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  1. Stmflies, Really nice looking batch of deer hair flies. I see some time spent on the bench there.
  2. Thread:black,,,Tail: grizzly hackle fibers,,,Body:stripped grizzly hackle quill and strip of red floss or flexi floss,,,Wing:Grizzly hackle tips,,,,Hackle: Grizzly hackle Instructions: Tie the same as any (what I call traditional quill body) mosquito except for the body. Tie in red floss first, then tie on the stripped grizzly quill. Wrap the quill up the fly creating the body, tie off. Then take the floss and pull forward underneath the body for the red belly ending at the same place you ended the quill body and tie off. Finish the same as traditional mosquito. Tip: My first batch I used regular floss. The trout teeth would destroy it. So I went over the ones I had not used with some head cement to help bind the floss fibers so the trout teeth would not tear the floss so easily. The second batch I started using a material called flexi floss. It's like a rubber band only colored like floss. It was more durable.
  3. Just want to say how awesome it was to see people step up to help for this request. What a great bunch of guys you are!
  4. I have made a bunch of these. The one with the J-vise was for Paul Beel of Franfenfly.com. I use a diamond core bit from ebay to drill the hole. Make it match the collet you intend to use. Make sure you constantly flood with water while drilling or you will burn up the bit. The hard part is making the collet. I have access to a machine shop to make my own, but I am not allowed to make parts for other people. I had an outside machinist make the ones I sell. All the ones I have are already glued in bases plus the guy I used is no longer in business. So I can't help you with getting a collet at this time. In case you were wandering. I use 30 minute 5 ton epoxy to glue to the base. Note: I have ridges cut into the collet for the epoxy to grap onto. The collet is not smooth. Kind of like the picture on flytire's post. Then you will need to put something on the bottom. I use a type of rubber I buy in a huge sheet and contact cement it to the granite. DONE!
  5. All I can say to the pictures of the fish above is WWWOWWWW!!!!!!
  6. Never tried that , but if you want a worm fly, I use this. Super easy! Just twist and twist and twist a piece of chenille or crystal chenille a foot long, grab it half way, fold if over and let it twist over it self. Tie on the hook, (hook wrapped with lead or a cone head optional), wrap the hook with chenille, add some marabou or a foam little tail, and done. Fish with a little split shot 6" to two feet above the fly. BOOM!! Split shot not needed if the hook is wrapped with lead or has a cone head. You can see some of mine in the center of the pic below. A fly like this is called a John Gulley's worm if I'm correct. There are instructions on the web that show how to make it. I will say the one with a foam tail (without lead on the hook or cone head) fished above split shot is pretty deadly.
  7. I pound brookies in beaver ponds in Colorado on 14 & 16 red humpies. I've had 60 fish days on them. POUND THEM!! Also on a fly I tie. I call it "Blood filled mosquito" Looks like this. Tie like a regular mosquito only add a piece of red floss to the belly of the fly. They killed it.
  8. Your eye spots are PERFECT! Did you paint them or did a machine. Is that just from different sizes pins and nails dipped in paint?
  9. OH DUDE! DON"T LET IT GET ON YOUR FACE!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! And then it sticks the probe down your throat.... your screwed!!! SO friken gross to a primal level... That thing totally freaks me out. Man! When one of those pods opens up I'm like,,, RUN mother &%#$ RUUUNNNN!!!!!! LOL
  11. That's IT !!! Explains a lot, doesn't it ??? It's the thing nightmares are made of. I hate that thing..LOL
  12. Well all be! I don't know if I remember anyone posting an Asher. This fly is the "lake fly" at Rainbow Lake, just west, up Cottonwood pass from Buena Vista Colorado. They always recommended it at the office/souvenir shop. Ah! the memories! Good ol Amber Asher. The green wasn't bad either. Thanks for the flash back flytire.
  13. OK. I don't mean to insult any ones intelligence here, but are we sure that the handle is on the correct side and the line is not spooled on the reel the wrong direction?
  14. Wow! How interesting to see the different answers from different areas of the country. It's crazy to me some replies. Wooly buggers have been awesome for me. I've caught trout, blue gills, crappie, Largemouth Bass, and slaughtered channel cats on them. Mainly black with olive tail beadhead with a touch of crystal flash in the tail. One of my best days EVER was fishing one for some Rainbow/steelhead hybrids (that's what they called them) at a resort called Rainbow Lake just up the pass from Buena Vista Colorado. The yellow humpy? Killed the trout in the evenings on the rIver below Rio Grand Reservoir in colorado. I used it because the trout were hitting moths that evening. Right at sun down when it was still light. Would let the current skate them on the surface. Making a little "V" wake in the water. BOOM! I've done the same on the Arkansas River between Salida and Buena vista. Ya got to make the "V" wake though. Letting them dead drift float with the current did not work. Hold the rod high with all your line out of the water with only the fly touching the water and let the fly skip and dance on the surface downstream from you. If you have ever seen a moth hit the water it will flutter right on the surface for a second (making that "V" in the water) then take back to the air. This is what I was imitating. And I don't know what to say about copper johns. THE'RE AWESOME! LOL. I tied some with chartruse wire. I've pounded large Rainbows and Browns on it. Won't be caught dead without them. Copper and black wire are also GREAT for me. I tie a small clouser with blue and silver tinsel and copper eyes thats SICK in the warm water lakes around here. Also small clousers with craft fur that crappie go nuts on. Not a typical clouser I know. What the heck is wrong with you people ....LOL.. Just kidding! Not about the flies though. I'm not a purist trout fly fisherman so maybe my comments don't count. Just saying. With no offence to anyone. Please. Most definitely the location and what the fishes feeding habits are is the key factor here.
  15. John McLain recommended this to me. Yank the yellow thing out of a NO Pest Strip, cut it into 1" long pieces and place with feathers. Doesn't have the odor of moth balls. This guy sells rare Atlantic Salmon fly feathers and has pelts worth a small fortune, so I trust his advise.
  16. Nothing cooler than a nicely tied stone. I dig it! Good looking fly my friend.
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