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  1. i have an S.A. shorthead line but its old. i would like to replace it but going to need help from 1 of my guide friends to pick which 1. captain chuck scribner bought 4 of the TFOS just like mine last fall he should be dialed by now. i also have a 560gr airflow indi. it turns anything over but is a little heavy. i live right by & fish tippy dam on the big Manistee year around. it seems soon as you get dialed into something the conditions change n all your stuff is wrong. i got those fish on 10lb vicious fluorocarbon tippet with a loop knot. more than likely i started with a loop in my hand but fed it into the swing. thanks for listening to me & responding your help is appreciated
  2. I used to have a 13ft 6in 8WT redington spey. hated it. it was way to heavy for steelhead. I bought a 9ft 8wt TFO TICXR. then the conversion kit turning it into an 11ft 3in switch rod. its to stiff. breaks line, pulls the hooks out & that's only if you get a good hook up. the rod in my pics is a 9wt redington pursuit. im casting a Cortland salmon/steelhead sink tip, the tip is 20ft, fast or very fast sink. this rod is very forgiving n soft it takes the hard bite well & bends well to land the fish. last year I used a titan line with heavy weighted nymphs & shot to land several summer runs. only when I get into 6lb suffix elite did I have troubles with break off. last December I also landed several fish including a giant on a 10ft 6wt ECHO ION with a 7wt rio indi line but this rod doesn't throw the dumbells or big flies well im thinking about going back to a spey rod if I can find something softer in action
  3. thanks guys. im getting better at this swing thing. for some reason I prefer this cheap single hand rod over my switch rod though.
  4. got these late run spawners after I spent the morning trying for browns.
  5. im not great with the swing, better on the strip, so this was a big catch for me even though it wasn't a great fish.
  6. sorry fisherboy mine is the only fly in this fish. this fish is a dropback she is in bad shape so could have been caught before. she did have a huge open infected sore right on top of her head from some kinda rough treatment
  7. bryon you are correct. the flash is midge flash n the body is crystal chenille I think?
  8. in my trey combs book it says to use floss, dubbing, yarn for the body & suggests marabou, hair, flash etc for the wing. so im sure you can fit this simple pattern to your style by using the materials you like. i would like to see a NIGHT DANCER INTRUDER! could easily give it a hot butt of chartreuse to cover all the bases.
  9. got this spawned out hen on the swing across a deep pocket. i tied this fly to imitate a purple trout rapala i found & used with great success last November.
  10. ever try frank amato's Night dancer? steelhead like it but kings love it. I like 10lb vicious fluorocarbon myself. not many people use it but its only 11$ for like 300yds. the only trouble I have had with it is the 6lb has no abrasion resistance my wool gloves tear it up tying the fly on
  11. I use 4ft of 30lb chameleon maxima, 3ft of 20lb ultragreen maxima, 2ft of 10lb maxima fluorocarbon. if you wanted a tippet of 6lb I would change the 10lb fluorocarbon to ultragreen add a micro swivel then knot on 18 inches of 6lb ultragreen.
  12. suckers tend to swat things with their nose to stun it before eating. if it was a long streamer hook it might have been crosswise to the fish hooking it on the outside. here in Michigan the rules clearly say inside the mouth repeatedly because we have a snagging problem. I would say this fish hit your fly & because of my 1st 2 statements just got hooked outside the mouth. I think you can count it. lining usually is hooked on the far side of the face or mouth. most suckers lined take it to the body or eye because they don't have an open mouth.
  13. I saw a very shiny wiggly damsel fly this color once
  14. I found this exact bug in the big manistee river along with some big blacks. I couldn't believe the body differences between the 2. the blacks were rounder like most of my flies but the gold was flat like a woven fly. also they were much longer than my flies. I was using 2xl hooks but now have switched to 3xl.
  15. dai-riki streamer hooks & bass bug hooks. the streamer hook I think is a 700 I broke 2 of them on steelhead on 6lb test. the bass bug hook touches anything like a rock the hook snaps right off. never had troubles with little hooks from dai-riki but I quit buying them so I never will
  16. the eggs were gutted from the fish on the PM in the flies only section
  17. im from Michigan here at tippy we were doing good on small things with estaz or UV because our water is clay we used riffle crush eggs & estaz springs wigglers black was doing good too
  18. I like the 1st set of flies better than the 2nd. I like the long tails, the legs & the straggly look to those nymphs.
  19. steelhead sized "10-6" soft hackles or flynymphs swing well in my opinion
  20. try longer lighter leaders, smaller flies & less weight to fish that wont bite. make sure you have good drifts that don't sweep through the beds or across the far sides. just fish the edges then you wont foul the fish plus the males from behind can see your fly off to the sides. also look for other fish that might be more active. hunt them up. maybe people just stopped fishing the pod you walked up on therefore they already were spooked up.
  21. that whole argument was personal opinion only. in Michigan there are no laws against fishing beds, keeping fish or even using real eggs unless you are in designated areas. people should fish the way they feel comfortable & not force others to do as they do. as fly fisherman we should all learn from & help others to get better in our chosen sport. as long as you buy a license & follow the laws you should not be attacked by other legal fisherman. we have enough groups against fishing & hunting we don't need to attack each other. a guy asked for help catching fish not for an argument about ethics. im sorry for adding my 2cents if it conflicts with either of you
  22. I like to pull both sides of the marabou off the stem. stack the 2 piles on top of each other. then trim the peeled butts off. now measure for length n tie down. using this technique I can make multiple colored tails.
  23. I would like to suggest a book not on your list. Fly-fishing pressured water. tying tactics for today's trout. by Lloyd Gonzales. this book shows you how to tie 3 levels of the bugs you are trying to imitate. generic, intermediate, advanced/realistic using specific materials & techniques. the generic flies are above most tiers skill to begin with. all flies are tied for fishing not show. I wish I had the patience/materials to tie these flies.
  24. flash, glow, U.V., rubber legs, hot spots, eyes, odd colors mixed together, more movement. I would suggest modifying your go to patterns that you already have confidence in.
  25. I tried tubes for steelhead. 1st thing I noticed was all the flies went down the river like a stick. 2nd was my leader was always damaged where it entered the tube. im not a fan of tubes.
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