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  1. dude those are nice flies. I like the 3x long 2x strong hook to start sz. 8 is my fav for stoneflys. I tie weighted & un-weighted to fit my fishing I like to use maxima chameleon fishing line for the rib its a brown line its shiny but looks more natural to me than gold wire. dark brown turkey tail is my fav for wing cases. I know if you follow my suggestions you wont be tying your friends fly anymore but you will be tying a very good fly that ive caught lots of steelhead on
  2. glo-bug yarn & sculpin wool can also be used to make heads like this
  3. laser dub is more yarn than synthetic . I lock the head in then brush the head pulling all the loose fibers out
  4. i once got a nice pike on a rapala cut the gut open after filleting it to see what the bulge was turned out to be a 15"waterdog/mudpuppy salamander still alive talk about hungry
  5. i would use longer feathers on the tail of your deceivers
  6. my friend built me a pike/bass box out of a pistol case. he put foam in the top & bottom slit it length wise then put a piece on the outside of the lid to put wet flies in while they dry.
  7. i tied an articulated hen matuka for a tail with a deceiver head . looked alot like a fish with spines such as a stickle back. it worked pretty well but broke the front hook on a log.
  8. i had some small ones given to me. i tried to cast them on an 8wt ticrx TFO rod. its an extra fast rod. i was using a 295 grain indi line that will turn over anything except these i wish they made this helmet in aluminum or resin so it has the shape without the weight
  9. did you spend a pile for quality jungle cock or did you go with low grade? i would say low grade will be fine if your not to worried about fish tearing it up. i think it would look good in crab flies or on the cheeks of decievers.
  10. try the thin skin over the furry foam back. that way you get the natural look you like & the bulk of the furry foam
  11. sculpin helmets are 1 of the hardest things i have ever tried to cast i cant believe you put more weight on it those things are better suited to being fished under a bobber on a center pin reel
  12. could use a webbier hackle such as schlappen for the tail. then you could get away with 4 feathers & everybody is happy.
  13. thanks frank ive just switched from braid to a 7strand coated wire loop for attaching my hook to the rear of the cut hook. the label is missing from my spool but i think its .30 jewelry wire. cutting hooks is not the way to go. i use a .45 jewelry wire to connect my articulated brown trout flies with great success . no pull outs or breaks so far. my largest steelhead on a flyrod is also a 12er. mine was a summer run skamania. i also was using 10lb with a loop knot. i caught it on a crawfish SUMMER SLAM swing fly. thanks again for the info on the cotter pins. ill be in the garage looking for some.
  14. doesnt tying your leader to the cotter pin cut your line? i would think the "eye" wouldnt be as smooth as a hook. im intrested in this cause ive been wanting to make my string leechs on waddinton shanks for awhile now but think cotter pins or bobbie pins would be cheaper. ive never been the one to go cheap but if they work they work.
  15. notenuftoys i think gander mountain sells gamakatsu rubber worm hooks down to size 2 in nickle. they arent wide gap like the 1 in your pic though.
  16. my favorite is alaskabous & all their variations
  17. i also like to use red thread or dubbing behind the eyes just to imatate some gills on alot of streamers not just clousers. on your rabbit strip you could add some olive estaz in front of the rabbit to hide the thread. your thread will slip down between the estaz & cone when you whip finnish giving your fly a more finnished look.
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