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  1. I can't believe there's nothing welded in that room! And more importantly....where's the beer cooler?
  2. Hey swinks... Here in BC we've got some of the best lake fishing on the planet. However, and that is definitely a capital H, there are dozens of ways to fish a lake. In fact, you can approach the same lake 12 different ways depending on the time of year. Tunkwa, for example, is an excellent chronomid lake but whether you sit in the "deeper" waters or in 2' - 4' depends on where the bugs are. At times the fish are targeting immature damsel nymphs near shore, or migrating caddis on the bottom, or scuds, or leeches if they need a bit of dessert. Time of year, topology, foliage, availability of food, elevation, etc. all contribute to the techniques an angler can use. You may want to pick up Phillip Rowley's 'Fly Patterns for Stillwaters' , or Alfred G. Davy's 'The Gilly'. Both are excellent resources for stillwater fishing. Good luck.
  3. Okay... nice fly but... where's the recipe? What on earth is it representing? Kind of looks like a mayfly nymph on steroids (no offence intended baseball fans). Any suggestions on usage? Being a west coaster we don't see too much of this species of "bug".
  4. QUOTE (Joe Hard @ May 26 2005, 12:35 PM) Then line dressing can be put on the line when it is rewound on the reel. What would you use for cleaning detergent / soap / cleanser? My backup floating is a mess but I don't want to leave a residue.
  5. Danvise is the best bang for your buck when it comes to rotary - couldn't afford a Renzetti Traveller so I got a Danvise and I am absolutely thrilled with it .... If you don't need a rotary then a Regal is the obvious other choice for quality at a good price.
  6. Definitely a geographic question. I would dive in with a 52 Buick myself, unless Cutties were on the menu then the Muddler would probably dawn the end of my line.
  7. Hey Red... Dragon's are one of my favourite past times. If you click on the "My Fly Patterns" link below I've got three of my favourites listed. Deer hair's a favourite material of mine for this. If you're using them in a stream, which it sounds like you are, you'll definitely want to add some weight as these patters are primarily stillwater designs. Good luck.
  8. Finally! I must have spent 4 hours doing the legs on my first "reality" fly last week. Looks okay but I figured it would be my last if I didn't learn a better way to do the legs. Thanks a million! Sanity restored.
  9. Nothin' like a nice fuzzy bug - looks yummy! I like it. Compared to your other masterpieces Graham this one's a whole lot easier to tie... let's see, 5 minutes for you = 50 minutes for me.... I'm on it! Keep `em coming Graham - easy ones that is.
  10. I love caddis patterns - and this one will definitely end up in my box. That coloration is very popular in the BC interior (best darn trout fishin on the planet). Nice fly.
  11. Excellent fly! Great proportions, nice choice of materials.... spun deer hair rules!
  12. Yummy. Looks productive and easy to tie.
  13. Thanks Shep et al. ... I use about a 1.5 - 2" chunk of 40lb. I've got a "Scrimp" pattern I thought up tonight (1/2 scud / 1/2 shrimp) that I uses 12lb for the tiny little eyes.
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by finZilla: Fuzzy Dragon #3
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by finZilla: Fuzzy Dragon #2
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