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  1. Clouser Swimming Nymph

    Whit's Red Squirrel ( I like it with a bead head and rubber legs)

    Small Craw patterns (Check out my McCabe's Craw)

    hares ear

    small clouser minnows

    natural color crazy charlies

    glo bugs in dull yellow/orange

    lil buggers


    tie patterns in rusty brown, olive, grey, tan, and black


    that will give you a great start

  2. I use Plano Utility boxes to store all my larger flies (size 10 and larger) and trout flies are stored in larger true fly boxes (no foam) I just load them into smaller boxes as needed for each trip. I really like going lighter on what I carry with me when I am out on the water. Hope this helps.



  3. QUOTE
    . I made eyes out of two translucent gold glass beads secured to form a barbell with 50#mono. Only problem is after about 5 fish the eyes fall appart.  Maybe the bead chain would be more durable, and I could paint the eye pattern on them.


    No doubt the bead chain will be more durable and add just a touch of weight. I use beadchain on almost all of my clousers.

  4. QUOTE
    Wich hook setup do you find works best, this one or the orriginal? In the picture there seems to be alot of things to tangle.


    I have not had an issue with things tangling. If you keep everything short it won't tangle. Also if you do have a problem with tangling, tighten up the stinger so it has less movement.

  5. It's set up that way, but no one listens. There will be boats out there targeting Smallies starting in Mid-May. It's really quite amazing the Michigan DNR does not patrol more heavily this time of year. They could add heavily to the state's revenue.


    I have done an awesome job on smallies on LSC and even caught a Musky on a fly last summer out there. It's an amazing place to fish. Not to mention all the carp!!...Wow I can't wait till spring!!!

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