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  1. what if you switched the head to seyno dub or wool? wouldnt it sink better & make the tail stand higher yet? im all about variation so im just thinking out loud. you say murky water so maybe estaz for the head? im not sure if "shiny" is good for carp though. your gonna need a bigger board to measure them with
  2. for floss work you need to use a file & lotion on your fingers till they are baby butt smooth to avoid snags. I like a layer of silver tinsel under 1 layer of floss it really makes the floss shine when wet.
  3. I live in brethren less than 5 miles away from tippy . I fish 5-6 days a week. the wade/boat conflict is horrible . there are a few jet boat guides that are actually dangerous. on the other hand there are a few that will give a wade angler the hole or share a pattern but they are the exception not the rule.
  4. I throw a 300 & 400gr line on my 8wt. it takes some getting used to so you don't have the belly flop cast that jam is talking about but will be a dream in the wind or with conehead/dumbbell eyes. your fly size that you can cast will go up you will fish deeper it all equals larger fish
  5. leader is very important too. heavy short stiff leaders turn bad flies over
  6. try a #8 olive damsel nymph with black beadchain eyes & a marabou tail
  7. my 10ft redington 8wt is a good sth/salmon rod it swings & drifts well.
  8. I once caught a carp on a pop r topwater bass lure maybe a small white gurgler would get one plus if your in a pond you know bass will eat it
  9. bees sit very low in the water so a wet chenille is a good choice. I think I would have used a pearl midge krystal flash or grey duck slips for the wing instead of yellow deer hair. I would not use a stacker not only to avoid the paint brush effect but leaving the wing uneven gives it that damaged looked bees will be messed up a little if they are in the water
  10. gamakatsu B10S is a very good hook nice wide gap very strong sharp like only a gama can be match stick weights are the way to go if you want a strip of lead under the shank they are flat so they don't roll when tying them on
  11. I make custom jigs for steelhead but have caught plenty of panfish on them. for crappie I like white marabou with pearl estaz
  12. the desk is to small but the deer definitely make up for it. you have your tv off to the side just like I do. that way I can listen to the foodnetwork while I tie. gotta know how to cook some of the fish I catch. wish the mahi would start running Michigan
  13. your using fabric paint to paint eyes or as a glue to glue on eyes?
  14. I fish a lot of big streamers I use an 8wt rod with a 300gr rio dc I use a 2 part leader 30lb 12lb my flies range from #2 bass bug to #4/0 saltwater or combinations of tandem 4/0x2/0 articulated I fish big water & have wanted more rod or grains of line at times ps my flies work just fine for bass & pike too
  15. I use a coffee grinder only problems I have ever had is to long of yarn tangles & masterbright turns to dust I add the synthetic at the very last blend then hit it quick just for a second. I think finger blend it the rest of the way. oh I guess sometimes rabbit gets static cling seperates from the wool sticks in the lid. once again finger blend.
  16. ive caught them before just not that small. the fly is a variation of the zonkora think crystal zonkora. it has a hot orange tail , chartreuse & hot orange rubber legs, pearl crystal chenille body, magnum rabbit strip spilt at the end , crystal chenille head, silver cone, #2 4xl 3x strong str streamer hook. one of the 1st flies I posted on here the goldenshiner catchs walleyes on the swing.
  17. got this little eyeball while fishing trout today
  18. I minimalize but I wouldn't be caught dead without a 2/0 murdich minnow a 2/0 x 1 articulated deceiver a 1/0 whammer or 2/0 woolhead whammer so the flies are going to be different for every trout fisherman
  19. flat top duck works fine in rivers best fly I know of that has 1 is the zoo cougar this fly looks like some old streamers I saw in a book its a very good looking fly
  20. I like 3xl 2xs 8s & 6s for steelhead
  21. I disagree about jstockards I received some of the worst hareline products ever from them & they didn't want to make it right
  22. use a heavier hook or maybe a size or 2 larger to help keel the fly
  23. sounds like aluminum seaeyes that you glue the plastic eye to the end
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