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  1. terry:The gamakatsu hoos I use are size 2.I use them for EP type flies.High stacked &sparse. Partial to olive over white &pear Krystalflash.Yellow,hot orange,pearl KF & peacock herl on top. I started Skulz & I like them.I like 1 color streamers,flas & peacock herl.Hope it helps.Enjoy yourself.
  2. Started using CCG late last year.Wasnt too happy.Was going to return it but vendor wouldnt take back.Went to the Raleigh show,met Brian expressed my feelings in no uncertain terms & he listened.When I was done he reached into a box &pulled out a lite.Calmly said this would fix my problem.It did,Im a happy camper.Drying time as advertised.Pretty darn quick. I hope Brian reads this as I had a wrong email address...oh yeah,he had some bad lites early on&knew my problem And honestly it does take prac- tise to make a good looking fly
  3. man,a lot of SW tyers out there.I tie a lot of Mustads,3407{?}.Also use for Fl flies gamakatsu Mosquitos #4&2.IMO they are tops for EP flies.On my trip to Marathon last April orange was the thing.eg:Cravens redfish fly in any combo of red,yellow& orange.Tied these on 1/0 Mustads. All the other flies mentioned above will also do the trick.And work well in NC.Oh yeah,if you are not shy tie or buy spoon flies.Usually hard to keep those finny things off the hook
  4. Hello out there:Anyone outthere using Puglisi streamer brush??Cant get the brush tied right.Have been trying to Palmer it.Comes out real crumby.Must be something simple that Im doing wrong.Any help? Thanks,FD
  5. 60mikes


    Like most of the guys who responded I tie mainly for the salt.Kinda zero in on redfish,trout& occasionly for stripers.Fish the ICW in NC.Handy to my home. Started tying again after a 40 plus year layoff.Really enjoying it.Tying Clousers,decievers,jiggies, silicone minnows,EPs.Started doing crease flies too.Im satisfied with the results.Not perfect by any means but Im happy. Occasionally I will bang out flies for a couple guys who fish for bass,crappies&bream. Merry Christmas to all you sports...Semper Fi,60mikes
  6. Hello out there:Does anyone know anything about a fly fishing show in Raleigh?Think it is part of an outdoor type show? Brought my freezables in about 10 days ago as our temp is darn right chilly.dont know what will freeze so I just packed up anything thats liquid or "gluey". If the member who uses velcro on his bottles is listening.oops,reading I have been doing this for the past 4 or so years.Works for me.Altho my floor under work area is nice&shiny. To all a very Merry Christmas to all,60mikes.Semper Fi
  7. Wow.Didnt know so many people wanted to live in Maine.Lived on Sebago Lake & couldnt get wife to move.Suffered for 10 years thru mud season,fly season,black flies,skeeters,snow,sleet,etc.Finally moved the NC coast.And dont miss the cold. But if any of you guys move down here you will enjoy it.
  8. Correct. Gustav has done a fine job on the flies. Well rounded selection, good proportions and clean tying. Cheers, Hans W
  9. I use Zapagap thin & Sally Hansens>Pretty much satisfied with them.That said I never heard of ProLac or Fly-Tite..Where can it be found .May like to give either a shot.FD
  10. Gerry J:You guys are kids.78,still tying,fishing& aint got the shakes.Must admit that I hadnt tyed for many moons.Started about this time last year.Usually fish on a 17ft.Sundance alone.Took up fly fishing again cause I couldnt throw a castnet.Fish the ICW out of Carolina Beach.Former Marine many years in the 03 field.Thats where you walk. Really enjoy the site&have gotten a bunch of great tips etc.Presently tying a bunch of EP flies,Clousers&a couple crab patterns for trip mid April to Islamorda.To the purists...also bringing couple spin rods.
  11. Flies are great.just tied up about 40.Mostly on #6 thru 1/0.Going to Islmorada on 4/12 for 7-10 days.Used the Silky fibres on all but the 1/0s.Went to the regular fibres on those.Tied up a heap of small Clousers w/Silky too.Will be first timee I fish the EPs.Only problem I had was using way too much fibre&redid them.Im sure you can find a market for them on ebay.Have also spoke with Enrico 5 or 6 times& he has been real encouraging& helpful as well.Been buying from Stockard as it seems he has the best inventory& prices arent bad.Again,nice ties.FD
  12. W.ill be going down to Islamorada mid April for 7-10 days depending on the fishin.Staying @ Bud&Marys.Gonna try it all.Renting an 18 ft CC to try the waters on my own.That is after a day on the water w/a guide.Tied up enough clousers.EP bait fish patterns in most popular colors&sizes,& a bunch of bunny flies.If I run out I will break out the old spinning rod.Is that heresey to say that???Any body going down week of 4/12?
  13. I second the JS Stockard fans.Have dealt with James when I restarted tying about 10 months ago;this forum turned me onto him.James is great as are his girls.James has given me much time on the phone.Has corrected the 1 or 2 miscues usually same day.He is my go to guy.Have bought some "stuff"from Bears Den & he too is very helpful.Think I will call tomorrow A.M.& order some stuff I really dont need.Oh yeah,mad scientist aint 1/2 bad.Fred
  14. Hello from frigid NC.Anyone out there able to give me a recipe or tying view of Sailors Choice salt water fly?Found some info on this but nothing an old guy like me can use.Thanx,Fred
  15. Horseshoes:For your rod bldg contact the Mudhole.Or,one of the sponsors,JS Stockard.I have bought from Mudhole.Prices are fair & quality super. To echo all the above comments on Fly Tyers Dungeon the wait is long usually but he comes thru in spades.Dont despair.FD
  16. Lowes in Wilmington,NC has them for $59.95 but need to know location of the store that had them for $27.00.They said they ould call & honor the price.Neat box.Please send store location & if you know store # that too would help.I will be waiting.Thanx,FD
  17. They only have the stand type left.60 mikes
  18. JRG:I thought "soft body"is no longer made.If its still around who stocks it?Anybody know?
  19. Thanks guys.Now I have a starting point.Oh,guess it will work to build up a head instead of epoxy.
  20. Hello out there.This is the old Marine from NC.Been away for a bit & just found my new password.Got some Softex but it doesnt come W/instructions.Got a bit of info from the awesome hair site.Been hearing horror stories about being hazardous etc.Can anyone out there enlighten me as to this.Also how do you apply?Or,any other hints I can use. Tying for the salt which 80%streamers.Can use the help.Thanx,FD
  21. Mike-Now that we got the sizes who sells the 6mm or the 1/4"???.Fred
  22. I use mostly circle & Kahle{Mustad}hooks for my tying.Sqeeze down most of my barbs.Rigged some bottom fluke{summer flounder}rigs last 2 days & hope to get em wet tomorrow.Flies still aint pretty but I feel that they will work.Fd
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