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  1. Justin,


    There are many who will tell you that kings don't bite. Those are the 2 landed for 40 hook-up crowd that like to stand in a riffle and throw flies at fish that are on the run. The Kings that are in the salmon will bite just as readily as the ones in the pacific NW and Alaska and will chase down a swung streamer IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS. ICS is the key. I don't know too many fish that will pass 40 people in a riffle and then bite a fly but left milling around in the tail end of a pool unmolested, they will crush just about any big fly you throw at them. I have caught kings on the spey in the lower, mid, and upper river in the beginning, middle and end of the run. Now I will say that you can swing flies through kings all day and not get a pull but you can fish over trout all day and get zilch too. I'm not too sure why people who go to the Salmon think they DESERVE to get a fish no matter what but I have to say with all due respect to DaveG, snagging a salmon is not responsible, but he has a case for almost unavoidable in certain runs. The number of foul hooked fish will diminish if you swing flies on sink tips or dead drift with indicators. The accepted method of fishing with the running line is not a dead drift rather a way to drag the fly across the bottom with a small curve to your drift. It's probably the best effective way to fish deep water and keep your fly down in the swirling currents of the Salmon River but if abused, ie fished with longer than 2-4 feet of tippet between the weight and fly, you certainly can line fish all day long. I can't cast any stones here, I have lifted many fish over the 15 years of fishing the system but can tell you, the days of swinging flies and getting 2-3 hard tugs with 12lb test and landing 90percent of the fish hooked have been much more enjoyable than the days of flossing salmon, looking over my shoulder for game wardons, snapping off fish that are hooked foul, and asking people if the hook seemed in the mouth as the fish wizzed by them ever were. A short list I like to use is a group of black or purple egg sucking leeches and woolly buggers, a group of nymphs from black stones, PT nymphs, princes in the 6-10 range, a selection of egg flies in the orange, pink, yellow, and chartruece range. and a few flashy marabou speys. Purple, white, pink, black, chartruece. that should prepare you for most situations. Swing the egg suckers and speys, running line the nymphs, indicator the eggs.


    Another reason I swing flies in the salmon run is that it is almost always the steelhead who breaks formation first. The first time through the run, the first hit is 95% always the steelie. The fifth time through the pod of salmon with the 3rd color change, bam big king.

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