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  1. Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest Rib: Olive Large Minnow Flash Hackle: Olive Golden Pheasant Breast Wing: Chartruece Krystal Flash/Olive Arctic Fox Collar: Natural Teal
  2. Tail: Black Saddle Fibres Body: Orange SLF Rib: Silver Tinsel Flash: Orange Crystal Flash Wing: Kid Goat Hair Orange Collar: Orange Saddle Collar 2: Orange Teal I only name them if they take fish so this is a no name fly so far.
  3. Tail: Purple and blue Saddle fibres Body: SLF Fibers Purple Pink Gold Rib: Silver Tinsel Wing: Blue Krystal Flash/Black Arctic Fox Collar: Blue/Black Saddle/ Peacock Breast Getting the fingers back in the swing from #22 BWO's to the Fall Game
  4. Sweet Ties and you definately have the style down! His flies truly are inspiring and he is a generous tyer.
  5. The Enforcer Alumanum Tube Peacock Herl Body Ribbed With Silver Tinsel 4 Chartruece Saddle Hackles 6-8 Olive Ostrich Herls Hackle: Yellow Dyed Golden Pheasant Rump Mixed with Olive Brown Polar chenille Collar: Chartruece Guinnea Jungle Cock Eyes Newest Creation for Steel off the vise that actually worked...First time through the first pool
  6. Shaq

    Tube Fly

    oooo! the droppies will really like those for sure Verno!
  7. Wow! Welcome. Those are true beauties!
  8. Really inspirational North! Your ties always look like they are electric and have lights in them. Nice Fish!
  9. http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Tying-Vid...on=6&VID=36 Tied the same way Barr does it, Hope it helps
  10. Hook: Scud 12-18 Bead: Nickel or Black Body: Superfine Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash Back: Pheasant Tail Wing: White Antron Thorax: Peacock Herl Legs: Hungarian Partridge This has been one of my best searching patterns in mid to late spring. I tie 2 versions. One with yellow Superfine belly and one with green. And for those who care about the how http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Fishing-V...n=6&VID=176
  11. Thanks Tompa! You are too kind. Your flies are inspiring! I think they are just the tickets for our spring steelhead heading back down the river feeding on salmon smolts. Your wings are fuller and I will try the techniques you say. I think my problems with the cones stem from too much thread. The only available for me is 8/0. I will search for recomendations.
  12. Sometimes You Just Have to sit back, relax and tie something out of a book. Making up steelhead flies as I go along has got my head hurting lately. And since they don't work anyways, I got out Dec's book (My Bible) and tied the Usk Grub. Had to sub the Badger Hackle with a Silver and a Brown one but I think it works
  13. Sweet! This is one of my favorite Chinook patterns, I often replace the yellow with Chartruece and catch all sorts of stuff!
  14. First Attempts It was suggested by a respected friend that mid-winter, I should attempt to add realism into my steelhead arsenal I think these need work but will fish And because I couldn't help myself with these colors Suggestions encouraged, Tompa? Please Help You have inspired me
  15. Hook: Dry Fly Tail: Dark Dun Hackle Fibers Body: Ginger Superfine Post: White Calf Tail Hackle: Dark Dun Hackle How to vid: http://www.theanglersnet.com/videofiles/DarkHendiPara.wmv
  16. Hook: Dry Fly Hook 14-26 Tail: Dun Microfibbetts Body: BWO Goose Biots Wing: Dark Dun CDC Hackle: Dark Dun Thorax: BWO Superfine Vid http://www.theanglersnet.com/videofiles/BWOThorax.wmv
  17. http://targusfly.com/cgi-bin/eshop3.cgi?pa...p;cid=861335846
  18. Verno, Targus has starting making some sweet synthetics. They have flash, synthetic seal and some craft fur type acrylic that was like 5 inches long. They make a shiny suerfine material at 4 1/2 inch fibers too. The recipe for this fly is Body: Purple and blue polar chennille twisted and run up the hook shank 1 black marabou palmered. targus flashabou wine and blue holographic 1 dark blue marabou feather palmered 1 light blue marabou feather palmered Collar: Black schlappen HMH tube cone,
  19. Took a break from BWO's to tie with some the stuff I got from the Somerset Show. Targus came out with some cool new flash that I incoporated into this winter swinger.
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