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  1. MAN!!! I never get anything cool like that at weddings I've been in. Last wedding I was in I got a neck tie with matching hanky. Really? A matching hanky. They SOOOOOO don't understand me. I just hope the recipients appreciate the time taken to make those beauties. Nice job Eide!
  2. I loved it! Made me laugh. Thanks for the laugh man. The San Juan worm part was friken great!!!! I was dying.
  3. Things that make you go "huh". HUH!
  4. John McLain of Feathers MC told me to use No Pest Strips. Cut them into pieces and put a piece into the storage container. This guy sells Indian crow, Chatterer, Bustard, and other rare and expensive feathers. Works for me.
  5. OOOOOOO, the wipers and whities are gonna love dat.


    how much was this little gem?


    PETEGRAY, How about a picture of those sweet looking hackle pliers and other clip with feather laying on the base. Unknown to me. I assume J-vise made them but no where on the site. WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!
  8. Thank you The Cream for the info. I see a shad in that pattern for the wipers and whites.
  9. My two cent......That AA cape looks to have a lot of splits to be a AA. The cape SIlvercreek posted looks closer to a AA then the first picture. I'd pass on that one for that price.
  10. YO Cream! What materials are tied to the hook? None? Or, are the main tail feathers tied to the hook with the rest tied to the articulated attachment.
  11. I second fisherboys comment. Marabou around the butt is awesome for crawdads and woolly boogers. Also the small feather that grow at the base of larger feathers (filiplume) or afterfeather makes nice little collars and bodies on nymph flies. It's a lot like an emu or ostrich plume. Great stuff!
  12. Nice Mike! Can't wait to hear the results. Good luck!
  13. Yo, Mike West, I would be careful about how big, and of what type of materials you use if you decide to make some of those BIG flies. You'll end up with a water logged turd that you need a 10wt rod just to lob it out in the water. Also it can become basically a small parachute on the end of your line if you flair the material too much. Don't work when fly casting. I have no idea what size of rod you use for bass, but I use 8 and 9wt. (I cast some decent sized craft fur streamers)...I have made some flies with too much fur that I have to false case several times to wring out the water just to get a decent cast with it. It's not good. I made a BIG dragon fly once with stiffer wing material and it ended up being nothing more then a parachute. Couldn't cast it! Looked awesome, but none the less, was worthless! I did learn from it though. Use less water absorbing materials on those big flies makes for a better casting fly and, Watch out for parachute flies. I don't care HOW good a fly looks in your hand when it's dry. If you can't cast it wet, or it parachutes stopping dead in the air with only half of your forward cast line out,, it's worthless. Worthless! WARNING! Just because a fly looks good, doesn't mean it fished good!!! AND bulk can kill a fly!!
  14. Nice fly. Looks awesome wet. The one in your hand looks alive and chewy!
  15. No, It is not a J Vise, I can assure you of that. It is a Morsas Tifer Vise. On the attachment above, pick the "shop now". On the next page that pops up, there is a address in the upper right corner. Pick it. It will go to the web site for that vise. It's actually a pretty nice site with fly recipes.
  16. AH AH AHA HAHAHAHAH!!! Nice touch with the ear ring.
  17. HAHAHAHA!! Hey Peterjay! Lets make a deal, some of my Kansas turkey for some Maine moose.
  18. I live in Kansas. Where I live there is another town 25 miles from me to the southwest. The HIway to that town constantly has dead turkey on it. Actually the town itself has an over population of turkey in it. I've visited this town in the spring when the turkey start to bunch up and it is crazy. There will be a flocks of turkeys in a persons back yard, and I mean some will have fifty turkey in their yard. You can drive around the north side of town and see hundreds of the stupid things. Hundreds. You have to stop all the time to let them cross the streets. They roost on peoples houses. The town, Hutchinson Kansas. There is a video on you tube, Turkeys on KS hwy 61, Hutchinson. That's the hiway I'm talking about. It only shows seven in the video, but the way they gather on the road like this is sooooooo common. Drive that hiway at dawn or dusk, you better be ready!!! I'd be willing to bet you CAN'T drive that hiway WITHOUT seeing a flock of turkey. It's that bad. Or good, if you like turkey. These are a couple of pics from the web of hiway 61. Even the town I live in has turkey that come into the west side of town. Central Kansas is turkey utopia! Rio Grand and Eastern turkey, plus hybrids. I have more turkey feathers then I can use in six lifetimes..LOL.. I've had my windshield totaled by pheasant before, but never a turkey. Yet.
  19. I don't know what that is made from, but that my friend is, well let's just say , "I'd eat it" That's very interesting. What's the target species with that fly. Looks like it would catch anything.
  20. I got bit by one of those a couple of times. Horrible experience! I say kill it, and kill it now!..LOL.
  21. Cream, I can see the hybrid bass in my neck of the woods POUNDING those. I got to get me some of those curly tails and get some tied and in the box. Where are those curly tails from? Superfly?
  22. RougueFlies, You nailed it. Those are MY version of Mongoose Jaws. Kind of an Abel/ Mongoose hybrid. It's an Abel style vise with Mongoose style jaws. I did not want screw type jaws like an Abel has so I made cam style jaws for mine. Mongoose style designed to fit on my design. Mongoose jaws rock! They hold TIGHT! I liked the mechanical advantage the Mongoose jaws have. Lots of leverage. And yes I own a Mongoose vise.
  23. No Mike,,, NO, it's not all good. Eating grandpa IS NOT GOOD BRO! LOL
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