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  1. Sorry but I dont know too much East of Bedford or the Happy Valley area. I know the Susquehanna has some really good tributaries but I dont know which ones for sure.
  2. Thanks guys Ill have to check some of those books out when I get back and stupid me never even thought about the library. I think Ill also have to rig up a stand for my laptop by my tying station also. I know there is a ton of info online but it is hard getting up and running from one room to another when I forget a step. And yeah I just realized I could print the patterns out :wallbash:.
  3. Also not sure where in PA you are looking for Streams but if you want send me a PM and I can give you directions to several in SW PA, anything other than those I need a map myself.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good book about making poppers for someone who is completely clueless on the subject. Im not sure if such a catch all source exists but I would like to find one that covers both deer hair and wood/foam, if not one on each would be ok. Ive found some articles on the internet but a book is much easier for me to use with my current set up. Thanks, Chance
  5. I dont know if it was the book he was talking about but there is a book "Trout Streams of Pennsylvania" by Dwight Landis. I believe there is another one but I am not 100% sure of the name. It was Top 10 Trout streams of PA or something to that affect. Both Borders and Barnes and Nobles usually have one of these two books in stock when I am in there. I usually just use the P.F.B.C. website to find the streams.
  6. Made my day better thanks, hopefully it works out for him.
  7. Im only live about 5-10 minutes from the stadiums and try to get to a few games each year. Not really a baseball fan but Its a nice night out (and cheap)
  8. Funny thing is Im actually a Bears fan so I dont need to tell you my opinion of the pack. Oh yeah and living in Pittsburgh for a five year period where the steelers win the super bowl twice and only miss the playoffs once. I love being a Bears Fan :wallbash:
  9. Ill probably go to International Angler more than I have it isn't too far out of my way since I work outside of the Robinson area. Only thing about them is that they often dont have what Im looking for. But I should be ok on supplies for a little while. Im blowing a good portion of every pay Between the closing shops and resisting the feeling of being a vulture. Ive checked J stockard and a couple other places Ive seen recommended on the forums so I should be ok. Its more not having the same people to talk to at the stores that will bother me. My other option is I fish the Slippery rock a lot up by harlansburg so I could shoot up to the shop in Nesshanock (sp? I never can spell that) while Im up that way.
  10. Yeah but they still have the nicest stadium around, at least thats something right?
  11. Sportsman's warehouse is one of the shops closing, unfortunately, but it's a smaller local shop I found not too long ago that is closing also. There are still two shops I have found out by the airport, gander mountain and another local shop. Selection isnt as good so Ill be buying off the internet a lot after April.
  12. No apologies needed I put the pic up to get advice. Besides after the things I have been called in life constructive criticism on a fly I tied wont hurt me , well unless it is followed by a poke in the eye or a kick in the shin.
  13. Thanks everyone. The tail does look much better shorter and I do have problems with short strikes every now and then so hopefully it will help. Hopefully Ill have a couple more flies to post in the near future.
  14. Thanks, I went ahead and pinched the tail shorter and I think it looks much better. It never occurred to me to pinch the excess off so I usually just left it on. This might be an answer to me "its never enough until I have to much on it" problem :yahoo:
  15. I have been lurking on this site for a few weeks now, even made a few posts...so I figured I should introduce myself. I have been fishing sinice well before i can remember but only started fly fishing a couple of years ago. I started tying about the same time but didnt really get obsessed with it until a couple of months ago. Before that I maybe tied a couple flies a month. I have to say Im glad I found this site, people have been very helpful and so many of my questions were answered just by pouring through the forums.
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