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    June 21, 2008


    Salmon River


    Altmar, NY


    2-Handed Rods

    Buelah, Echo, Thomas & Thomas, Scott, Orvis, Guidelines, Hardy, Diamondback, Cortland, CND, Winston, Sage, Burkheimer, Meiser



    Cortland, Guidelines, Beulah, Hardy, Airflo, Snobee


    FFF Certified Casting Instructors


    This is a grass routes organization that is being set up to further the culture and techniques of spey fishing in the emerging market of the Great Lakes. This will be our day to celebrate and make a splash. I urge anybody that has thought about buying a first or tenth spey rod, or just thought it was cool looking to come. There will be auctions and raffles to benefit the hatchery or the Salmon River in general. We have some pretty big names that we just need confirmation on and I will be adding them to the list. There will also be oppurtunities the Sunday afterward to take a formal lesson with FFF certified Spey instuctors so stay tuned to find out more on those.


  2. IPB Image



    Hook: Alec Jackson #3

    Tag: Cranberry Flashabou/Claret Ostrich Herl

    Body: Fushia Holo FLash

    Rib: Gold Tinsel

    Body: Black Angora

    Hackle: 1 Blue Eared Pheasant Dyed Purple, 1 BEP Dyed Black

    Collar: Black Schlappen

    Cheek: Jungle Cock

    Wing: Bronze Mallard

    Thread: Black


    I sat down last night for fun and converted my most successful tube fly for steelhead to a spey format. I think it came out pretty good


  3. These are the large brass loop tubes, only ones long enough to have all this going on. I leave out the rabbit for the small ones. I only have 1 size Polar chenille available and there is no size indication on it but it's about an inch long on the fibres.


    Pink and black are good combos. I took a fish on this one last week...it's a bit mangled. These are great for deep short slots because they stay deep because they are so heavy


    IPB Image


    Also going to try


    IPB Image

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