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  1. I currently have a Renzetti Traveler. I have had this vise for about 5 years and now I am considering an upgrade. One vice that has cought my eye is the new Griffin Mongoose MT and it's priced about right. I was curious as to any recomendations or things to avoid when looking for a new vice. I tie everything from size 18 dry' to size 4/0 musky flies.





  2. I'm a fly fish for anything that swims type of guy and I consider myself very creative when it comes to fly fishing. My home waters are in Michigan, where we tremendous opportunities for fly fishing for a ton of species. I have a small decent trout stream within 10 minutes from home, as well as a decent steelhead fishery, and I am minutes from one of the greatest warmwater fishing locations in the world in Lake St. Clair. Looking forward to picking up a lot of new things and sharing with this group.



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