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  1. I listened to the great advise that has been offered and decided to do a one step at a time approach. The common problems that I am currently having is with balance so, I decided to work on dressing the shank and getting more proficient with dressing those materials first. So, I decided to work on a sort of Steelhead pattern untill I feel that I have that down well. I really want to get a good handle on the proportions and floss thing and then I will move onto simple married wings. I aslo have been working on some of the antique winged wet fly's as that should help me get accustomed to the wing set as well. This is a Steelhead pattern that I played around with, already I noticed that the Herl is to large and the tinsel does not photo well. As always; critique is excepted as a true gift. Thanks all!!
  2. A very strong passion and dedication to all of those that came before me. That and spending time with someone else that has a true passion for the art of fly fishing and fly tying with an equally strong repect of the herritage of it.
  3. Great article and an even better idea of doing so! I must say that I have admired Al and Gretchen for some time now but more than their accomlishments in the fly tying world there is something else that I admire even more. about 4 or 5 years ago I placed a call to the FFF in livingston to inquire about a display case full of over 300 antique fly's that I had purchased. Somehow or another I ended up speaking to Al over the phone, not only did he spend about 30 minutes talking to me, he also gave me the phone numbers of some other VIP types that would help answer some of the questions that I had. A lot to be said about a persons accomplishements in this life but even more to be said about an accomplishment of great character, that is measured in the passionate way they so willing share. Thanks again Al...
  4. Extremely nice Bud! Looks like I will have but another futre project on my to do list . If I may offer, along with the cedar suggestion: Don't line the material drawers with felt as they are very hard to keep clean, they hold small feathers like crazy and help hide those little feather eating critters. I would cut to size and place some of those new thin disposable cutting matts that you can get from the grocery stores. They are easy to remove and simply wipe off when you want to clean out a drawer, they also offer less hiding and holding areas for those little creatures I mentioned. Also, throw a cheap cigar , along with a cedar block, in each drawer as they are natural insecticides as well. I really like the design and 2 of them side by side must be a really good look as well as very functional.
  5. I'm honored Bud and calling you a friend is my privalage. I have a belief and I use it to guide the drive in my life: " A dream is but a dream untill we do one thing to make that dream a reality, it then becomes an action plan. As long as we stay focused on the steps of this action plan, reality is with in our grasp. Once we loose hope through the loss of detirmination: Our action plan becomes a mere dream again". It's the stumbling that defines our achievements... I also discovered, from readings, that I have been building my fly's the hard way. I thought everyone trimmed everything off of the fly at each section of the build :dunno:
  6. WOW, I really like that fly a lot Bud! It has an early art deco appeal to it and looks like something that Tiffany would of created. I really am taken in by the charm of this fly…
  7. Each one of your fly's truly amaze me muzzy, one never knows what the next one is going to look like but it is a safe bet that it will be amazing...
  8. That truly is one amazing looking fly! It is so easy to look at and has a realxing feel about it...
  9. Very nicely done my friend and it is so nice to hear that your daughter was behind your inspiration to ty this fly. Thanks also for mentioning yet another book that I will soon need to purchase
  10. There is no way that I can begin to say how much I thank all of you for helping me through this new style of tying. It is a brilliant article that you wrote Ronn and from the great value that I am getting from everyone; alow me to say thank you from simply stating: " I am listening and I realize the true gift of it all". As a person that teaches technical fly fishing, I truly know the dedication, time, sacrifices and money's that you all have spent to learn your craft. I will never take that lightly and I do listen to every single word written as they are true gifts. A passion is only a passion when one choses to share it with others, your passion is with out question. Many of you have given me great critque that helps me with the next ty and that is a learning curve that I believe will never perish. It is so true that no-one has to help or give out free advice but you all seem to be more than willing to help: I admire that. Ratefacedmcdougal sent me a private email where he offered to send me free materials to help get me on my way, while I waited for my materials and books: I greatly respect that. Many of you have gone way out of your way to wright a step by step bullet format of critique on my attempts; I more than appreciate that. The fly's that I see posted inspire me beyond belief, you are true artisits that help preserve a legacy that came far beyone any of us: I value that. The classics are something to master as they are the foundation of all that we build today. The master tyers of yester year had none of the fancy tools that we have today and yet their fly's are still considered master works of art. This is a legacy that I feel I must first learn and then preserve it by passing it on as well: I honor that. From you I learn and to others in the future I will teach those things that you have taught me as well, your legacy shall never perrish. I thank you again for that,..
  11. It truly is a great looking fly Muzzy and I would also share that it is now one of my favorites. Love the shades!
  12. That truly is amazing Bud! Your fly's are truly inspirational for someone such as myslef that is just now learning the craft of this style of art. Have a safe visit and I know that you will be fine in your travels...
