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  1. Ok, First, We need to determine the type of fly you are tying. If your tying small flies for trout like muddlers or small divers, than many styles of packers work fine. BUT! If you are doing larger bass and pike flies then I totally recommend it. Nothing packs stacked deer hair top water poppers like a fugley. Just my opinion. Now I must confess I made my own. Just mild steel screwed to crate banding material. Then I had the guys in the chrome shop nickel plate it for me. (My job has its perks) But I obviously copied a Fugley. This is what it looks like.
  2. Yea, It was crazy. Edwin Rist. He has a little brother named Anton and they were both Full dress Atlantic Salmon fly tiers. Just kids!!! Awesome flies! Gorgeous! Fine Jewelry on hooks! What puzzles me is, I don't think by any means they are hard for money. I might go out on a limb and say they might eat from a silver spoon. SO why he was compelled to steal them, when it appears to me they could easily afford them, (or daddy could for them) is what is crazy to me. I think easy money lead to the thought of easier money is the case. Go look at their flies. Some of their flies would cost 50-100 bucks to tie, EASY! Some WAY more than that! Lets see,, Uh,, ten bucks a feather for Indian crow,, there are five pair of those alone, UH,, get the picture? They have chatterer, Indian crow, all the actual feathers on them. None of the materials for these flies is cheap. I know because I have many of them. (None of which were purchased from Edwin's black market feather emporium.. LOL..)They obviously could afford them when they were both too young for jobs. So they must have had a bigger allowance as kids then I had..LOL. Things that make you go.. HUH? He only got a suspended sentence and had to pay back some serious money (I wander where the money came from) for a super burglary and money laundering. He was going to buy a new flute and pay for some of his studies. WHAT?? Now he was an American going to a foreign school. Right? In London. Actually the whole thing kind of &$#issed me off. Looked like a case of Daddy Warbucks to the rescue to me. UH! Thanks for reminding me.. LOL.. Now I know he's probably not a hardened criminal or a threat to society, so lets just slap his little hands and send him back to his spoiled little life. Lesson learned? To me , He's one of the worse kind of criminals,,A money spoiled, legal dodging brat!! Have a great day!
  3. I bet it's because you are SPINNING (as you mention in your post) when you need to be STACKING deer hair. Stacking comes out WAY more dense than spinning. That and having the right deer hair to start out with makes a big difference too. Having the right hair packer tool helps too. The "FUGLEY" packer is a LARGE tool that the better deer hair guys use. You can get them at Pat's web site. Go to YOU TUBE and check out a couple videos on STACKING bro. You won't be sorry. To add to this, a Pink baby bird is a killer bait around cat tails where I'm from. (Kansas) Imitates a Redwing black bird baby that has fallen from the nest. Especially when fished around an actual nest. But it might need to be tied a little smaller than the ones above. When the babies are fledging that one would get eaten. NO DOUBT!
  4. You need to be careful of that choice you make. First, I'm talking about large dragonfly patterns I was making for bass. 3"-4" wing span sized dragon flies. I've gone through this Dragon fly design thing and my results are that making wings that are from , lets say thin packing foam sheets, looks great, looks close to real, right? Yea, but it also works like a parachute when trying to cast. I could NOT get a full cast without them dead falling right out of the air. It also can twist the fly during the cast. It sucked! A little Crystal flash or rubber leg material (in my opinion) made the better FUNCTIONING fly. Might not be the most realistic, but it functioned and casts well. What good is a fly if you can't fish or cast it. Those realistic winged dragonflies I tied, gave to my friends wife that loves dragon flies for decoration. Seriously! They sucked! I recommend you only tie one and try it before you commit to a pattern that LOOKS awesome. You might be making d├ęcor, not fishing flies.
  5. WOW! That is different. I totally love the OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking behind that. Good job! Experimenting is what progresses this sport!!!!! Chernoble super fly kitchen sink wiz-bang!!!! I dig it!
