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  1. This is going to be a hard week to vote..
  2. I really enjoy tying these flies but will have to pass this time around...I joined a swap earlier this year and the SM took some really good pictures of them and posted them online. If you need any other ideas here is the website, Enjoy.. http://bdigitaldesign.com/tenkara_swap/
  3. Just came home today and found some wax in the mail (mail takes a little bit longer to get to Newfoundland)...Cannot wait to try them out in my next swap...Thanks again for hosting the author ID and I will let you know how it goes. Shad
  4. Shad

    Ant swap

    Just got back to the house and my ants arrived. Great ties everyone look forward to trying them out in the montana rivers in the next couple of days... Thanks SM for hosting it was a fun swap. Cheers, shad
  5. Shad

    Ant swap

    Glad they arrive quickly, took about a month for flies from the states to get up to canada in my last swap.
  6. And the flies arrived today. Great looking flies everyone, thanks also to the SM for hosting the swap. Shad
  7. Shad

    Ant swap

    Should be finished tomorrow night can I get the Addy please. shad
  8. I have not gotten mine yet but I am not surprised as the Canadien postal service is on strike and even on their best days without a strike it can take several weeks to a month get get mail from the states. Will keep you posted when I get them. shad
  9. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=60485 It is in this forum and the title is "Ant Swap", it is hosted by Wes917.. could you post a link or the name of the swap so I can have a look please. Thank you
  10. There is an Ant swap that I think still has room for a couple people....
  11. Shad

    Ant swap

    I'll tie a Black #18 parachute ant with orange post shad quote name='Shad' timestamp='1308650712' post='471397'] I am in, as long as nobody from the original swap who wants to be in this one is left out. I have no problem giving up my spot for them. shad
  12. Shad

    Ant swap

    I am in, as long as nobody from the original swap who wants to be in this one is left out. I have no problem giving up my spot for them. shad
  13. Flies are in the mail and I just found out that Canada's postal service are on strike and I have not idea when my flies will arrive. Sorry if they do not show up in time or at all. shad
  14. Flies are done, can you please send the address. Cheers, shad
  15. I will tie a Chernobyl Ant.. S.
  16. This sounds like a good idea for a swap. I would be up for this one is it goes. shad
  17. And the flies just arrived today. Great job everyone and thanks to the SM for hosting this one. Cannot wait to get out get the lines wet. Shad
  18. I think mine were eaten by some of those stripers waiting outside your door....Mail is slow here in Newfoundland it is not uncommon for mail to take 3 weeks or more...I have had flies take 3 months to get here and others to get here in a week it is anybody's guess but I will let you know when they arrive. Cheers, shad
  19. Just received my flies in the mail today and are they good looking flies. Cannot wait for the weather in Newfoundland to clear up so I can go out and give them a shot. Thanks for the great swap and an especially big thanks to John for hosting this swap and all the work into posting pictures of the flies. Shad
  20. After months of searching the mail my flies just arrived today....Thanks Big J your flies look great. shad
  21. I'm in...will look to see what materials I have tonight but probably going to be blue and white. shad
  22. Thanks John for all the work you put into this...The pictures look great and the flies look awesome. Cannot wait to get these in the water. shad
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