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    Winter has set in....so what better way to cure the winter doldrums than thinking of waves crashing on the beach. I would like to get this swap up to 12 Swappers. Clousers, decievers, and big flies oh my!


    Deadline of March 1, 2006





    4.Gray Squirrel*received

    5.Fry Flier*received



    8.Mr. Jingels





    13.Joe Hard


    **WE ARE FULL**


    13 Flies Total-PM me when you are all done so I can get you the addy.

  2. I'm well stocked on some flies...but I can always use more. You know how you get those fly ideas burning in your head...those never go away regardless of deason...infact I get more ideas this time of year than ever. I might not tie as frequently, but I still tie...and there are always those rainy days..

  3. I've used as many different kinds of fly tying hooks as I can. All have thier pluses and minuses. I really like Dai-Riki hooks they are very good quality and are reasonably priced. But one of thier hooks (#135) that I tie alot of salmon and steelhead flies seems to break right at the bend of the hook. Mustads are like rocks but at a dull as a door knobs, and Tiemco's I would need to sell my first born to stock as many hooks as I have on my bench. Just curious as to what you use and what issues you have had with particular hooks.

  4. If you have not had a chance to see the Cliff Outdoors fly boxes you need to check them out. I have a "Days Worth Box" and a "Big Cliff Fly Box" they are the best and most versitile boxes I own ( and like most of the people here I am addicted to fly boxes!). I use bigger boxes to store all my flies and just load up the Cliff boxes when I head out on a trip. Highly recomended!

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