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  1. Nice job Norm that braid can be miserable to work with, good to see at least one other pattern using it.
  2. Nice new blue bluegill wand Mike, very nice job Steve the cork is outstanding.
  3. Li'l Dave glad to hear you are still kicking been a while. Hope all is well at home and in North Queensland.
  4. Norm was it an Orvis? I had a similar break but without the bead head or anything hitting it on it's madden trip to the Cheticamp river, NS. It was close to a five mile walk in and a lot of time to stew on the way out to camp. Orvis did replace the tip no questions asked but after that I always carried a spare rod.
  5. I have the book thought it was going to pave my path to my commercial tying dynasty.... after all it was the only "Manufactures' Guide" funny how it steered me back to Herter's world famous products but in the late 60's and early 70's I spent a good part of my "income" at Herters. Still have some items and a few catalog's. All in all I miss those 6-8 week delivery times(not)... kind of like the usps today....
  6. I'll bet that looks event better in the sunlight.
  7. Bob did you get my flies? expected on the 20th.
  8. Consistent highly crafted rods, that are a pleasurer to look at and fish.
  9. nnit My new ones are like night and day but I have been back to have them adjusted a couple of times. Still have problems in crowd setting (restaurant) but better than before, they mostly manage my tinnitus to a comfortable level when wearing them. My left side is far worse than my right. Steve I strongly agree with Mike about talking to your physician they are making a lot of improvements in hearing & tinnitus. Event the VA is using a modern approach. Used to be no hope for the noise but that isn't always the case today.
  10. Should be in the mail this week, foam body stoneflies to float your dropper.
  11. If you are happy with the toenail cutters then your all set, in not look for a pair of flush cut wire cutters often in the jewelry making sections of hobby store's. I helicopter most wire if I have to cut I use the flush cutters made for fine precision electronic work or jewelry they run around $10 but I have broken them on heavy stainless wire (.032 and heavier) and hooks so I keep a pair of heavier sidecutters near the bench also.
  12. Silver & blue go very well very attractive rod.
  13. ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ looks like fun afternoon on the farm pond
  14. First Myggan welcome to the site and thank you for posting your flies. Your spice fly looks like a cased caddis to me and I find it a fresh idea to use spices glued to foam, like a kanelbulle for fish, very innovative. All of your flies will catch fish and I am sure you will continue to improve your style and your fly patterns. Do you fish rivers or the coast?
  15. Their either thinking MOM or stop looking at my neck!
  16. The contrast of blue's in the wraps are nicely balanced & the cork is unique and perfect. The lower section on the hand grip looks like a river rock pattern to me.
  17. Pancakes and smartpills! Now that's the way to start the day!
  18. The rivers are chosen to ensure the brood stock salmon are dam bound so in effect they are land locked, not sure if any are ever hold overs as it can develop into a congestive style of fishing for the take season, the ponds or lakes may have a few hold overs but no river access for spawning to develop a land lock variety (Ouananiche). The base for the strain was Maine's Penobscot anadromous fish, also in decline, as are some of the Canadian Maritimes fish. I feel fortunate to have fished the "king of gamefish" on some wonderful rivers with a few lifelong friends but would trade the experience's and memories for a successful Connecticut River Salmon program just watch them leap in the rivers of New England.
  19. Connecticut does have a brood stock fishery on two rivers and a couple of ponds/lakes. Not like a scheduled river and fishery starts in late fall and is catch and release until mid December then they fish them out quickly. Unfortunate but it is open to all fishing (spin & fly) with a single barbless hook artificial (lure/fly only) it is probably one of the only or very few places you can spin fish for atlantics in North America but they are not wild or returning fish, but salmon non the less. Our Connecticut River Restoration project is in its last phase of failure. After 50 years of hope they pulled the funding a few years ago after the returns went downhill drastically for the last decade. A few people where excited the last few years as salmon redd's where spotted on the Farmington river but these fish are no longer captured in the fishways and milked so a few are spawning in the rivers, but they are protected. All anyone can do is hope nature can find a way but most think it is hopeless. The brood stock programs is being continued for the present time as it took them decades and a lot of $ to develop the strain.
  20. cphubert

    My new shop

    Mike that is a very nice job on the bench & pallet wood to boot!
  21. Very bright! easy way to keep your eye on your fishing partner in a crowd.
  22. Ok I'm in, first day of spring might as well tie a few flies tomorrow.
  23. They are probably tied with a domestic saddle and usually have more feather length than the Chinese or packaged strung saddles and the ability to match the barbule sizes to your hook. If you are catching fish then it is a matter of cosmetics. I usually go to shops or shows and look for saddles that fit my color/ size/ and price, very hard to size and grade online. I do not personally know anyone that trims the fibers but if i had to it would be prior to tying it in by stroking the barbules backwards until they are perpendicular to the shaft then trim to length (both sides) it will give a unnatural end to the barbule (like the breadcrust pattern). but it maybe easier than trimming after. Hope this helps you.
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