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  1. Are there special regulations for these lakes and ponds. Like catch and release, artifcials only, slot limits, or anything like that? Just curious if they try to keep it a high quality fishery. thanks
  2. "The bitterness or poor quality long outlasts the sweetness of a cheaper price"
  3. Hey Will... What's the count on how many packages are you waiting for? I'm very anxiuous!
  4. I like using a squirt gun...that keeps them at bay too
  5. I have 2 cats...t he same age. One could not care less that I am tying flies, the other will not leave me alone. Always trying to carry off a trophy, and always manages to drive me crazy. So I know what you are going through!
  6. Try a full Sinker. What are you looking to use the sink tip for. The great thing about a full sink line vs a sink-tip is that as you retrieve your fly it stays flat or aims downward in the water column, a natural movement for prey. A sink tip on the other hand tends to rise in the water column, not a natural movement for prey. Plus the full sinker casts with out that hinge that haunts all the sink tips.
  7. I would assume it will be alot like fishing the surf here on the Great Lakes. I would start with a sinking line, not to fast though. I would look at smelt/shiner patterns in the 3-6 in range. You will probably have to experiment with depths and speed of retrieves depending on the conditons. Look for streams running into the lake and fish the breaks. Hope this helps
  8. Nice fly...very resourceful...If you are looking for minor adjustments I would put a little more materal near the head and thorax and add a hen hackle palmered.
  9. QUOTE do you notice a difference with the dumbell eyes helping get the fly to the bottom? I like the dumb bell eyes to get the fly down and give it a little bit more of a erratic action. I have some of them tied without the eyes and they fish fine, I keep them around for shallower water.
  10. Check out the pattern database for some more pictures and closer ones. Heres the link Conrad Sculpin
  11. Hey Gang! Thought you might get a kick out of this fly I posted to the Coldwater Forum. It's a trout fly here in Michigan but I plan on using it for Bass, Pike, and Musky this coming year. Enjoy! Conrad's Sculpin
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by hexfli: Conrad's Sculpin
  13. I'm IN. Glass Tail Caddis Soft Hackle
  14. Thats an awesome looking fly....
  15. I know they have them at www.feather-craft.com
  16. I'm In....love the clouser!
  17. I would try sliders and diving bugs. They have that same front end shap as a spook. If you tie your own, you might want to make it more like a full point as opposed to a half point.
  18. Flies have been sent.....let me know that you get them.... Thanks!
  19. That is one creative fly! Who would would have thought to do such a thing? Amazing work!
  20. Nice work! I was just putting together a pattern like that in my head.
  21. Ok Gang... This is my first swap... the flies are done...now what? thanks
  22. Thinking of picking up a new set of polorized sunglasses and these caught my eye. (No pun intended) The model I am looking are the low ryders. Just curious to know how they perform. Thanks!
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