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  1. Indicator Midge Hook: Emerger Size 20-16 Thread: Black 8/0 (all colors have produced well) Rib: Small Silver Wire Body: Thread Wing: White Indicator Yarn or Poly Post Thorax: UV-Dub Peacock, Black or Dun I wanted a Midge fly that I could see more easily. So I tied this emerger-style fly and it works well. -Enjoy!
  2. My experience with the Barlow packs have been ok. They are not the Strung Marabou Blood Quills that most tyers like to use. But you do get a lot of feathers. I have found that Hareline's bulk (your local shop can order for you) Strung Marabou Blood Quills are more cost effective because you can use every feather and its more consistent for your streamer tails.
  3. Great looking bugs. It looks pretty clear but would you happen to have a pattern for it? -flyconstruct
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