  13. Hey Plumbob; Now you know good and well that isn't artic runnner. :dunno: From the looks of it and from what I remember; I guess it to be ear hair and from the looks of the flow, I would say that it is from your right side. As always, love them fly's that you ty but I was wondering if I could get your trimmings from the left side, as my fly's face the other way... :hyst: :j_k: I have yet to see anything come from your vice that is anything less than art, great job again my friend... Your going to kill me, aren't ya
  14. Dave: Thank you very much for all of the pointers; they really do go a long way in helping me out tremendously. I did not think that your critique was very hard at all and greatly appreciate all of the pointers that you wrote out for me. Truth be known, I can only fix those things that I know of and I thank you for making me aware of some I can correct. It is a good list that you created for me and I have saved it for future reference. I thank you very much… Bud; you hit the nail square on the head; I did not have a mission plan and built as I went. I do have some future plans for that same fly but I need to learn how to do a few things before I affect them into this pattern. Thanks to everyone that responded, I learned a great ideal from this fly and it is the reason that I posted it. I now fully understand what I need to do for my future freestyle fly’s and that is; map them out, define the theme and design the flow chart first. On the traditional fly's I see now the importance of bordering each section properly and laying out the blueprint on the hook first. Thanks again Bud! Ratfacedmcdougal: I now look at the fly and see a total lack of balance; I think that I was so focused on the individual parts that I never envisioned the summation of them. Thank you very much for your links and emails. The offer of materials is more than kind but you should hold onto them. I can eventually build up the new collection of materials for my Salmon Fly’s; they will never get commingled with my trout fly materials. TroutBum; Thank you for your kind words, I never get discouraged with anything and the more difficult or frustrating; the more focused I become :wallbash: . I ordered both of the books that you mentioned and hope to receive them soon. I look at my fly-tying evolution this way: I tied my trout fly’s for the trout and the trout told me if I got them correct or not. Now I am venturing into fly’s that catch people, if I listen closely I will learn how to ty them as well. Thank you all very much for helping me along this path and I don’t take critiques personally, they are nothing more than very helpful tools that lead to improvements. Thanks again all!
  15. I know that I am suppose to be only working on the classics but my books aren't in yet and I couldn't stand the wait any longer. I figured I could use the wait period by practicing some. I already see some major flaws in this fly and some things that I want to do again. I plan on redressing this same fly next year, when I know what I am doing. Just thought that I would share it and eat another slice of that fine humble pie Thanks again for all of the help that you all give so kindly... This is Conseulo
  16. Great Fly Bud and a great way for a tyer to offer his respects. I spent 2 years of duty with the US Coast Guard in Venice, La. I saw some recent pictures of the area and the old swamps and marsh that my crew use to perform countless missions in. The whole area has been basically wipped from the earth. The sadest part is that there were many small villages that were situated in unknown areas of the swamps. We would stumble upon one every now and then and these people truly spoke no english, just old Creole. They had no electricity or means of communicating with the outside world, other than when they brought there catch to market. During the hurricans we would have to go out and notify the people in the villages, of known locations, of the incoming storms. I can only imagine how many of these villages were completly wipped out and how many unkown lives were lost from within these unknown communities...
  17. Thanks Bud! But that also means that you will have to be my best critique, don't be kind either; make me earn it. Thank you jussi_h but you are too generous. The material that I used is from the lower back section of a Ringneck Pheasant Cock. It wasn't a planned use but more of a: " I think this is what they used" kind of situations
  18. Another great looking fly Muzzy! I know this is an ellementry question to you all but it is killing me to try and identify this one material. What is it that you used on the tail veiling? I've seen it on many salmon fly's but I have never had a need for it on my trout fly's :dunno:
  19. Hey Muzzy, I wrote my last post with humor but I must say that your price is incredibly low, especially when considering the quality of the fly's that you create. I would be a fool to not take you up on it and as I noted on the other thread "My mother raised and idiot, no fool ". I'm sending you an email today to discuss things...
  20. You said early work and not first work. If they are first works, I am going in for group therapy; maybe even find a psychic that can channel some talent into these ageing fingers of mine... They truly are great looking fly's and it helps inspire someone like myself. Thank you sharing them here...
  21. That is one amazing Fly! Hey Muzzy; Let's say that I decide to take you up on your offer of lessons. Then let's say that we worked it out to were they are very inexpensive. Let's say that we worked it out to where you supply all of the materials within this tiny budget. Let's go way out on a limb now and say I make my first Fly the "Indian Crow" with the exact same matterails Better yet: Let's just say that I shut up and continue to try and make friends with you instead That is truly one amazing fly!!!
