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  1. its a double deceiver. very popular fly with Kelly neuman here in michigan. Michael Schmidt of ACF ties these. some of the biggest browns I have ever caught were on this fly.
  2. here in Michigan they fish the bushpig for giant lake trout nov.-ice up in lake huron with great success
  3. the rainbow warrior is a similar pattern that bangs
  4. try a cone head under the fibers. it will flare them adding bulk & movement. a muskie guide I know uses a small foam popper head with great success but it doesn't add the weight your looking for.
  5. I fish steelhead with weighted flies all year. my go to summer fly is my blackhills gold. it is a woven rubber leg. it has 2 sides of .035 lead then the entire thing is covered with .025 flattened. I fish it on a #9 titan line sometimes with 1 or 2 #7 splitshot. im not really touching bottom im hovering very close to it. my winter go to flies are clouser minnows or jig-a-buggers with dumbbell eyes with or without splitshot. my 6wt will fish the streamers without shot but wont cast the rubber leg. it doesn't always get down deep enough for winter steelhead.
  6. I think perch really like red. I haven't caught a lot on flies but I do well on red tear drops. I probably caught the most perch on a hex nymph fishing steelhead if I had to pick a fly
  7. I have had great success with the molds paints fast shipping with janns netcraft
  8. that is sweet. tellicos are a great fly for steelhead nobody here uses them
  9. I had my friend ,who works as a tool n die guy, take apart, re-surface the inside & outside of the jaws, re-tap & replace the screws, oil all moving parts & paint the stem & base plate winter camouflage. he also painted my regal stem n base the same.
  10. put the goop in the center of the eye only when you press it in it will spread to the sides
  11. also American possum but you will have to shoot that yourself
  12. you should look into using small jig hook so you don't have to bend the hooks
  13. I fish articulated flies all the time. if the fly is broad side to the current they get stuck on the front hook but if your fly is swinging or coming upstream as your pulling in for your next cast they are on the rear taking it from behind
  14. zoo cougar and murdich minnow are excellent streamers
  15. look to my buffet style fly it has 4 flies tied on a streamer hook incase you don't know what they are hitting
  16. Johnson is good brown trout water. I cut my trout fishing teeth there with my grandpa.
  17. natedubay there are signs not to park by the bridges. I don't want to argue the point I was just giving the examples of the law around the state I have seen. I know where all the state access is on the bear plus plenty of pay areas. there are plenty of places to fish in my area when the "people run" is on without adding to the local problems. most problems in the century circle are caused by idiots trespassing, littering, snagging and just plain being assholes.
  18. NATEDUBAY I live in Manistee county in brethren. im between the big Manistee & bear creek. you cant park 100ft on either side of a bridge on the bear. you cant park next to pine creek at all. I had this debate with a baitstore owner once. we called the Cadillac DNR post & got switched around to 4 different people who would not answer this question. they seem to want to keep the people in the dark or its such a messy law they cant answer it themselves. I got my info about the road commission from the Oakland county rd commission when I used to live down by Clarkston & fish a trout river down there.
  19. reddington rods might not be expensive but they are good rods. I have caught plenty of bass, pike, trout, steelhead & salmon on my 9wt red. its not the arrow its the indian.
  20. I disagree bridges have a right away easement only for the road commission. you need permission to access the owners land always. a lot of cars get towed from pine cr. & bear cr. every year in my neck of the woods.
  21. I strip a lot of streamers & use the 1st 2 products planettrout suggests plus some Cortland pads that have a lubricant on them
  22. awesome hair work! I use a fly that I also copied the shape of pats slider but I cut it on a little more angle on front so it dips under water just a little. also I added a skin side up rabbit tail & lots of long flash on top of that behind the marabou tail. on the 1st swim a big pike sheared through 12lb maxima on the bite using a sucker colored bug
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