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  1. Flies are on their way. Thanks for hosting.
  2. If you pickup a couple of drawer slides from HomeDepot you could make your own bag system.
  3. Sounds like the Fly Fishing Customs Agent liked what he saw when he opened up FTF's flies.
  4. Salty I think the beginner swap would be a great start, especially since you're an experienced tier. I just finished up a swap and may start another in a week or so. I want to get a few that I'm out of the way first.
  5. Swappers and Swap Meisters Please be aware that there was a postage increase over the weekend. The cost to send an Altoids Tin with a Dozen Dry Flies costs $1.71 Domestic. Flies to Canada Cost about a Dollar more. And I thought Gas was getting expensive.
  6. rich5665

    Avatar Issue

    Seems to be working now. Stipple it's actually not a bad idea to redo your computer once in awhile. Yes, it is a pain in the backside, especially since I'm in computer support. I re-image at least one computer a month because someone downloaded a nasty virus. On my personal system though I install an uninstall beta programs so much that eventually the system just bogs down. Had I seen the "Picasso" fish only on my system I would I have thought it just my computer. But on four different systems, especially after changing the image, refreshing and then seeing everything was fine for week and BANG!!! Picaso Fish was back :bugeyes: Now I see the fat perch I caught last year. :yahoo:
  7. I'm interested as well.
  8. Steve, I'll throw my hat into the fray as well. I'd love to see more activity on the TFF Site.
  9. Flies have been sorted and envelopes packed. Everything will be in the mail Monday Afternoon
  10. Received my Flies yesterday. I'm tempted to try them out, but the water is running a bit high, fast and muddy.
  11. rich5665

    Avatar Issue

    Very Weird. I've cleared the cache and Temp Files on my computer and my work computer. But that blue fish is all I see. I keep changing my Personal Photo as well. Maybe time to wipe the systems and reload the OS.
  12. I have not heard from Redneck Fly, so everyone will be getting a fly back. I also couldn't get the proportions right on the fly I was going to tie, so decided to go with a Fore and Aft in green. Flies will be going out either Saturday or Monday. Thanks everyone for participating.
  13. rich5665

    Avatar Issue

    Every time I log in my Avatar is change to some green and blue Picasso looking fish. Anyone else having this issue?
  14. Student4ver and Getholdofjoru's flies have arrived. I am waiting on 1 tier at this point.
  15. I think the Garland makes the hook look small. I may try another material for the body. I was think Gold Estaz for the Body and Silver for the head. The hook I used was a 2X. After looking at the Wobbler maybe a 5X would be the way to go. Definitely a challenge trying to figure out what materials to use when you only have Gold an Silver Christmas Spangle as a clue.
  16. I'm going to tie up 12. Here is my latest go. Rob let me know if you think this is closer to the original Dazzler Hook: #8 Mustad3906B Tail: Black Marabou Body: Silver Garland Wing: Black Hen Head: Black Cactus Chenille May give this a try at a local pond to see how it fishes.
  17. Thanks Rich5665... Did you get a chance and get some fishing in today? I don't fish opening day anymore. I'll probably do a little fishing tomorrow afternoon around 5:30 if I get the chance.
  18. I don't do opening day anymore. Can't stand all the idiots yelling at me because I practice catch and release.
  19. You should move this to the Swap Forums
  20. Second attempt: Hook: #8 Mustad 3906B Tail: Black Marabou Body: Silver Garland Wing: Large Black Hackle Head: Black Cactus Chenille Let me know what you think.
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