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  1. Hey Dave..... better late than never , and it was really great to see that you are here too Thanks for the kind words Dave, but you are overdoing it See you, Dave Terje!
  2. This is a sbs of my Puristpupa. It is a caddis pupa i made the summer of 2008 and is a cross between "Superpuppa", "Devil bug", Dyret/the animal (norwegian caddis pattern) and other caddis pupa patterns that i have seen and been inspired by. ...... and the fly really delivered when i tried it for the first time, and after landing two really nice trouts after only three casts....... i immediately called it PURISTPUPA" Terje! BURNED WITH A LIGHTER IN THE TIP (TWIST AROUND FAST AFTER BURNING AND YOU GET THIS TIP
  3. Hi! My name is Terje and i`m from Norway. I´m 44 years old and totally hooked on flyfishing....... what else is there I`m a dedicated "dryfly purist" and spend all the summer in "Renariver" in Norway hunting for Brown trout with my dryflies I also tie a lot of flies..... i mean dry flies and will post a few on the tying section of the forum. Looking forward to take part of this forum, so far it looks absolutely great. A few picture from my river in Norway: THIS IS MY RIVER ..... AND THIS IS WHAT MY RIVER BRINGS ME EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE Terje!
  4. A woven midge emerger with cdc Terje!
  5. A woven cdc paraloop may fly emerger. The paraloop is made by only cdc. Terje!
  6. This is a woven caddis emerger i made some time ago. Terje!
  7. Thanks a lot, Old Hat. I really appreciate your kind comment Terje!
  8. Hi! This is my first post on this forum. This caddis pupa came to life in the river "Rena" in Norway the summer of 2008. I was looking for a caddis pupa and thought i might try to come up with a caddis pupa that was a cross between "Superpuppa", "Devil bug" "Dyret (the animal) which is a norwegian caddis" and other caddis pupas that i have seen on different tying forums and other places. I sat down at the vise and came up with this fly (see pics). To my surprise it proved to be working amazingly well right away and believe it or not i landed two nice brown trouts and only had three casts 1,3 kg and 1,4 kg.......... i was stunned and there and then i named it "PURISTPUPA" The pics shows the same fly but in the bottom one i have mixed both rusty and brown polyyarn. Terje!
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