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  1. SURF SWAP TIME!!! Winter has set in....so what better way to cure the winter doldrums than thinking of waves crashing on the beach. I would like to get this swap up to 12 Swappers. Clousers, decievers, and big flies oh my! Deadline of March 1, 2006 1.GLbeachbum 2.OLB 3.Redwings1*received 4.Gray Squirrel*received 5.Fry Flier*received 6.fcflyguy*received 7.atroutbum2*received 8.Mr. Jingels 9.JKR*received 10.NTS*received 11.Threader*received 12.Bowfin47 13.Joe Hard **WE ARE FULL** 13 Flies Total-PM me when you are all done so I can get you the addy.
  2. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...
  3. Great Flies everyone! Great Job Geo! Smallies beware!
  4. I use a simple long swing arm lamp with a GE true color bulb. Cost about $25 including the bulbs and works great. I'm able spotlight it right on my vise and move it out of the way when I don't need it. Works awesome and not near the investment.
  5. great swap everyone!!! Great Host! best of luck with the flies
  6. I've recently bought some UV Ice Dubbing and some UV krystal Flash, I got them because they looked sweet. Is there anything that this "UV" is supposed to do that normal colors don't?
  7. I like using fox and coyote tails for clousers. But also UltraHair synthetics are great and make some awesome clousers. Another synthetic that works well is neer-hair. I carry them in all sizes and all materials. One of my top producing flies.
  8. I'm well stocked on some flies...but I can always use more. You know how you get those fly ideas burning in your head...those never go away regardless of deason...infact I get more ideas this time of year than ever. I might not tie as frequently, but I still tie...and there are always those rainy days..
  9. This swap is not going to go through....not enough interest...sorry
  10. Wow....nice job everyone......looks great! ok...now that this swap is done...anyone want to join up on my carp swap?
  11. End of day 4/14 we will cut of new participants.....2 patterns...
  12. Nice....how bout we give it 2 more days....then we will cut it off
  13. hexfli


    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by hexfli: BabyBug
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by hexfli: FoxeeCraw
  15. I was fishing with a buddy this weekend and he told me Targus were made by Tiemco. And if you look at the model numbers they are the same. I wonder what is the real difference between them?
  16. I've used as many different kinds of fly tying hooks as I can. All have thier pluses and minuses. I really like Dai-Riki hooks they are very good quality and are reasonably priced. But one of thier hooks (#135) that I tie alot of salmon and steelhead flies seems to break right at the bend of the hook. Mustads are like rocks but at a dull as a door knobs, and Tiemco's I would need to sell my first born to stock as many hooks as I have on my bench. Just curious as to what you use and what issues you have had with particular hooks.
  17. Lets wait a few more days and see if we can get a few more people involved. If we go with what we have would everone be up for submitting 2 patterns?
  18. Those little foxee clousers are killer little craw's.
  19. News like this makes my day.....
  20. QUOTE Nice looking bunch of flies from your last swap...if we don't get the number of swappers, I'm up for tying two patterns/or two flies of the same pattern per swapper. Thoughts??? Thats not a bad Idea. Lets give it a few more days to see if we get more takers.
  21. If you have not had a chance to see the Cliff Outdoors fly boxes you need to check them out. I have a "Days Worth Box" and a "Big Cliff Fly Box" they are the best and most versitile boxes I own ( and like most of the people here I am addicted to fly boxes!). I use bigger boxes to store all my flies and just load up the Cliff boxes when I head out on a trip. Highly recomended!
  22. C'mon guys....there has to be more interest ....
  23. Hey C&R......you should join up in the 'golden bones" carp swap!
  24. I drove by Yates yesterday...sure looked like a circus to me. I think I'm gonna wait till it calms down there.
  25. Alright! 3 On board... 9 to go! Or we will just see what we get.... As of 4/11 Hexfli 1-TJD 2-mmarkey 3-shenandoahangler 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12-
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