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  1. Well at least you could use hair coloring to dye it😇
  2. I use white or colored wings so I CAN SEE the fly on the water, most ants don't last long on the water surface (sink & drown) good pattern to fish wet also.
  3. 1st looks possibly like a BWO blue wing olive (Ephemerella attenuate), the 2nd is certainly a small caddis hard to distinguish with light in photo.
  4. Thanks it came out of a perceived necessity. I can move it and my portable bench into my travel trailer and keep the same continuity.
  5. I also have a old c clamp medallion without markings other than the company name and pat.# on bottom. It was gifted to me from a very good friend and commercial tier. I don't know how many thousands of flies he tied in it but I never heard him talk poorly about the vise and he would have if there was a problem. Left it to me in case my dyna king failed, it hasn't.
  6. DB welcome to the site, we all start out with some ugly flies the fish don't mind most of them. lot of good information here and on the web you'll be filling a box with your beauties soon.
  7. 🤣🤣 olvídate de las moscas yo tomaré sopa de elote
  8. Wonderful tie George, next time you contact Geert give him my best wishes.
  9. now I feel better about being a southpaw🙃
  10. The argument is not circular because of experimental evidence that operant conditioning exists in in fish, especially trout. Please expalin how the following experiments are "circular" per the definition below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_reasoning There is abundant scientific evidence for operant conditioning not only in fish but specifically in trout. I refer you to The Mind of the Trout: A Cognitive Ecology for Biologists and Anglers By Thomas C. Grubb. The section below specifically addresses operant conditioning. An initial snippet is below but you can read several pages more that follow. I feel like I'm back in the Mess, seeing one of my brother Chiefs engage a scientific member of the Wardroom. With no bitter end sighted, the only question is cutlasses or muskets?
  11. Matthew, welcome to the site, the first rule are their are no real rules to fly tying. Classic patterns are copied but your patterns are your art for your creativity first. Fish don't care if its classic or not and nether do most on this forum. Tie with what material you have, your flies look fine and I would fish them without issue. I hope you enjoy the site I think most members are here to help each other. Feel free to ask questions or add your 2 cents, just be respectful. Your probably a Bruines fan but I wont hold that against you, yet....😁
  12. I keep looking at the colors they go well, but just not my style. The cork and seat are top notch.
  13. Baron, welcome to the site. Your in good company and I don't think you will need to sit on your hands. That is funny, good introduction. In the summer of 1804, Washington crosses the Delaware once more.. Armed with a rod and casting flies, Reaches the shore to tell fishing lies...
  14. Good thing you would be buying hooks by thousands to use the mops from squatch's slippers!
  15. Good to see you return Joe.
  16. Nick, good luck with the pipes hope it thaws without damage. When I was a kid never thought about going thru the ice and took a lot of chances for a few perch, now I need a solid 6+" before I consider it "safe". Conditions like you have I hope they stay inside on the internet, probably the only time in my life I felt that way.
  17. have you fished them before? do they need a support for antifouling for casting? any durability for bluefish?
  18. 5" from bottom of spool to top of tube with the silicone thread cap in place.
  19. I have experience with a Midwest Custom 10' 5 wt. euro rod that I would highly recommend. I like it so much I gave my 9' 5 wt. to my nephew.
  20. When you start to get set up let me know if I can be of any help. I tie left handed and use my right hand primarily to spin the hub (fingers) and hold material to secure to hook. Unsure how that would work for you or if your surgery will fuse the wrist permanently. I'm sure we can find a way to keep you at the bench.
  21. They measure @ .990"ID , they will stack nicely on a piece of 1/2" X 3/4" stock. I added a brass tool rest to my post, a basic copy of the old herters tool stand that I grew up with. the vise and thread post are .615/ .616" OD I have a 15.75mm bit to make accessories for the shafts. mainly a piece of Delrin with a 3/8 shaft for standard vise accessories. I like the vise a lot and hope you enjoy it.
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