  22. You are all very kind and generous with your offerings and I thank you very much for all of it. I live by the standard: “My mother raised an idiot, no fool”: This mandates the incorporation in acquisition of wisdom attained and skills developed by a cumulative methodology of watch, listen, ask and learn from those that have the knowledge desired. I will take all of the great advice offered and apply it to my development schedule promptly. I have also ordered a couple of books, as study tools, to help in my progression. As much as I respect and enjoy your help, I will not take advantage of it by not trying to learn the basics by conducting foundational research and study. Once I get the basics down, I realize that I can then ask more intelligent questions. One of my first observations is that one really has a need to know the exact name of the materials used in order to explain the build but also as a means of knowing how to complement the overall dress of the fly. I’ve been tying trout fly’s for many years and am currently in the process of writing a how-to book on sealed hollow body fly’s, with a good friend Robert Schreiner. On a comparison bases I have discovered that Ostrich Herl may be used on several trout patterns but on a Salmon Fly that Ostrich Herl requires the exact location from the feather in which it was used. Fascinating stuff!! On most trout fly’s, one can easily hide lumps or little mistakes but with Salmon Fly’s those little imperfections are amplified due to the way that they are properly dressed. My friends would tell you that I have an absurd amount of tying materials but after taking up this new discipline, I realize how much more I need and why the same materials for a dressed Salmon Fly cost so much more: Sure do hope someone buys the book so that I can purchase an upgraded pair of dyed Swan Wings :crying: … Funny, in that I am like you AL; I cannot stand to spend very much time at the tying bench. I was amazed that I sat at the desk for as long as I did to ty the first three flies. What I learned is even more fascinating; I enjoyed every single second of it and look forward to building the next. I have no intentions of throwing any of the flies away and already have them on display. As much as I am looking forward to the fly’s that I ty a year from now, I look forward to and treasure the journey that I am about to experience. I also realize the duty that I am obligated to fulfill and that is to pass the knowledge onto others that have the same heartfelt desire to learn but that they are also willing to pass the knowledge on as a means of paying respect to the originators and old masters that we all build or styles upon. I do the same thing when I teach technical fly fishing and make sure that my clients know that someone, far before me, figured all of this stuff out and that study is the first discipline; qualified on the caveat of a quote from Socrates: “Good mental powers is not sufficient, the principal of the matter is to apply them well”. I am going to dress the classic Salmon Fly, as mentioned, but I first need to order some materials so that I can keep it as exact as possible; figure it will be easier to critique that way. I need to get my hands on some Jungle Cock though: OUCH :ripped: :dunno: !!! Thanks again for the vision of this new journey and the lessons will be desired, they just have to wait a while as I just learned that my budget has been blown all to :devil:
  23. Shaq: I spent an amazing 11.5 hours at the bench on the first fly in my post, after it was done I looked back and honestly felt that it was the most enjoyable time that I ever spent at the bench. I am also the type the feels: If I can't do something, I now have something to do. I go overboard on researching and practice. Yep, OCD like a fine wine... Dave; i offer my appologies as I must of been posting at the same time as you. Thank you very much for all of the pointers. I agree with the dubbing and it won't happen like that again I used a feather from the lower back section of a Phesant for the crest, my crest material is in to bad of a shape. I am being very deligent about no trimming of ends and no glue, just a little saliva here and there. Yep, that blue head on the fly does suck, the thought looked a whole lot better . I also have this terrible new habbit of grabbing the hook shank as I work up the body, I then get to discover just how badly I smashed the ostrich. :yahoo: The tail on number 2 is actually Ring Neck Phesant shoulder, you'll be glad to know that I did no trimming, just a lot of cussing as I tryed to get it to lay out properly. Thanks again for all of the help
  24. Thanks gentlemen! Your advise is very well recieved and shall be utilized in my future ty's. I will also ty my next attempt on a better known pattern, as suggested. I am really greatfull to all that critique as that is the best method of learning in my book. I will be more than happy to post pix of my progress as it is all of you that helps create and prmote the skills and tecniques of my progression: something that I never forget to acknowledge and be greatful for
  25. I look at the fly's on this forum and I must admit that I am some what intimidated by them. How-ever I also realize that the best way to advance is by humble approach and seek the advise of those better; in this case it would be far better . I am commited to learning the techniques of tying the Salmon and Spey style and I am found of keeping the proper legacy of traditioanal alive as well; much like my approach to fly fishing. I realize that I have a very long way to go and just yesterday I learned of tutorials that should help me along. I would have to say that the most deficult part has been tying these patterns with no blueprints or tying tips. A good friend sent me to a site that did give me the blueprint for a Traditional Salmon Fly so I used that on my third attempt, Still I forgot to finish the wing properly :wallbash: . I would be very greatfull for any suggestions and offerings of help with this as I truly am dedicated to developing my skills in this sector of fly tying that leaves me in awe. I am very thick skinned so I also recieve those offering of things I did wrong very well. No need to sugar coat any advise with me Below is a picture of my second attempt of a Salmon Fly, I don't have any gut so I used some antique fishing line for the eye, it is also tyed on a 4/0 hook. The first thing that I learned is; high quality material is mandatory. Your advise on this fly try would be appreciated. The second picture is my first attempt at a traditional style on a smaller Salmon Hook: I see that the head is to large and the choice of colors for the wing were bad. I also forgot to put in the shoulder, side and cheek. It is my first attempt at married wings and I was also wondering; Is the fly suppose to have a matching wing on the other side as well? I did so but it is obvious that the shape of the 2 did not match even though I had the same counts and colors. Thanks again for any offerings...
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