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  1. I was just wondering if anyone here has some experience with cdc clamps? I have been using cdc lately for some euro nymph/soft hackle type flies, I don't like wrapping the cdc on with quill and have watched some videos using a clamp to hold the fibers and put them in a dubbing loop to wrap. Looks pretty cool, but there just a little expensive. If anyone has used these and has some thoughts on them or maybe another option I would like hear it.

    Thanks, Mike.

    The clear plastic version is on E-bay for a little over five bucks and have several sizes to choose from or a four piece set for $10.99. Search cdc feather clip. Might be a little wait though. They come from China and shipments are being held up because of the coronavirus. I know first hand. I have some dirt bike parts in limbo. Or just use a bulldog clamp (second photo) from Walmart with some black tape on the jaws. The black tape helps to grip the fibers a little better. I used the bulldog clip for a long time until I made a clip of my own.



  2. Since I'm definitely not keeping fish these days, I see no reason to avoid Gar. I know the gar in the St. Johns River get to 5 or 6 feet long. So I tied up some gar flies to chase them with the 8 weight Steve made me a few years ago.

    attachicon.gif Gar fly 1.JPG



    attachicon.gif Gar fly 2.JPG

    Mike, I have done this adventure. If you haven't before, the one bit of advise I can give you is to NOT yank when you see the gar hit. Let him munch on it a couple seconds before you put pressure on the gar. It allows the fish to get tangled which is the key to catching them on this type of lure. Also, removing the fly after you catch one can be a chore. Close to a nightmare actually. Be careful! They make a gadget called a "Gar Jack" . Google it. After you catch one or two big ones, you'll wish you had one. I made mine myself. Just a piece of wood with some holes in it it and a stick will do the job. Good luck! It's fun and exciting sight fishing. I liked it a lot.

  3. pontoon hopper




    Pontoon Hopper


    Hook - Dry fly style

    Thread - Color to match

    Body - Short segment from the end of a feather quill - dyed or colored with a marker

    Legs - Biots

    Tying Note - The body can be substituted with a wooden dowel carved to shape and painted or colored with a permanent marker.

    The legs can be substituted with knotted pheasant tail legs.

    Add painted eyes and antennae and wings.

    I found a photo in Mike Valla's book "The Founding Flies" and decided to tie one up.

    It is attributed to Charlie Craighead and tweaked by Bill Bennett and was popularized by Vince Marinaro.

    I Google searched for more historical info but there is very little out there on the web.

    It certainly is not a very durable fly and I doubt that it would survive to catch a second fish.




    Hey, What did you use to cap off the end of the quill? At the head of the hopper/fly. "I" would like to stay true to the period. So with that said, UV products would cheating. LOL

    P.S. Cool old-fashion-looking fly. I like the simplicity of it. I bet Bluegill would POUND that!

  4. I too have tried the adult dragon fly project, and will say that I think the wing type is a good design. Tying big dragon fly wings that are more realistic act like a parachute when casting the fly. I know this from experience. Super cool dragon fly with killer looking wings and it didn't cast worth a darn. Think about it. Was great looking, but if you can't fish it , it is worthless. People tend to worry about looks when making a fly, when how it cast, and its action are the critical factors to creating a real winner. A clouser minnow doesn't look like a real minnow very much to me, but a lot of us full well know how effective they are.

  5. I know this has nothing to do with fly tying, but a while back there was a buzz about the nut used to display a fly looking like an Alien pod. I saw this and had to post it. I GOT TO GET ONE OF THESE! But I'm kind of freaked out about putting it on..LOL I mean, that's prettty messed up man!!!


  6. My son. He doesn't tie any more but when he was 10-12'ish he did. He's 34 now and lives in Simi Valley California where he has a family and a life. I live in central Kansas and most common folk around here are not familiar with fly tying. He went to a craft fair with his aunt and set up a booth selling his flies and tying at his booth. I guess they had to widen the walkway, shuffle other booths around his booth for all the people that were clogging the walk way due to stopping to watch him tie the flies. Awesome! He was so proud of himself. THE SHOW STOPPER! Sold a lot of flies too, which amazed me, for again "living in central Kansas". Another proud moment for me as his dad. To this day I remember how excited he was when he got home and told me. I love that story. I miss him.

  7. I have to agree with Mike on this one. With the internet, you have every pattern in the world at you finger tips. Countless Step by step tutorials and videos by the the biggest names in fly tying. So just buy the materials you need and tie some flies. You don't need a kit to tie flies. BUT, if you like getting presents in the mail every month, GO FOR IT!

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