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  1. the rhea is the black looooong fibred black (Actually dark dark purple but black in the pic) body hackle.


    It is sooo cool.


    material list for this one....



    the back consists of: purple angora, a silver ribbing, flame polar chennille, purple saddle and a veiling of purple arctic fox tail.


    The middle consists of : Black angora, black pearl polar chenille, black schlappen, dark purple rhea ( The longest fibres) a few strands of black holographic flashabou,


    The collar: Natural teal


    Cheeks: a very split JC


    Wings: White Goose shoulder

  2. thanks guys, I am not bonding, just wraping the rhea up, although I do have some angora dubbing in there. I just wrap it as if it were a hook shank. We shall see how durable it is. I hope to have it wet soon.


    Franks, Usually I cut the tube firast but lately I have been cutting after. I liek not being restrained and for some reason I have been on a big tube kick. Just have alot of 3-4 inchers in the box right now. Looking to expand the high water stuff. ive em something to grab ya know?

  3. I go to the show to buy specific things every year. I make a once around and then hit Stone river for Blue Eared Pheasant, they sell it dyed, This year specifically to find Rhea and I bought a fishing grade Jungle cock skin for $50 so that was a deal even though it has many splits but I figure it's gonna get wet. Some comparadun hair I like from Stone River and colors of arctic fox. Then I go through my stuff the week before and make a list. 2 things. The Show is on the Calendar all year so my wife knows I will be spending money and coming home with a box of stuff and I get to play with the STUFF for hours without someone waiting in the car, exhaling heavily or me rushing to get to the stream. The show is good for that, well worth the admission price, but the deals left with the 90's.

  4. post-1948-1170008171_thumb.jpg






    I finally have some Rhea Feathers thanks for Davidstrout and I spent a few minutes experimenting


    Here is something which may get wet tnext weekend...



    On a side note, Davidstrout was down tying at the Down and Trout booth at Somerset and he was mesmorizing everyone with his unique and ghreat looking "Squimpish" flies. If you are around, check it out.





  5. thanks guys,


    It was fun making it...


    Jens, The steelhead are in the system right now to feed on eggs and salmon flesh ect. They will either winter over in the river or head to the lake (our sea is the great lakes) and then return to the river to spawn in the spring. They do not die and will return to the lake again and return the following year.

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