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  1. Uh, if you wrap the thread around a half hitch tool multiple times before sliding off onto the hook, it is the same as a whip finish. You can't do it because the thread will bind up and knot before you can draw it tight. (Most of the time) But multiple half hitches is the same basic thing as a whip. To whip or not to whip, that is the question.
  2. Awesome!!! More of Kimo's killer close-ups. I dig em!!!! Like National Geographic quality pics sir.
  3. Make your own cutter. It's super easy!! All you need is double edge razor blades, some washers for spacers and a coupe of small bolts with hex nuts. If you use old style double edge razor blades, you have four sharp corners to dull before you have to disassemble the cutter and replace the blades. (See photo's.) Clamp the pelt into a vise so the pelt is spread out flat with the skin side up, fur side down. I mean a SHOP VISE not a fly tying vise. DUH!! You can use a couple small pieces of wood to make the jaws of the vise spread wider. You can also clamp the pelt to the edge of a table with some wood and some c-clamps. You could actually use the C-clamp from a fly tying vise for this. (See photo) Insert the cutter into the fur starting close to the vise jaws or table (whatever). Now pull the cutter towards you and bingo, perfect zonker strips. It's easy peasy bro. Note: ALWAYS CUT FROM THE SKIN SIDE! NOT THE FUR SIDE. Also, the less blade you have protruding through the pelt, the less accidental cutting of the fur hairs will occur. I have made tons of zonkers this way from rabbit and squirrel. They look professional, straight, and consistently even when done. AS GOOD AS THE ONES YOU BUY!!! DANGER!!! DANGER!!!! DANGER!!!! Hey! If you have small children, make positively positive the cutter is stored away SAFE!!!!!! If you step on or fall on or lay your hand on, or even bump when not paying attention, you WILL have a bad day!! Plus, you wouldn't be stupid if you wore leather gloves either. THEY'RE RAZOR BLADES! THATS WHY!!! If you cut your fingers all up making the zonkers, you can't tie flies with them. Comprenday?
  4. LOL.. gave my vise and a bunch of misc. materials to a kid that was on here. He wanted to impress the tiers on here so bad , he was using other people's pictures of flies and calling them his. That's how bad he wanted to fit in here.. Any one remember that.? LOL.. Last time I checked, He was selling flies "HE TIED" on a little site he made. Pretty cool I think.
  5. Yo cream, Must suck tying under pressure like that. I mean being watched constantly. The one on the far left is critiquing your whip finish, and he don't look pleased at all. Nice mounts!
  6. agn54,,,,that's actually a neat idea. I'll supply the materials and the breath mints.
  7. Capt Bob has a good point. My warm water (bass, sunfish) colors would greatly differ from my trout colors. For trout, cphubert copied my answer,,LOL,, Grizzly, brown, med blue dun, black, and cream. For warm water (bass, sunfish, ect.) Grizzly, white, black, grizzly chartreuse, grizzly yellow, grizzly orange, olive, blue, red,...Ooooo!! some green would be cool,, OOh!!! got to have some grey for some shad patterns,, Purple is cool!,, OOOO, all the above in florescent..Oh man! can't forget different colored barred stuff,,, OOOh, that teal color caught my eye too...magenta,, got to get me some of that magenta...And CRAP!! Same thing happens when I go in the fly shop. Start with five colors, leave with twenty.. Good luck with the five colors thing guys.... I CAN'T DO IT!
  8. How interesting is that. I'm putting my order in for 6 Law vises today. Now at $3000.00 a piece, (current going price)... times six, that would be $18,000.00 bucks, table I can make that, so..... I'd say about $200.00 bucks in materials.... Soooo.... Humm!!!! ,, carry the one....Uh... Oh! .....got to have lighting too...can't forget lighting...Sooo... Well...times six... hum... UH,,, OK! My calculations say,,, I got to sell the house. I have to ask, Did you actually purchase that, or just some pic from the web. That's the sweetest fly tying antique I've seen to date. Do you know the maker? Herters possibly?
  9. Oh man, don't ya just love it when it's in all the way to the throat. Hooks that is. Seeing that pic brings back WAY TOO MANY flash-backs.
  10. Mike, I was thinking the same thing yesterday. LOL. I just watched the "Fly Tying Robot" video again. Like I wish! LOL.
  11. If that was me, the first time I put it in the aquarium to film it, It would get snagged on the wood and I'd break off.. LOL.. There goes another one!!
  12. Heck yes! I've had spinnerbaits lose the skirt. Either I buy a replacement skirt or I've done a couple of bucktail versions with some flash. ALL Flash a bou is cool too. Tie flash a bou on just like the skirt, so some faces forward and some faces back. Looks good and one I tie with silver and a touch of blue flash has been a producer on the lakes I fish with tons of shad. But I must say that doing what Mike said I a GREAT option too. Put a twistertail on it. Sassy Shads will make a great bait too. Done it. Really any spinnerbait trailer will make the bait still worth fishing. P.S. I opened my spinnerbait box before to find many of the rubber bands that hold the skirt together rotten. Same with my flipping jigs. Lift the lure out of tackle box to watch the skirt trickle off onto the floor. Is why I went over ALL my spinnerbaits and jigs and tied the skirt on with string. ROT NOW YOU MOTHERS! When I buy a NEW spinnerbait or flipping jig, the first thing I do is tie the skirt on with string now. Throw the rubber band in the trash. The rubber band sucks. Is the weak point to both spinnerbaits and jigs.
  13. I can put an old pair of fruit of the looms on e-bay and ask 3000 dollars for them. Doesn't mean I'll get it though.
  14. I love a good full fly box photo. Looks awesome!
  15. Me and a friend of mine had a little fishing contest for bass and bluegill at a local Kansas lake and he used a fly like that only with copper dumbbell eyes. I am a way better fisherman then he is but truth be known, he kicked my butt with that fly. Tied small like on a size 10 streamer hook. He would cast it out, let it settle on the botton, and drag it with the rod, then strip in the slack, drag with the rod, strip in the slack. I was impressed enough to make damn sure I had some the next time we faced off again. Man, I hate loosing!!!
  16. Some times I see streamers that are tied too dense. Way too much buck tail. Will it catch fish? Probably. Is it tied wrong, uh, sort of.
  17. If I quit my job, can I come stay with you? I want to be a trout bum too.
  18. Used to love going to Colorado and fishing the beaver ponds for those beauties. Was common to have hundred fish days too. I never could get enough of the spots on a brookie. This picture I took is my screen saver..Pretty little buck all busted out in orange.
  19. Pelican quill? What do you use it for. Would love to see a post of that. I've seen poppers made from large feather quills. Is that what your doing? Or are you using the fibers from the feather for something. Curiosity killed the cat dude, and today I guess I'm the cat.
  20. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fisherman-catches-bass-with-mcdonalds-mcnugget/ I NEED A CHICKEN NUGGET FLY! Well, this is a clip of a dude catching a 11 pound bass on a McDonalds chicken nugget is why! Some times it plays, some times it don't. Here is a picture of it..LOL..Not kidding.
  21. Sweet little peacock bro! We Ain't got any of them there critters here in Kansas. Wish we did though.
  22. MAN!!!!! First Eide gives away sweet Green Highlander brooch pens, then you get this awesome desk from your friend,, WHAT THE HELL!!! I GOT TO GET ME SOME NEW FRIENDS!
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