005, 07:53 PM) Good eye, PoOgs. I really made it sound like it "got him on the reel" on purpose didn't I? His first run took me to the reel and if he hadn't decided to turn around and come back into the bay, I'd have been into the backing pretty good. Truth is I had my rod parallel to the water and palming the reel and could do nothing with him. I changed my leader this morning and it looked like it had been through a blender. That fish woke up in the morning and said, "I'm gonna give some poor sucker a break today." I think maybe he just wanted his picture taken. I'd rather be lucky than good. Tomorrow I'm going to look for the guy who told me, "Don't spend any money on reels. They are just a place to store your line." The next money I spend on equipment is going to be on a couple slightly better "line storers". Thanks for looking guys - it was fun. I knew it was, I took that reel bluefishing today, only small snappers, to the one who told u its just to hold line, ive had no problems with that reel so far(knock on my computer desk) In some cases a reel with disc is nice but i love fishing and controlling manually by palming my CC65.
  3. If my eyes arent fooling me isnt that a CC61 or 65 reel. If so isnt that a click drag, if so then ur nuts to have that fish on it
  4. <3, very nice ties man, wow , wish i could do that
  5. Anyone know of a place to get ostrich herl. Thanks ALSO that fly looks great man, and glad it caught fish, nice
  6. That one looks great , a little full, but great.
  7. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=11280 thats my topic with a few replys. its the 1 below urs if link doesnt work.
  8. Looks nice. I wanna tie these so bad, but I know ill tie a nice body and screw up with the deer hair, ne tips?
  9. QUOTE (Philly @ Aug 21 2005, 07:58 PM) Po0gs: The Pennypack runs through the NE section of Philadelphia. The Neshaminy starts out in Bucks County just north of Philly and empties into the Delaware River. The Wissahickon starts out in Montgomery County and runs through the NW section of Philadelphia before emptying into the Schuylkill. Cabela's Hamburg store is about an hour and a half ride from where I live in Philadelphia. Where are you located? Sadly im about 2 hours, 15 minutes from the store. Burlignton COunty , NJ, lookign at Kutztown University, thast what dragged us there that time. Nice campus none the less. Cabelas is just great for flytying stuff
  10. QUOTE (mozes @ Aug 19 2005, 08:41 AM) I have been doing REALLY good this season on smallies in Neshaminy Creek PA with muddler minnows. Most of the catch came from fast water or riffles just as Smallie described. The other water that I fish regular is Pennypack creek in PA. The hot fly for that creek has been easy hopper that I received from Pujic a few years back in the swap. Hmm , thanks, where exactly are those waters in terms of like eastern state, mid state..
  11. QUOTE (SmallieHunter @ Aug 18 2005, 09:15 PM) I would have to say that buggers are gonna be your best bet. Starting out I would have an assortment of buggers in olive, brown, black and white ranging from size 8 to 4. I would also have a variety of weights to fish the different depths. If you fish a rocky creek lead eyes will make the fly ride "hook-up" which should help with the snags. If the water is low and warm like it is here for me throw your fly into any moving water you can find. Even if it is less than a foot deep throw in the the faster water, the smallies like the cooler more oxygenated water found in the riffles this time of year plus there is alot of food in those areas for them. If it is a hot, sunny day try the deeper pools where the water is also cooler and gives them a refuge. A bugger can be drifted, stripped fast, slow....very your approach til you find what works. A box full of buggers in a variety of colors and weights should be all you need to get started. The key is finding where they are holding. This past weekend I was getting skunked until I came up to this one spot which was the fastest moving water in a mile upstream or down. I threw in right behind some rocks that provided a nice current break and managed 4 fish on 4 casts. Ended up with 7 Smallies total from that one spot and not one fish anywhere else the rest of the day. If you can find em they will eat almost anything they can fit in their mouth Thanks for that info, Ill b sure to tie a WIDE vadriety of those color buggers you suggested. I did throw a black and a brown both didnt work. I figured the brown might resemble a crawfish for I even tried hopping it on and off the bottom. Once again, I think they were all to big. Thanks everyone for the info.
