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  1. Here's the linkage to tonights Hangout for those of you who couldn't make it. -Cheers, -Jim
  2. Hey folks, Jim Stuard from Fly Fish Ohio here. I'm usually more of a troller here than a poster, but tomorrow night (Wed 5/1), we're going to do one of our semi-regular Google+ fly tying hangouts. It's basically a live webcast that multiple people can participate in. I (or a guest) usually tie some flies and answer questions from the chatroom. If you already have a Gmail address/Google+ ID, a webcam with a mic and no fear, you're welcome to join us in the hangout. I think you can succesfully have 10 people participate live and about 1500 can watch a live youtube link. Tomorrows hangout will be discussing the 'Fishing the Well Curve' article written by Joe Cornwall on the FFO site. I'll be tying three smallmouth streamers. The hangout usually takes about an hour or less. If you're interested in participating, email me at [email protected] with your Google+ ID. If you just wanna watch the train wreck, stop by www.stopandgoradio.com and click on the 'Listen/Hangout' link. See you there at 8 p.m eastern/7 central. -Jim
  3. One of the newer aspects of the latest version of hangouts is that it gets recorded and posted to youtube. You can have up to (I believe) 1500 people watching the live stream. You can only still have like 10 people in the actual hangout. The live stream is a lower resolution than what the direct hangout participants get but hey, when you're on the bleeding edge, you have to make a few compromises. We're actually doing another hangout tomorrow night over at Stop And Go Radio. Just put that into a google search and you'll get a good link. That's where we'll have the embedded link to the google stream and a chatroom where viewers can chat with participants. -Cheers, -Jim
  4. I just wanna reestablish my bonafides, so Will won't slap me around an the next fishing show we both attend. I'm guessing there was some sort of post purge a while ago but I was sure I'd posted here before. I added something in the beginners corner about online tying before checking my current post count. I'm the senior editor at Fly Fish Ohio. For those who don't know, it's an online fly fishing resource with about 50 tying videos and a slew of articles on the sport. Hope to cross paths with some of you out on the water. -Cheers, -Jim
  5. Jim from Fly Fish Ohio here, For the life of me, I thought I had more posts here but it's been a while. I know this thread kind of died out a couple months ago but I've been in the process of getting a hangout started up that can be viewed by many people. With the help of a friend who runs an online radio station up in Chicago, we've been working out the kinks to do a larger type of hangout. I don't wanna hack off Will and I'm not sure I can publish url's here so I'll keep it down low. Basically, the ten people in an interactive hangout still stands. What you can do though, is broadcast that hangout live on YouTube and with an accompanying chat room for folks to interact with the tyers. We did a proof of concept tonight and posted the results to YouTube. If anyone's interested, the link to the hangout appears on the Fly Fish Ohio facebook page. We're looking forward to (attempting)a hangout per month. Basically an hour online with chat and the results get rendered by Google and posted to YT. We're hoping to cover a large variety of flies and tying styles but feel free to ask for a particular pattern if you want to see it tied. Let me know if you're interested or if I can just put the url's in here. -Cheers, -Jim
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