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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by bad fish rising: sculpin
  2. works really well for browns but i did catch a nice walleye on it one night after dark carrie stevens meets zonker that quite a combo
  3. thats a nice fly very nice collar ive caught alot of steelhead on krystal bullets like this
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by bad fish rising: goldenshiner
  5. glad to hear your alright after falling out of the boat i think all fish caught on the flyrod are more memorable than spinning you might not catch as many but it is very exciting when you figure out a drift or catch a good fish on your new secret fly
  6. i own dyeing and bleaching and if you buy everything to do just that ,you spend so much money you might as well have bought flytying materials kool aid dyes come off and bleed on other materials rit dyes can do wonders on wools and yarns even birds but are no good for hair onion skin tea is the best for white or very light feathers it makes a very nice lemon woodduck also works very well on wool,yarn,or chenille as for tanning or preserveing skins wash extremely well with dawn dish soap or shampoo for oily hair scrap all fats and meat from the skins the better you scrap ,the better the material will be wash again then comb hair or smooth feathers down next i use a 50/50 mix of borax and salt on the skin let dry on to the skins until all moisture is soaked up scrap of mixture off wash lightly if you have to and comb again let dry naturally if you lightly washed with greasy skins like bear or raccoon the washing and preserveing should be done more than once because oils spoil
  7. i use 4ft 30lb - 3ft 25lb - 2 feet 15lb - 1 1/2ft 10lb i use izor for the whole leader except the tippet of 10lb then i use yozuri hybrid this will turn over a big streamer at a very long distance
  8. THE FLY SHOP they sell a store name brand 25 pcs for 2.88 they a very good quality hooks ive been using them for steelhead for 2 years now 4x long 2x strong
  9. the steelhead in my river would eat that i like it very much good control
  10. i love the name of this it looks like a brown trout killa
  11. take a light colored cape you like the texture of and dye it with onion skins first get a brown sandwich bag second peel the dark yellow onion skins off a bag of onions save them until you have a lot next boil the skins in water not a lot of water you want the dye to be strong turn it off and place the cape feather side down in the water and swish it around with the hot dog tongs leave it in the mix most of the day rinse and dry put some white or cream wool yarn in with it and you will have the body dub to match i dye mallard feathers and hackles this way for fry imatations and golden stone flys
  12. if you are getting them from a hunter you should get some full skins a little work and a lot of reward i clean and scrape them then put borax/salt on the skin to dry them they then can be dyed with rit dye all of this is work but well worth it if you check out the prices for whole dyed skins
  13. i like white with a yellow collar i have caught some big browns on it make sure you use 3d eyes very real looking
  14. get some speckeled brown hen cape these are good for nymphs /wet flies and matukas you have enough stuff now to make some very fishable flies watch out flytyeing stuff is addictive if you find a new material tell us we will get some i promise
  15. thats a sweet fly i just got some doubles i think ill try to make something like it
  16. :headbang: my sister used to love the grape ape character funny havent thought of that in 30 years very good name what is the name and color of the flash material you used
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