  12. QUOTE (Philly @ Aug 18 2005, 09:12 PM) Po0gs I fish SE PA in the Philadelphia area. I've been doing real well on top with a size 6 or 8 Sneaky Pete(fluorescent yellow). I'm not a big fan of wooly buggers, but since you're just getting started and don't tie your own yet, they'll do. I don't go by hook size, but I would suggest you try a white wooly bugger about 2 to 3 inches long. Cabela's or your local fly shop should carry both the Sneaky Pete and a white wooly bugger. I just re read your post. You do have tying stuff. I would tie the Wooly Bugger on a size 6 3 or 4 XL streamer hook. Tail: Tie white marabou over pearl or smolt blue crystal flash. Tail should be same length as hook shank. Body: Pearl ice/sparkle chenille(medium) Hackle: white soft saddle hackle Weight: Either a large silver bead head slid on the hook before you start tying, or 6 or 7 wraps of medium to heavy lead wire, on the front third of the hook. Another pattern Estaz Bug Hook: size 6 or 8 regular or 1XL dry fly hook Weight: 5 or 6 wraps of medium lead wire on center of hook shank. Tail: White marabou over 10 strands of pearl or smolt blue crystal flash. Body: Pearl Estaz wrapped and trimmed Instructions Wrap lead wire on hook shank, cover with thread Tie in crystal flash and then marabou. Length should equal hook shank Tie in estaz at bend of hook, wrap forward to just behind eye. Build a thread head, and finish off. Now take a pair of scissors and trim the estaz short. When you're done the body should have a grub shape. I'd fish both these flies by casting out letting them sink and stripping them in fast. or make 2 or 3 fast strips, pause, and do 2 or 3 more. Here's an easy popper to tie. Hook: size 4-8 Aberdeen style crappie hook. Popper Head: Foam Circle(to be found at any craft store, already cut)or by some craft foam, and use brass tubing or old shell casings to cut the circles. A 1/2 inch or so cirlcle is a nice bass and panfish size. Tail: Marabou over crystal flash Hackle: whatever color you want. After the hook is in the vise. Take a foam circle. If you pinch the bottom of the circle you'll see it will form a cup face. What I like to do is make some thread wraps behind the hook eye. A small drop of Zap-A-Gap on the threads. Pinch the foam circle, and slide the pinched part onto the hook shank. Then make a couple of thread wraps to hold it in place. That's the hardest part of tying this fly. Now tie in the crystal flash and then the marabou for the tail. Length of tail equals length of hook shank. Bring your thread to the front behind the head. Tie in your hackle by the tip at the bend and wrap forward to the head. Wrap down and trim excess. What I do is bring the thread under the head and build a thread head just behind the hook eye. You can half hitch it or whip finish it. Head cement or Zap-A-Gap to hold. Now take a pair of scissors and trim the hackle flat on the bottom of the shank. Colors, I like to match the head and tail colors. white head, white tail. Hackle can be what ever color you want. Yellow and Chartreuse are two other good colors. Give these a try. They're easy to tie and have caught me plently of fish over the years. I do tie. Thats a great bit of information. Ill be sure to tie some of those up, thanks!
