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  1. I don't do the facebook thing. Forums are as close to social networks as I get. This may help http://www.youtube.com/BugBondUVCuredResin and this also Flickr Photostream oh and this also Squid tutorial I've yet to do a realistic... maybe Johan can show me at the BFFI! Or indeed Paul!
  2. I'm back off holiday so apologies for not replying sooner... It is great stuff... but hey I'm biased! Tho' I'm not sure where you got $140US for Bug-Bond from as the kit retails for £59.95GBP which equates to about $95US and if you chose to purchase the 21UVLED from the US... well the diy kit is significantly lower and probably the cheapest entry into light cured acrylic with the highest grade of material on the market... tack-free in 3.5 seconds. Flytyings first tack-free light cured material and one that has been tested for over 12 months! Hard heads I assume you are talking surf candies???
  3. Jeremy, I ship just about anywhere... thanks for asking. Kind regards, David
  4. Bryan... yes you can layer it without any problem...
  5. Bryan... the big difference is that Bug-Bond cures without any sticky residue... probably the first light cured acrylic designed specifically for fly-tying
  6. Johan... that is terrific... awesome!!
  7. Paul, Yes, there is a really big difference between the materials... Bug-Bond is about as high a grade UV cure material as you are going to get at the moment... and this is not a repackaged version of anything else... No one else has it... If I get flamed for putting this video link I apologise... Regards David
  8. I've been a member here for over a year but never really posted... First off I have to declare an interest which you should all be aware of... I designed and developed Bug-Bond a UV cured acrylic that's big plus point is that it cures tack-free and is flexible. For those who get Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine... I'd refer you to the June issue for Magnus Angus's 2 page review. At the Dutch Fly Fair I was tying sand eels... which is perhaps of no interest to the realistic tyer... however, the story has a bit more to it... I was approached by Henrik Juhl Petersen who produces the hjpnymph tool (the stainless steel template for wingcases). This is a fantastic little tool. Henrik told me it takes him 3-5 hours to make a wingcase for a stonefly using a build up of soft body... so we tried using Bug-Bond... the first attempt failed as the tag was too small... I hadn't put enough Bug-Bond on... the second though worked without a hitch... and time taken to make a wingcase... application time is a few seconds and say 3 to 5 seconds to cure!! Henrik presented me with this nymph made with Bug-Bond at the end of the show... the story gets better as Johan Put then sent me a photoraph of his stonefly where the wingcase, legs and eyes have been created with Bug-Bond... the fact that there isn't any stick residue at all is a big plus... I wish I could show you how flexible the product is - I do have a Youtube video for those that would like to see it BUT it may be too overtly commercial for posting here... I hope this post doesn't push the boundaries too far as it is... I just feel that the material may have some benefits for the realistic tyer... plus there are no solvents to worry about as the material is 100% solids and solvent free...
  9. Cheers Andrés, I think I better start a new thread rather than have this hijacked...
  10. Thanks Arkle the web address is www.bug-bond.moonfruit.com and here is an example of a realistic from the vise of Johan Put from the Netherlands... legs, eyes and wingcases!
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