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  1. After some issue with USPS, Woodenleg's beautiful Spinners arrived today.
  2. What a great swap! Not a bad fly in the box. Thanks, James, for hosting and thanks to all the other tyers for some super tying.
  3. Guess what? I'm in!🐟😎
  4. Picked up two great sets from my mailbox yesterday. DarrellP and Cphubert;s flies are perfect Fishmas entries.
  5. Nay, been in a couple of these, one had nothing useable, the other stopped somewhere and never got forwarded to me.
  6. While in the middle of three swaps, I was suddenly overcome with the idea that this would be a good time to reorganize my tying desk. This has led to the discovery of materials that apparently I have ordered more than once or twice. If you encounter this condition, I suggest you walk away from the desk and call a fishing friend to talk you down.
  7. Cencal's flies made it up the valley today. Another very fishable set.
  8. Got first two sets today flytire and Squeezy sent in some very fishable flies.
  9. Right after Caddis Flies, Stoneflies are hard to beat! I'm in 🐟😎
  10. Do you say, "You Guys" or "Y'all"? When I came back from two and a half years at Ft. Sill I sounded like a native Oklahoman.🐟😎😁
  11. I personally do not care how swappers handle the return postage. I get along really well with my local PO clerks. They know what to expect when I show up with a box of envelopes. I take SASE, Cash or PayPal whichever is easiest for you guys, (That would be y'all for you south of the Mason Dixon). 🐟😎
  12. Wonderful set of flies in my mailbox today. Thanks Darrell for hosting and to all the tyers for a set of flies headed for the nymph box. 🐟😎
  13. Just posted Opening day swap, would love to have you.

  14. This will be my 14th year of hosting this swap. Over 1,900 flies have been tied mailed and sorted for these swaps. It has been a privilege to host it. Tight Lines to everyone who ever tied for it. Opening day of trout season, in many parts of the West, is the last Saturday in April. This year it is April 29. Tie 12 of any trout fly, any stage, any style, any size. Usual rules apply, stamped self-addressed envelope or funds to cover postage, toe tags, mail before due date. Open to first 12 with, "I'm in". International swappers welcome with PayPal. Due date Monday April 3rd. That way I can get them back to you for your own opener. Over the last 13 years we have had a selection to fit just about any fly fishing situation. 1 cencalfly - Received 2 Woodenlegs - Received 3 Psychoprince 4 DarrellP - Received 5 Squeezy - Received 6 flytire - Received 7 dflanagan 8 cphubert - Received 9 jburge 10 Stellahound01 11 Stabgnid 12 vicrider SM - Fishin' Bob -
  15. Opening day swap will post tomorrow, trout flies only.Β  PM meΒ if you are interested.


  16. Going to challenge myself and tie the Dark Silhouette Minnow, wish me luck! 🐟😎
  17. In the mail today, missed going to PO yesterday. Thanks for hosting this swap. This was a great idea, and it gave me a chance to honor an old friend.
  18. Casual Dress flies are going to the PO today, along with a couple of other Polly Rosborough patterns.
  19. Seems like we could recruit some new blood by having some of us at Fly Shows. We would need some kind of sign with the Logo. There used to be hats and shirts available on this site but I haven't seen them for years. We could ask members of fly-tying Facebook groups to join, and we could restart our FB page as well.
  20. Any chance we can get this fixed? I often want to look back and now we can't access pages that are not listed on the list of swaps page.
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