  13. QUOTE (luvinbluegills @ Aug 18 2005, 08:18 PM) If your friend was using size 8, how big were yours? Mine were like size 2, with long marabou tail
  14. I went to Cabelas, got the tying stuff, and well asked someone to help me to a local river, I went to the Schuykill like 3 mins from the store(Hamburg one) well, my m8 had about a size 8 olive wooly bugger, caught 3 Smallies and a perch . I was skunked. My woolys were to big? not presented right? IDK. Well I was wondering what are some flies that will mere guarentee me some small mouth. What about wolly worms, anything. And we were near some dam that starts with a "K". It was a great time. BUt what are some paterns that I will catch fish with?. Any top water flies that are killer like dry flies? Well basically just give me some flies where next time i go Ill be pleased:P, any help is muchly appreciated.Thanks again ~Po0gs
  15. Im heading up to NH, and MA. I would fish the Deerfield, or the Westfield in MA. NH would be some local lakes/ponds with natural browns, brookes, nothing big tho. Are there any flies that you like have to have whilst trout fishing. Any flies that work most of the time- I wouldnt say guarenteers, but mere guarenteers. IF so could you attach some flies, patterns, pictures, anything with flies that I must have, or will love to have. Anyone familiar with the Deer/Westfield rivers, dont b shy to post some pointers;) Thanks ~Po0gs~
  16. I went LMB and only caught one trolling with the yak. Orvis closer was a decent lure for the day, only landing 1 for 2 fish, had a few on other lures but trollings the only thing productive right now it seems
  17. jschmidt63 will have this knowledge proably. PM him possibly?
  18. I used to use that same exact Rapala. Then I switched to a black backed, silver minnow Rapala one. I caught 2 bass on the same lure, its so fun realing in those 2 bass knowing only 1 lure was out. ( no i didnt catch 2 on the lure in total, like i mean i caught 2 at the same time.
  19. QUOTE (jschmidt63 @ May 26 2005, 11:16 PM) thanks guys, I appriciate the feedback I dont know whats funnier this popper or some of the responses "buzzbait" "did you wing it" need to do a "SUBsurface" pattern Joe, as for the gorilla glue I really like it. I get the popper all sanded and ready I cut a nice thin V in the bottom I carefully remove the V piece of balsa I scrape the notch a little deeper to accept kink hook I goop some gorilla on the hook and press in slot the I use tweezers and set the V scrap piece back in the notch It takes a good 2 to 3 hours to dry, I try not to touch it while it sets the only thing to watch is gorilla really swells up, dont go overboard although if it dries swelled it sands well Since I did a Jug Popper it needs some competition next up BF109 G A/S - Late Messerschmitt FW190A5- Fock Wolf and you know a SUBsurface popper just has to happen too I cant wait! As my dad was a pilot in the USAF, I find this stuff very cool!
  20. I live in NJ, and got bored targeting the few bass out, so I went for the gills. I have to say this ant I use is like omg. They kill this the scond it touckes the water. I had once Nice gill prolly 9", but tons of small ones. Not too fun on the 7 wt I knew I shoulda brought the 5.
  21. Very nice stuff man, i really like ur poppers.
  22. Po0gs


    QUOTE (jschmidt63 @ May 13 2005, 10:42 PM) QUOTE (luvinbluegills @ May 13 2005, 02:47 PM) I like 'em! Especially the second from the top right. er, um, well actually the two in the upper right ar balsa, forgot to crop them out Po0gs dont mind you askin at all. For foam I dont have a dremmel (i think that is was they are called). I take some foam and rough carve it to a cylinder. Foam is much harder to carve than balsa so it looks bad at this point. I stick a finish nail in my drill and impale the foam on the nail. I lay it on my shop table, crank it up, then lay sandpaper along it and work it until it is a smooth cylinder. I cut the ends nice a neat with a razor blade, I then put zap a gap on a hook with a little thread base, slide it on, sometimes wrap thread around the tail good and tight and add cement. Then I zap a gap eyes on it, couple dabs of permanent marker sometimes and tie on a tail. Are they foam blocks? If so where do u get those? Thanks for the answers m8
  23. Po0gs


    Here I am hammering you with questions again, howd u make those.(the foam parts)
  24. I know its been said it dubs easily, but loses the color when dubbed. it adds decent weight, but if your looking for dubbing try antron or hareline dubbing, my personal favorites, its cheaper and IMO more "versatile"
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