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  1. Still using old S&M bobbins have a nor-vise auto also but use my S&M's 91.6777777 % of the time. sorry I couldn't resist.
  2. It is a work of art, and functional, but being a retired enlisted man (Senior Chief) it is well out of my price range. Enjoy it .
  3. Just got home in time to get the popcorn on the stove.
  4. Welcome Philo, sorry to here about you not spending enough, tying can help you meet your goal.
  5. Wecome Willie, nice catfish fly! good video just don't mistake that attractant for your coffee.
  6. Welcome from New England, have fun and may your thread never fray.
  7. I started dressing buck tail jigs in the late 60's for an Uncle's business, actual fly patterns around 1978 after I finished my first enlistment in the Navy, that's when the addiction started, hanging around fly shops, (worldwide, some sailors ran to the nearest bar, some to church, and I to the local purveyor of fishing tackle) skinning dead animals on the roadside, and collecting fly tying and fishing materials.
  8. Both, I like the synthetic for easy color consistency, not absorbing water, and workability. Naturals, traditional materials hard to substitute at times, a presentation salmon fly without seal? My favorite Hendrickson is with beaver dyed by a friend long departed, or a hares ear without the mask? and so on. I like both and I've seen blends that are very nice. With all the new stuff on the market and I still have furs and drawers full of fly-rite, ligas, wool, a blender my wife wants out of the house and who knows what lurks in boxes in the closet. I know, I've got to start looking at the posting dates before I reply to these, :-))
  9. Listed on Amazon by the quart/gallon Solarez UV casting resin. 35.05 per quart. I would use it, UV cures dry and is offered in high gloss.
  10. interesting solarez 37.00 a quart, found molds online, like the silly putty idea for impression molding and maybe silicone RTV? something to try later this year!
  11. Nice work Fatman, I never get the results that I was looking for, my hats off to anyone that can get the their desired results consistently. I have had the pleasure of watching and helping some that can and their work and time is worth my money for their material. Not to mention the cleanup and disposal afterward. I like that fiery brown and may try again.
  12. Yep didn't see the date on the post until this morning, got to stay off the web when I'm tired at night :-)
  13. Nice work, I'm out of grizz or I'd make a goldylocks and the 3 bears!
  14. I like the fiery brown. Reminds me of Bryant Freeman's fiery brown (Eskape Anglers NB) very nice. Do they sell powder or liquid? how much water and temp? and of course how long did it sit in the bath? Thanks for any information.
  15. Choice of vise is a individual choice fixed or rotary, pedestal or clamp you need to find a club (TU meeting?), dealer or a show where you can see and tie on a few to see if you like them. I have large hands and fat fingers and small vises don't give me the room there are a lot of personal choices. I wont vote but...... I have a Dyna King Pro and the Nor-Vise. The Dyna King was my first high end vise after killing a old Universal rotary and a few Thompson A's. Never regreted my purchase it has served me well for twenty five or so years and thousands of flies of all sizes. In that time other than regular cleaning and lubrication I had to polish the forcing cone 1 time due to lending to a relative who did not understand hook adjustment. Rock solid vise, 360 degree rotation, but not a rotary, it is my go to comfort vise and my travel vise. Nor-Vise found it's way home with me from one of the shows about 6 years ago. I find it to be the smoothest rotary for my style of tying, tried others but did not like the unbalance during rotation. The vise is great for speed as I tie flies in stages and try to tie minimum of 1/2 dozen of the same pattern at a time nothing else spins body materials like it. It is well made, has more accessories available, jaws, tube conversion (I bought and like). Part of the vise is the bobbin, automatic bobbins are a nice addition to rotary tying but I have always favored my S&M bobbins with a home built holder. Hope this helps but find someone that will let you tie on one first it will save you any instant regrets.
  16. Lamson Liquid, inexpensive workhorse top quality drag 3.5 or 4.0 is just north of 100. waterproof, salt water rated, maintenance free bearings. I use the 4.0 for salmon and stripers plenty of backing for 9wt. the 3 pack is the best bargain but higher than you want to spend at 200, reel and 2 extra spools with a case.
  17. My sister sent them out for sharpening (she's a hairdresser and uses Anvil). I found left hand tying scissors online in the UK at FLY FISHING TACKLE CO UK I ordered them. Thank god for BREXIT they where 23.00 sterling without shipping.
  18. At the International Symposium a few years back a tier from Italy tied all his dry flies like that and lead me to believe that many European tiers did. He tailed and hackled first, then dubbed the body, and whipped finished just behind the hackle. I have one of his flies some place ......... if I find it I'll post a photo. I asked about line twist and he smiled and said "no wings , no twist"
  19. My smallest rear hooks are usually 6's attached with braid (green spider wire) with beads between the hooks to prevent rear hook fouling. you can tie your favorite streamer patterns dressing the rear hook to match or use your imagination, lots of fun. They make great trolling flies, lots of action and you get better hookups with the shorter hooks vs the 9x- 10x long Carrie Stevens hooks. have fun with it
  20. Yes I'm sending them out for sharpening, the last pair only lasted a few sharpenings before mismatch on the tips was uncomfortable.
  21. Anyone have any Anvil model 70 scissors they want to part with? They are left hand and no longer made, and I am on my last pair. Going back to back to right hand scissors, any southpaws try the adjustable scissors (with the knurled nuts) how do they hold up? Until the model 70 I cut righty but find it hard to keep them in my hand while tying. Any advise from other southpaws? Thanks in advance.
  22. I have brain tanned a few deer hides but unsure if you would be okay to use them in fly applications. Check online, tanning can be a lot of work skinning, scraping (even for hair on and rabbit skin is very thin!), preserving, stretching, and breaking in after drying. I have seen bottled tanning products but never have seen them used. Commercially tanned rabbit skins $ 6.00 - 8.00 each? You still have to dye them or use as is that is a process all in itself.
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