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  1. I wonder where in VT this is, since I live fairly close. Pickerel up here are generally regarded as trashy fish. I catch a lot of them unintentionally while fishing for largemouth. Unfortunately, they are a some-what fragile fish and are really pretty easy to catch. I'm unsure why shooting them is necessary. Unfortunately, I have had many parish due to swallowing the fly. Some folks eat them, but they are even more boney than their cousins the pike.
  2. I've had good luck with bright deer hair streamers (Micky Finn) and shiny rabbit strip flies (olive rabbit strip fly with a lot of flash). I fish them slow, but with very sharp strips to make the fly jerk and twitch under the water. E
  3. I use Clousers that are a mix of green and yellow deer hair for the belly (hook point side, which is top side up when the fly is fished) and white for the back, with a few splashes of orange or red thrown in with the white (maybe 3 or 4 hairs). Works great on the smallies in the water that I fish most often. I've found, though, that it only works in the couple of weeks that I catch perch in shallow on nymphs. Other times they just aren't that interested... matching the hatch. Last year I tied them in size 6... this year as big as 3/0 for bigger largemouth and BIG smallmouth in a local lake.
  4. skyphix

    Trout Fly rods

    Albright Topwater 3/4 for dry fly fishing, No Name 5/6 for larger streams and rivers or streamer or nymph fishing.
  5. Not small enough? Still not small enough? STILL? (Thats a Black Nose dace on a nymph) Smaller YET? Yeah, thats a largemouth on a size 14 stimulator.
  6. Yes. Bluegill aren't usually picky. If its red, yellow, white, orange, or black, and it has legs, they'll like it. Legs are optional. I catch a lot of sunfish (not as many Bluegill as red breasted sunfish but thats because I fish more streams and rivers than lakes) and they all seem to enjoy anything that is buggy and floats. My best colors have been "Royal", that being peacock with a red stripe for the body.
  7. The rainbow one looks a lot like a fly that worked great for a friend of mine on a local river known for large predatory browns. He caught an above average 18" using a fly nearly identical fished on sinking line in late April.
  8. A couple of hours north east but... Trout River Rainbow Red http://www.troutriverbrewing.com/mozilla/rra.phtml
  9. I'm also no expert, but thus far my best Esox fly has been Tied in various sizes. This one was tied for trout and bass but when I tie them for pike and pickerel they are tied with a longer tail and a flash of red.
  10. Last year I didn't get into any warm water until May, but then it was yellow or white small streamers that caught all three. This year I started a little earlier - last week I landed a few bluegill on a large yellow stonefly crawled along the bottom very slowly. They were lethargic and wouldn't hit anything that moved more than a few twitches and slides across the bottom. Of course, there is still ice on the lake I was fishing, so it was far from warm.
  11. I think I posted this once already but size 12 and 14 prince nymphs in the slow water sections of big rivers. No giants but crawling them along the bottom very slowly saves days when streamers aren't working.
  12. In this order... Orange and Brown Clouser on a size 6 hook, tied about 4" long Silver and white Clouser, same Black rabbit strip leach with a red saddle hackle as a collar.
  13. Very nice tie. I received a white fly/red collar similar to that design in a salmon and steelhead swap I did last year. Have had a lot of warm water (pike, pickerel) strikes on it. Great tie and I bet in brown it will work great for big predatory browns and steelhead that go in rivers where there is a resident brown population or even just a good golden shiner base.
  14. There are wire bite guards and wire leaders. What comes to mind immediately is the Orvis bite guards, but they're expensive. http://www.saltwateredge.com/LE11.html My friends that fish for moderate sized pike (10-15lbs) typically use the butt section of old tapered leaders or a short length of 30-50lb mono as a bite guard. They pre-tie it to the fly and use micro swivels to attach it to the rest of their leaders, whatever size that might be. The pike fishing I've done was using 17lb mono and it held up to four pike... two landed and two threw the hook... without so much as a nick. The two landed were small, no bigger than 5lbs. Others will probably disagree, but that is what works here in Northern NY.
  15. Well, if you need it... Cabela's saddle hackles are great for buggers and big flies.
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