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  1. Gearing up for the upcoming season I notice one of my fly lines ( a RIO Clouser 6 Weight floater) has a scuff mark, looks kinda like it was scoured against something sharp. You can see the core of the fly line and this mark is about 30 feet from the tip. Will this be detrimental to the lines performance or should I get a new line?

  2. For Great Lakes Steelhead...I've been Tying Hex's, Stones, and Caddis by the dozens.


    For Trout I've been going heavy with big articulated streamers and some small softhackles for smaller streams.


    For Bass it's been some deer hair bugs and clousers.


    And then there are carp. Lots of buggy nymphs, small craw's, and miniature bonefish flies.


    It's been a busy winter!

  3. I second cornmuse's idea, I also like a big backpack to put all my boxes in. I use alot of plano type boxes to store my flies in at home, then pack up my smaller boxes that I will carry with me when I get ready for a trip. The plano boxes allow you to see what you have without opening the boxes and they are pretty inexpensive too. Works well for me.

  4. QUOTE
    Who makes Ezee Bug?

    What is it, a long fibred chenille?


    I'm not quite sure who makes it, but I usually get it from www.feather-craft.com


    It's kind of a 3 stand rope, or a very loose and long chenille. It's some pretty awesome stuff to work with.


    hope this helps

  5. I'm a pretty well seasoned tier but there is a one small problem that I need some outside advice to help me out. I have about 4 different styles of hackle pliers and I keep running into the same problem. The hackle or herl that I am wrapping tends to either slip out while I am wrapping or it breaks off just below where it is being grabbed by the hackle pliers. So my question is this: Is there a secret to keep the hackle/herl from slipping out of the pliers while wrapping and/or is there a super set of hackle pliers that I should be using?


    Thanks for the help

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