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  1. made it home over the weekend and got mine. Not sure whose they are, they came in a football shaped tin and look great. Thanks for hosting!
  2. I won't be home for a couple of days so I'll have to use my imagination.... kind of like Christmas.
  3. I'd like to join. How about a Copper John variation?
  4. Thanks guys, the craw is a prototype...haven't fished it.
  5. Heading to the post office now with these......
  6. Mine will be going out shortly. Do you want each fly toe-tagged or just the recipe for each pattern?
  7. That's it, my buddy calls it the pin. Thanks guys!
  8. Does anyone have a recipe for the Pickett Pin?
  9. My wife had no idea this was going on! Once I showed her she was glad that the microwave was clean.
  10. Strings of small Christmas lights that have gone kerflooey are made up of thin gage stranded copper wire. Just part the coating and pull, then unravel the strands. I have been using it for rib material. It's size seems to be of correct proportion on smaller hooks.
  11. I'm new to tying so I really don't have any "Go To" patterns, but would like to be in if you approve.
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