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  1. SUFFIX ELITE comes in a hi-viz. its a chartreuse color.

    I use it on my bobber pole & the secton of my leader the thingamabober goes on.


    SUFFIX SIEGE is a stiffer line that would be better for leader butts.

    it comes in an orange hi-viz.

    I have trouble seeing oranges & reds so I don't use it.


    I believe AMNESIA comes in multiple colors for hi-viz leader butts also

  2. cut double salmon hook for a shank. someday I want to bump up to waddingtons!

    wire 3 dark red transparent beads #2 red gamakatsu hook

    skirt of flytiers dungeon H20 BAITFISH flash

    skirt of the longest pheasant rump I had

    body of rootbeer diamond braid palmered with a variant saddle hackle

    wing of pheasant marabou tented with 2 short wide variant hackles

    red dumbbell eyes wrapped with rootbeer pearl chenille

  3. they are this shiny I didn't use a flash when I took the pic.


    the eyes are just glued to the sides so no weight.

    the flash is coated with sally hansens hard as nail to the hook bend to reduce tangling & wrapping.


    as for old enough I use salted minnows for steelhead under the bobber in the winter.

    living in Michigan im a fresh water guy but I kinda stole this fly from the salties.

  4. these chromers are starting to swell my head!!

    I fished a bunch of dark old spawners today, which I don't usually do, that didn't want anything to do with any fly.


    this makes 4 steelhead in 3 days on the swing.

    this is 1 of the best times ive had with learning a new technique.

    ps im hooked I need to swing post-20665-0-48988200-1401387894_thumb.jpg

  5. all fish eat gobies!!! and zebra mussels for that matter.

    the goby is 1 of my best streamers for trout.

    the steelhead in lake Michigan eat lots of bugs in the scum lines over deep water too.


    I have tried to catch a skam off the surface for 3 summers now.

    i've raised a few but have only caught trout & smallmouth bass so far.

    I have all the time in the world to catch a skater.

    we catch skamanians all times of the year here.

    im not even sure they are all our plants but possibly come to our river for unknown reasons.


    I have "trout bummed" 9 years now with no end in site

  6. im fishing at the upper limit for these.

    last week the run was completely over.

    Monday a bunch of chrome hens came in.

    our spawning run started 5 1/2 weeks late this winter.


    we should be into summer run steelhead & chrome great lakes browns by now on a "normal" year.

    some nice browns are starting to show up but skamanians haven't shown their faces yet.


    Im not sure you can call me a swinger yet but I like streamers so strip or swing im in.

    just for the record these fish have been crashing the fly so swing will be my thing till they stop!

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