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    Great fly Flydoc! Hehe.. all of your flies have same name "kreja", when you will ty some "kreja" streamer... hehe.. I'm just kiding. Kev Sale(flydoc) allways like to oversize, not just a wings, he oversize whole fly.. I don't know why but all of his flies are very effective.
  2. I must try this fly in XXXL version for pike! :thumbsup: :headbang:
  3. I think that this fly also whill be deadly for BASS! Nice work!
  4. I usually fising LMB with 7wt rod or sometimes with my 9wt pike rod , and cast big bass bugs, long tails bunny leaches or clouser minnows.But In this season (in my country yesterday was a 1st day of bass season) I whill try to catch LMB on my new 4wt rod. 98% of fly that I cast with my 7or 9 wt rod is to big and heavi for 4wt. :wallbash: And I tie few flies that I can cast with new rod All flies are tie on #8,#10 or #12 size hooks!
  5. Anather variation of crease fly! This one is imitation of little perch! Also very good color for pike!
  6. Pike is very explosive fish and sometimes they pull so hard. Big pike don't make long runns, probably they will stop after 15-30feet of run. And you don't need alot of becking for pike fly fishing, 50-75yard will be enough. For pike fly fishing I use 9wt rod. Heavy weight rod are better because you can easier cast big flies (like big bunny flies) , also with heavy rod you can better set a hook. For small pikes and small flies like 5" deceivers I use 7wt rod, it's more fun
  7. This is one of my favourite pike flies. Also this fly can be used in saltwater. It's very durable and resistent on pike teeth. On this fly you can catch over 30 pikes and it's still usable... Big eyes are very importent because pike allways aim a head of fish, and eyes are best target. With big eyes you will realize more pike attack on fly.
  8. The mono lider is not 100% resistent on pike teeth, and I always use wire lider. Try Surflon-Micro Supreme Wire. This lider is very soft, doesn't have memory and is knotable.
  9. I like to put big eyes on pike fly. I think that pike aim the head of bait fish, and the best target is big eye . Those eyes are big yellow dolls eyes. I stick them with epoxy and after that I fill epoxy between eyes and form compact head. I have 30 pikes on one fly and eyes were stil on place, but demaged from pikes teeth.
  10. Long tail on bunny bug is always the problem, and I dont have good solution for this problem. In some situation mono weed guard disable tail to hook up. Also I was try mono loop but is not a perfect solution. For this "jelkica" on picture I use mixed green and gold flashabou, but my favourit color for jelskica is pearl. Sometimes I mix a few stands of flashabou mirrage with flashabou. I also saw this fly with underbody made from some synthetics fur, with flashabou only on top layer of fly.
  11. My favourites pike flies: from top to bottom: "jelkica"(cristmas-tree) - sparkly fly pink foam diver dahlberg rabbit diver bouface bunny bug all flies are aproximatly 9'' long
  12. On this link you can found short video with instructions for tying Leftt's Deceiver. http://www.flyfisherman.com/ftb/lkdeceiver/
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