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  1. More fishing tubes...not pretty but ready to get down and dirty and a fleshy tube
  2. Various colors I am about to get wet this week
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Shaq: Orange and Black Popsicle
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Shaq: CHartruece/Blue Popsicle Tube
  5. just click the link to the patterns database, run through the instructions. That will also put that lovely under your name. Love the fly!!!
  6. they would work on this side of the pond too!!!
  7. Of course. As soon as I get some scratch together I am going to buy that line...really lays it down.
  8. My buddy Wrh, if he's not a member, he will be, put this together from our trip this weekend, all fish were caught on popsicles http://www.fliesandfins.com/article-613--0-0.html
  9. Steelhead Video for you: My buddy put this together from our trip. http://www.fliesandfins.com/article-613--0-0.html
  10. Colors look about right, only one way to know for sure...good luck
  11. Year one of swinging flies for Salmon and Steelhead only. Here are the bright colors that have worked for me this year.
  12. Well, well. A new member...sweet pattern YG. I know some steelhead who would like to see that!!!
  13. vern-o That is the Salmon River. Steel, This is my third year swinging speys and the first that I have totally commited myself to doing it every trip all day. I have hooked more steelhead than kings this year because I have figured out that by swinging flies above kings, the steelies will break out of formation more than the salmon will. I have had some CRUSHING Strikes by male kings. In fact every king I have hooked this year has been the biggest baddest freshest male in the group so thats good, The steelhead have been especially aggresive in the 50 degree plus water so it's been exciting to say the least. I use a floating delta-spey line from Airflo and a 7 foot airflo sinking leaders. They make a 3 inch/sec, a 5 inch/ sec and a 7 inch/sec and that seems to be enough to get the strikes. Most of the fish I have hit have been in moderate currents, and I believe the fly stays 2-3 feet above the bottom as far as I can tell.
  14. That is a light pink, covered by orange popsicle with some flashabou and crystal flash mixed in between the first and second marabou tip. 2 light pink marabou tips tied folded and palmered pink and orange Krystal Flash 1 orange marabou palmered on top. 1 orange guinea feather on top swung on a 7 foot fast sinking rio leader and 12 lbs maxima tippet off my spey. was swinging about 2 feet below the surface of a run with some spawning zombies in it. took 3 steel out of the same run. took 1 on chartruece and black and had one on for 1 jump on a pink and purple popsicle as well
  15. This one came off the vise, was wet and eaten in 12 hours
  16. That looks like a great one for our landlocks on this side of the pond..Great!
  17. I use one for conditions and weather, type of fish, landed, not landed. hatches, anmy info I may find useful next year. Entries tend to be short and precise, Insert name of river hear, yellow house stretch upstream. Sunny, 80 degrees, water flow 245 cfs (if there is a web guage) saw Hendricksons, olives 22 and black caddis 16. Caught 4 browns, 2 bows. that sort of thing. USually good reading on the throne in the winter.
  18. I use a 6-2 bigger than that I go with tubes or articulate a size six hook to a cut off 4 6x long with 30 lb backing like the pic. Iff you look close in the back, you can see the loop of backing and the hook hanging lower than the vise.
  19. my streamer box for steelhead. Love those tight line swinging strikes!!
  20. Black/purple/chartruece/fuscia/pink/claret/orange/white Those are the primaries. Blue is ok as a secondary. Black stones with the primary colors for thorax size 10-6 flash backs/rubber legs Prince nymphs size 10-8 Egg sucking leeches. Orange bead, black bugger, pink bead black bugger, pink bead purple bugger. Some streamers or comets in black/orange pink/purple black/chartruece and white lots of flash on all of it. 3-4 inches long. and you're good.
  21. I will be including some temple dog style tubes this year in pink/hot pink, white, black and orange, and chartruece and black.
  22. That depends on what the definition of the word enough is. Or is is
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