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  1. thank you, Mike :-) :-) Mayflies is my absolute favorite insects when it comes to dryfly fishing. They are the ones who really challenge me when trying to fool a trout to take my imitation :-) :-) Everything has to be perfect when it comes to presentation of the fly and how it behaves on the water surface. There is no room for movement and it has to go drag free to get any kind of result :-) They are also insanely beautiful when they come sailing down the river in huge numbers like small sailboats. I LOVE THEM :-) :-) Terje
  2. You´re too kind, FlaFly :-) :-) The image is cropped beacuse there is no way that i could get that close with my macro lens :-) Terje
  3. I find it interesting to see a close up of the E. Danica and to watch the details at a close range :-) Terje
  4. Thanks, FlaFly :-) He acctually does look like a biker :-) :-) Terje
  5. You´re absolutely right, Mike :-) Although it´s acctually green grass outside and no snow yet but no insects whatsoever :-) :-) Thanks a lot for your kind comment, that means a lot to me :-) Terje
  6. Thanks for the invite, BIll :-) I might just do that some day :-) Terje
  7. Thanks, Bill :-) :-) This shot was taken with a Nikon D800, Nikon 300mm f2,8 VR1, and i used a shutterspeed at 1/2000 sec, aperture f5,6 and 100 iso. A 300mm is acctually not enough for moon shots, but as i have the Nikon D800 i can crop the image and still keep the details quite ok :-) Terje
  8. Thankzzzzzz, FlaFly :-) :-) I have a hard time seeing that little green man too :-) :-) Terje
  9. Thanks a lot, Mike :-) Acctually it´s not black and white, it´s the way it comes out when you shoot at night :-) Terje
  10. The moon was really clear on the sky tonight, and i guess it´s because of the cold weather. I had to try and capture it :-) Terje
  11. I would love to go to Florida, FlaFly......... but i can´t this winter so i have to take a rain check :-) :-) Terje
  12. No i don´t have a long wait because the third and final episode of the Hobbit are coming to our theatre this wedensday and i´m really looking forward to it :-) :-) :-) Terje
  13. :-) :-) :-) :-) Just waiting for final of THE HOBBIT - BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES :-) :-) :-) .......and yes it´s way to cold up here :-) :-) Terje
  14. Thanks a lot, William :-) The body is cdc dubbing, wings of deer hair, legs made of cdc fibres and a head made of foam :-) Terje
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