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  1. Tube: Large Loop Bottle Tube Wing: Purple Zonker Strip Underwing: Purple FLashabou Body: Purple Polar Chenille Undercollar: Purple Arctic Fox Collar: Black Schlappen Cheek: Jungle Cock I have been experimenting with bottle tubes lately. This one is large and brass. Fly drops like a stone and gains depth without a sink tip on the swing.
  2. Tube: Plastic Underbody: Claret and Black Polar Chenille Wing: 1 Purple, 1 Claret, 1 Black Marabou Feather Palmered Flash: Pink and Purple Flashabou Collar: Claret Teal Flank Thread: Black From the vise tonight, Getting ready for next weekend
  3. Shaq


    Fish in question that took the Unforgiven
  4. I like to just throw stuff on a hook when tying steelhead flies but sometimes I get lucky and a pattern emerges. When it has proven itself in battle, I sometimes stick a name on it. This little concoction has gotten me 12 grabs. That warrants a name in my book. Hook: Plastic Tube Body: Black UV Polar Chenille Wing: 1 Purple Marabou followed by 2 Black Marabou Feathers Palmered Flash: Claret UV and Cranberry Flashabou Collar: Black Schlappen
  5. Awesome As Always David!
  6. A quick and easy single egg tutorial that was requested on my site. No bottom on this one but the fish don't seem to mind http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Fishing-V...n=6&VID=119
  7. Looks like an alaska fly we called the salmon flee. Works good
  8. Those are a treat to the eyes David, Great flies as always!
  9. 1st time tying realistics in a while, Here is an attempt at a stone
  10. thanks, everybody has been very helpful! pm'd and public!
  11. they are all out....all of them.
  12. My buddy came home from BC with flies tied on Loop Bottle Tubes. Now they are imposible to find but are great to use for swinging. Anybody know where to get them? Thanks
  13. The upper is open, the lower is the one closed until October 15
  14. Video: http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Fishing-V...n=6&VID=114 One of the easiest and most effective speys to tie, especially if time is an issue. The zonker strip makes the fly have movement even with the slightest of currents. Hook: Alec Jackson Hook Wing: Zonker Strip Dubbing: Angora Collar: Teal
  15. catching a head on that would be like a dream, thanks
  16. I have found blood quill packs to have been either really good (every 4th feather good) or really bad (Only 10 good feathers in the pack) so you have to hunt through each pack in the store to get a really good one. I have found the best most consistant marabou from the longer marabou feathers. You have to strip 3/4 of the feather off and just use the tips to get the whispies but they seem to be longer than blood quills. Select the marabou carefully, if it looks clumped together or has a "Damp" look to it, use it for bugger tails. It must look dry and whispy.
  17. Hook: Mustad 3906B #8 Tail: Marabou Rib: Monofilliment Back: Swiss Straw Thorax: Dubbing Legs: Hen Hackle Wing Case: Swiss Straw Eyes: Mono Burned to form eyes and colored with a sharpie Video http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Fishing-V...n=6&VID=109
  18. site went down...I yelled at everyone that needed yellin at...all better now
  19. site went down for a few, All better now...
  20. Tube: Plastic Tube Body: Hot Pink Angora Dubbing Rib: Gold Flat Mylar Tinsel Hackle: 2 Purple Folded Marabou Feather's, 1 Black Folded Marabou Feather Flash: Purple Krystal Flash Collar: Claret Guinnea Foul Feather, Folded Thread: Hot Pink Video: http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Fishing-V...n=6&VID=108
  21. Frank, I use a pentax optio w20 point and shoot with manual focus and a tripod in front of my chest
  22. http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Fishing-V...n=6&VID=101 A generic spey fly that produces well on the Great Lake Tributaries. You can vary the colorations to produce the desired effects
  23. Just started tying for the upcoming season and started with the standard Egg Sucking Leech. http://www.theanglersnet.com/Fly-Fishing-V...n=6&VID=100 More to come as I need the flies
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