  6. Nice Bitch creek. That's the nicest Bitch Creek I've seen. Been a while since I've seen a Bitch Creek. Got to love a good ol Bitch Creek. Actually I just wanted to type the word Bitch without getting a warning from Mike. It's totally legal. Right? Ok, the devil made me do it. I WON'T EVER DO IT AGAIN.
  7. SBPatt.... Really nice photo layout. Super professional. Oh, and nice flies too of course.
  8. I doubt it ... God's asking him, "How do you cast without a rod again? I can't seem to get it out there like you do!" LOL... Maybe it's like this... I'll let you catch one more Tarpon if you teach me how to lay out 100 feet without a rod...."Deal"
  9. Yep. I will do the same on woolly buggers. Any time I have wire to back up the hackle I counter wrap one over the other. I might wrap the hackle normal, but counter wrap the wire over it. Six of one, half dozen another. LOL.
  10. Would watch Buccaneers and Bones and would always lean into the TV when he had anything to say. Didn't want to miss a word of his advise. I noticed he was getting kind of frail and would tire easy on the show. But was still going bone fishing in his 90's. That's pretty darn impressive. He was blessed with a good long life. R.I.P. for sure. He's probably asking God "just one more Tarpon ,PLEASE"
  11. I use these little babies for Bluegill also. I sometimes use it as an indicator fly with a San Juan worm or a Glass bead caddis pupa. They just EAT IT UP!!! Bluegill slaughter fest! Many days it's the dropper that's catching all the fish. Just a little tip you might want to try. Have fun Denduke!
  12. Really like the addition of the real insect in the pictures. Makes one appreciate the fly more. Nice!
  13. I can only imagine how awesome this reel looks on that rod. A real conversation piece for sure. Be proud of that steeldrifter. MAN am I jealous. I break the tenth commandment every time I Iook at it..LOL.
  14. I'm in love with this rod. Makes me want to buy an Abel brown trout anodized reel just to mount to one for myself. Never use it. Just to hang on the wall to admire it. No joke! Really, really nice color choice. Now off to Abel's web site. LOL..
  15. Road Kill Skunk... AAA ha ha ha ..Good one.
  16. What a nice set of salt water flies. Don't be surprised if the dudes around you fishing want one.
  17. I make worms like that too. I add a tail made of craft foam to make the tail stand up on some of them for fishing real slow on the bottom. Makes the tail have a little action when resting. Just food for thought.
  18. Yo Philly, I can appreciate the time you invest in each one of those poppers. Nice job! I've made them myself and sometimes wonder if all the work was worth it. Lets face it, putting a nice paint job on a popper takes more time then tying a wooly bugger for sure. Then the first nice bucket mouth slams it and all my effort is rewarded. NOTHING can equal catching a fish on something YOU created with your own hands. NOTHING! Once again, Nicely done!
  19. I thought I had an impressive tying area .........until I saw those pictures. LOL Dude, that is a serious investment you have there. Serious!!
  20. Merry Christmas guys! Had to do it. Post a Christmas fly. This beauty tied by Stefanos Farkas called "Christmas Carol. Enjoy! Peace to you all and God bless! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  21. I'm bummed. Did I miss it or was there not one Christmas fly this year.
  22. Hey! When are we going to see the flies shaped like reindeer and Santa, and Christmas trees..LOL I dig em. Come on deer hair dudes. Lets see what ya got. Yo! lets see some one whip out a full nativity scene from stacked deer hair. How cool would that be?
  23. Awesome! I used to hike up to a lake called Ptarmigan Lake in Colorado. Close to Buena Vista. It had greenback cut throats. I loved it. It's been over ten years since I've been back. You got me thinking it's time to go back. Love the pictures. The little bull brookie is killer. My favorite all time trout to look at. This is a little brookie I caught around 20 years ago. I use this for my screensaver.. Welcome to the site.
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