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  1. Very sharp, almost as nice as the one you made for me😁
  2. On a roll Steve must be getting to be that time of year!
  3. wobble worm welcome to the forum, is your vise a terra? and what model or type spring action (like a regal) or cam type jaws?
  4. cphubert

    My new shop

    tree roots and frost heaves the paved driveway killers of the north. nice job on the concrete drive Mike. I have to stay with trap rock and process.
  5. Another clean classic rod, looks nice Steve owner should be very happy.
  6. Absolutely worth every penny, my last ones had batteries I was not disciplined enough to always have fresh ones around, and I have large fat fingers and changing them was a PITA I used my bodkin to change them.
  7. I'll stick with the griz and brown.
  8. Classic clean rod, the kind I would be proud to pull out of my truck and string up!
  9. rechargeable, drop into the charger at night tech said they should last years we'll see..
  10. I just got a new pair and they are much better, not only for hearing my commander in chief, house, (wife) and others but to help control my tinnitus. they help a lot & no more battery's. I am like Mike the noise is constant but seems it varies in intensity and/or my ability to tolerate it. To date nothing seems to help in a crowd, but not being a social critter I have that covered. Steve I understand, some days it it is very consuming and the more you try to forget it the more you hear it ocd or not.
  11. I feel for you, mine is hearing loss related and the hearing aids do help but I don't sleep with the hearing aids. Some nights it is hard to fall asleep you have tried the fan, have you tried a radio on low? I have found music sometimes helps to distract me, hate to give someone a plug but I use calm radio, a online music station they have different platforms. I try to think about the song I hear focusing on the notes or words and usually drift off to sleep. In another month or so the peepers singing always help I'm probably one of the only people that enjoys them or the crickets for background noise.
  12. That is one sweet looking rod that is the first carbon fiber type seat that I like, looks very nice with blue hints to match the wraps. Steve you did a great job on that one.
  13. Very attractive rod. Really like the cork work on the grips, colors are just bright enough. Owner should be very happy.
  14. Thanks flytire, hopeful that squatch gets time to add the link to the charts tab on his site. I've bookmarked it anyway.
  15. My whitings will gauge down to 24's and probably some 26's. The range of hackle is the best reason to buy capes vs saddles (and you get some tailing material). If you only tie a few sizes then look for a saddle that accommodates your needs.
  16. They are a good buy for starting or for a travel kit. I just picked one up for $30 had very few feathers picked off the grizzly and brown. New they range from $75-100 range. I am always looking for used tying material, is was bronze graded from Whiting, bronze is better than my usual commercial/pro/#3 grades . My price may have reflected that I also bought other items from the "estate". Buy more / haggle more. I agree with Silver I always examine any hackle I am buying for size range, feather count, and hackle length & stiffness. I find a lot of stuff I would not spend my money on. A good shop will always allow you to inspect the product prior to purchase and explain how to grade.
  17. I'm not in the cult but I do fish a couple of penn 160 beachmasters of that vintage. If you want a real caster change the bearings to ceramic ( I don't) but absolutely change the drag washers to the newer HT100 or carbon fiber kits. I grew up casting these and the penn 704 green spinners in the surf. I retired the 704's for BG's and have a fancy magnetic avet reel but still like the penn reels, never considered level winds except when fishing cod in 200+ feet of water.
  18. I should have one do you need a penn wrench? I'll check if I have extra's but things have been growing legs since my nephew started fishing (rather him fish then whatever else) I would replace the drag washers anyway look for HT100 washers ($5.00) or carbon fiber kit then you will have a nice reel.
  19. I agree I have beachmaster that I bought when I was 12 or 13 still fishing. I have one of my grandfathers Penn 85 he used, all bake light with a few chips missing I use it for scup on occasion.
  20. Lots of parts for the beachmaster still exist, mysticparts.com they have the schematics online. I have a few of them myself, before you buy a parts reel (e-bay) let me know by schematic # and I'll look at what I have. Post a picture I'll go to the shed and start looking. Beachmaster was my first and favorite surf casting reel on a 10 foot stick. Can't help you for cats but I would look at Ugly Sticks 7' heavy or extra heavy? for a inexpensive rod. check your drag washers newer ones are very nice made out of the same stuff the internationals use.
  21. Steve it's amazing watching it go from tube stock to the finished truck, great detail.
  22. last week accouple of guys went thru (in southern CT) was on IceShanty.com we have ice in retreat, loosing edges and recommending a spud bar to pick your path I put my stuff in the shed today Mike is bringing the warm weather from Florida with him for his visit.
  23. I was surprised neighbor said they cut a hole in the ice to stock west hill pond at the boat ramp. hard for the crowd that follows the trucks 😁
  24. Nicey tied butterfly George. Don't see those tied much I do enjoy the artistic side. I don't know the history of the butterfly feather wings is it purely ornamental?
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