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  1. I have held them in my hand (markers) using a air nozzel with plastic tube cut shorter (popper held stationary in vise). it works but probably not the experience you are wanting. (you will get the feel for emersion of the tip into the airstream for the effect or spray pattern) I used sharpie's, copic are to expensive for my taste, but I also have a Aztec air brush. I don't make all that many poppers each year used to play with larger pencil poppers/ plugs for the surf.
  2. I built a simple carousel to hold my hook boxes, thread, bulk tools, and a fly drying, staging rack. work well for me, holds 9 craft boxes w/ 20 fixed compartments each. thread, tinsel, wire boxes are from wallmart also keep bead heads in storage next to thread. cutting matt doubles as a UV cover. the drying rack is what I was used to hanging flies in stages of completion and or to dry after completion. Bulk hook storage is in large tub stored in closet. Sits on desk and spins to face as needed.
  3. That was informative I was always concerned that corn baiting and chumming was killing our fish. Although I do not personally use it I feel better watching someone else fish it. Thanks for the post.
  4. If Nick is out (vicrider) I'll tie Mrs Simpson or I can coordinate with him and offer a different color / size. Swap Master please advise vicrider status is troutguy taking spot?
  5. Correct, if you have a relationship with a shop or other manufacturer they can package for retail and pay the excise tax at retail, you can sell/contract to/with them. Someone is going to pay that tax, I really did not want to open a can of worms. Zip was talking about dying material, not starting a business I was only asking about the current start up if he was independent. No intension of taking this post in a different direction. Next time I'll PM.
  6. I use strips cut from latex rubber canning gloves, color them with markers then use softex to cover and offer a little protection.
  7. zip, glad to see you active and survived the plague, congratulations on the degree and accounting position. Haven't dyed things in a while myself and preferer natural but the world seems to be going more synthetic. Just a quick question are you doing your own form 720 and setup independent or with a shop? I was considering starting again just wondering what the startup expenses looked like in 2020/2021. Other than the excise and sales taxes unsure if I want to get into a lot of paperwork for a limited part time gig.
  8. I believe you, bet those wraps really pop in the daylight, and she is right about the cork work
  9. Kevin, welcome I hope you enjoy the site. If you have questions please ask, their are a lot of experienced tiers willing to help.
  10. Welcome to the site snow_bound and welcome to saving money and getting the best tied flies😉. Vises, some use vise grips and others have hand fitted, jeweled, works of art made of unobtanium alloys. Sounds like your choice is a quality vise that fits your use, large size flies. Hope to see you progress and become active on the site.
  11. I was playing around with a bike on PEI's drag strip and a kid was dialing in this Hayabusa all stock except adding a air shifter (he said) he was running very low 9's consistently and touched the high 8's (8.8 @ 158- I remember that one). They used to allow you to run most anything on Wednesday nights. That bike screammmmmmmmed .
  12. Off the fence.... I'm in pattern - same as fishing bob only different🙂
  13. I knew a commercial tier that was very neat at his tie in almost never cutting or breaking excess. I thought it was a habit he had but it could have been to reduce waste, I never asked just assumed it was his style.
  14. just put the quarter in the box when you cuss and after a fly or two you will have enough for a couple of spools. cuss & spend your way to better material 😇
  15. Welcome back, hope you get the house the way you want it and get time to start tying.
  16. I'm never going to see another one of those 👻!
  17. Judson, welcome to the site and fly tying. As mikemac1 said what do you fish for then look at patterns that you want to tie. You can search this site for patterns and materials, one member (flytire), has a nice site with plenty of links http://flytyingnewandold.blogspot.com/ and some good starting patterns. The most important thing is to learn technique. Wooley buggers are always a good starting place. It is hard to recommend material without knowing your interests.
  18. Will mail tomorrow after we get the snow cleaned out. In the mail expected delivery Monday 2/08
  19. Very nice colors and all, should be very happy owner.
  20. not used to seeing water lines that shallow anymore
  21. Nice tie Norm looks like it could be very productive
  22. Nice rod as always, I'm not sure if I care for the butt, I have always been more traditional and liked the full grip covering. Steve, is there a reason that many manufacturers have chosen this style?
  23. Creekwalker23 welcome to the site, does the name imply more than fishing ? You have a good area down your way to explore and find things, if I get down your way I'll take a coffee, the same color I fish woolly buggers, black.
  24. Norm, lucky you didn't have a split it's been cold and windy the last few days or so, no coffee would make me crawl under most anything.
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