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  1. As always John, I love your photography and am a very huge fan of yours. Congratulations on your new lens but it is what you do with your lenses that has always had my attention. Well done
  2. Cool shots, I love the head on shot as it almost looks as though it may be contemplating later revenge, a Fri. the 13th kind of ritual LOL,
  3. Some great shots and awesome trout, the size almost scares me LOL. WOW!! those are some giants!!
  4. Nice job on the background Rob, I like the feel of it. If you would like, I will be happy to make some suggestions that will help in layers but I will refrain, for now, as you didn't ask for critique. Nonetheless, it has a wonderful feel to it and there truly is nothing like layers .
  5. You are going to love that camera Jay, incredible images and a very understanding user friendly piece of professional equipment!
  6. Thanks, all of you, for your time and very kind words .
  7. Thanks everyone, the second one was my favorite. I reshot the first one for a cover shot and liked it better on the translated book so.. it kind of stepped on the second one lol. The last one prints out at 42" wide and I was fortunate enough to sell it for Adobe Training Center, just had a passion for conflicting Kelvins and got lucky Thanks for your reply's and here is the tear sheet, of the first photograph, on a translated version of a murder mystery novel published in the Baltic.
  8. If I may add: In a budget, you will get a lot more use out of the macro lens, I too would suggest that route. It isn't just for macro, it is a prime lens and has many different applications that it can be used for, including but not limited to portrait/modeling photography. I know of many high end photographers that use macro lenses on commercial shoots.
  9. Thanks smallieFanatic . just like in fashion and life style photography, it helps a great deal to have beautiful models and the Plumbob agency supplied me with many .
  10. Thanks Peterjay, I don't get a lot of time for landscape photography and I am more to the dark kind of a guy I need to get out and do more landscape though.
  11. Thought that I would make a post that ties into the theme of this site. My tying skills have become so rusty that I asked a good buddy to send me some of his fly’s to photograph. I wanted to try some special lighting effects on them and see how they would look, my flies looked as good as I tyed them so, I was very pleased that Plumbob sent me some of his . It was a lot of fun and I have to say, he truly is an amazing tyer. Outside of removing some dust, these are out of the camera and uncroped. Hope you enjoy Plumbobs great fly's And then the large poster that I stitched them all into for him.
  12. A good friend of mine started a blog that breaks it all down well. http://flyartstudio.com/wordpress/ It is a work in progress with each future posting building on the last. it is focused more on Fly photography but the principals are the same. Scroll down or chose from the menu, granted he is starting off with teaching how to use P&S cameras in the manual mode but it has a direct relationship and goes further into explaining the terminology. Hope that helps a bit.
  13. I haven’t been around for a few years but I was more than delighted to find this photography forum here. I used to be a rather obsessed fly-fisher and fly-tyer but decided that I needed to take a break from it for awhile. Landscape photography is not my strong point, nor is it what I get paid to do so, I don’t have many landscape shots in my portfolio and even fewer in my book. Nonetheless, thought that I would share a few river scenes, with a reintroduction of myself to this site. I know a few of the members already and look forward to meeting and getting to know more of you. these aren't the greatest but I didn't think that I would bore you with my other stuff.
  14. Hey John, I thought that I recognized the photography, great to know that you are over here as well. Been looking for another place to hang my hat and thought that I would come back here, great to know that you are here as well. Of course, you already know that I agree with everything that you wrote about the primes vs zooms.
  15. Well, I hate to admit this but my first fly was tyed many years ago; it was an EHC. I choose a dry fly pattern as I wanted to see the trout actually take it but I soon discovered a chameleon surprise in this first tyed fly. My EHC was to be my first dry fly pattern that subsequently ended up being my first emerger pattern which later that same day became my first nymph. It was kind of neat watching how the Elk flared on top of the water as the hook sank though.
  16. One thing that is not mentioned above is one extra detail that Al and Gretchen always include in the books that they personally mail out. During a recent conversation with Al, we talked about several things and got onto the subject of books. During this part of the conversation I remembered to thank Al & Gretchen for signing my book, Al then informed me that he and Gretchen do that with every book that they send out. He said that is a simple courtesy that is meant as a way of saying thanks to all of their fly fishing friends. Those who personally know Al and Gretchen also know how humble they are, I never said autograph as Al and Gretchen are very uncomfortable with that word and think of it more as signing a “thank you” card. I just thought that others might like to know this before they purchase their books elsewhere and would rather have a book that Al and Gretchen graciously sign. Speaking for myself, I place a great value in the signed library of books that I have accumulated. Al, I hope you and Gretchen don't mind my making this public but I really do think it is wonderful of you and Gretchen. Thanks again my friends, for all that you do and add to my favorite passion of fly fishing!
  17. Thanks you very much gentlemen. I had noticed that there is a big difference between the 2 regions and even noticed that there is a bit of a freindly rivalry as well. I was just wondering if anyone had bridged the gap and simplified a search of patterns for both regions in one resource. Very clear to see now why a focused search and purchase per region is necessary. Thanks again! One thing we must agee upon though: The Steelhead are definetly worth twice our attention...
  18. WOW! I must say Bud: this fly is incredible! Simply amazing!
  19. Hello gentlmen, Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. I have been tied up in a couple of huge projects but I do plan on jumping back into tying those Salmon Fly's soon. One of the projects that I am working on is the reason for this question. What is the best Steelhead Fly pattern book and best Steelhead author that comes to mind for you? Thanks again for all of the great help that you all have given me so far and I will repay that debt very soon.
  20. Here I am trying to get the foundations down and learn the basic techniques for this style of fly. Then you go and pull all of the stops out and ty some amazing fly's that use those exotic materials :headbang:. I don't know for sure but are any of those materials from endangered minerals or at the very least, are they listed as federally protected critters :hyst:
  21. Twins! Now that is a true blessing and my best goes out to you and your wife.
  22. Thanks all! I figured before I break the rules, first I will learn what they are . The fly didn't seem balanced to me either and I knew that the herl was way to large but the critiques have pointed me in the correct direction, it is so easy to see now. I also tyed it on a size 1 salmon wet fly hook as I figured I would save some bucks on the practice fly's first. As someone mentioned, learn the proportions according to the size of the fly; this is easy for me to do in traditional trout fly's but the salmon fly's are a new challenge for me. Hey, practice, practice, practice and make a lot of mistakes to learn from; I'll get there soon Goin g to take a little break to get another trout fly project completed and then I'll get back to these great patterns. It will also give me some time to collect some Salmon Fly materials and then i am going to dive into the classic antique fly's. I think that it would be best to work on one style first and I was thinking of Blacker first. Any suggestions on this are welcome and any suggestions on where I could get some good patterns would help even more. Thanks again friends....
  23. Now that is a very interesting fishing pattern there Joe. I like that little dabble of red in the color and incorporate that on many of my fishing patterns as well, It seems to really increase the amount of takes on the fly. i really like this pattern..
  24. Hey Jim; I admire your dedication and pace, it helps to keep me grounded with a focus of slowing down on my trying to excellerate to fast. You got me focused on a one step at a time and a master the individual parts first methodology. Great fly bud!
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